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Friday, 20 September 2013

First attempt.


I bet there are things in your life you wish you had done or could in fact do well Crocheting was one of mine. No one in my family ever crocheted and so I never learnt. I am not the sort of woman who can learn by reading a pattern or the beginners guide to crochet. I needed someone to show me how and that someone was Cynthia on NB Guinevere. Whilst at the Alvecote gathering on the 24th August, Cynthia showed me how to crochet. I sat down with her and we went through each step together and within an hour I had it by George I had it. I sat for every spare minute and got on with my Grand Union Blanket and the photograph above is the result of a couple of weeks work woooo hooo. I never ever thought I would do it, but hey presto I have made my first blanket and I am so proud of myself. I have already started my next project, so watch this space.


  1. Liz - Narrowboat Blackstone20 September 2013 at 10:38

    Well done, it looks great. I love crocheting and have several colourful blakets onboard. Lovely to snuggle under when the weather gets colder. I was lucky, my mum taught me to knit, crochet, cross stitch and rug hooking when I was a kid. I still want to learn tatting and rag rug making, but like you I need someone to show me.

  2. Well done you, it looks great. Hope Cynthia warned you that crocheting is very addictive!
    But I find it therapeutic tooKaren. Look forward to seeing your next project.

  3. What a fabulous blanket. Well done. I have never tried crocheting although I can knit a mean jumper!
    Maybe that will be your next project. A cardi for Keith!

  4. HI I taught myself to crochet 2 years ago and still on blanket stage or flowers etc, i use you tube to teach myself and find it very soothing when i get chance to do it xx love your blog to xx


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