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Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Day 37: Another long day.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Feeling everso slightly cream crackered as it's been a long day, so you are only getting a short posting. We woke to a bright sunny, but cool morning. Set off at 8.15am and continued up the B&F to Salford junction, we then did the entire Tame Valley canal.

This means we have now done the whole of the BCN. Walsall canal, Wednesbury Old canal, new main line, and finally Netherton branch.
We moored at Windmill End, where we had a quick chat and a cup of tea with some friends who are moored here, having been here for the Windmill End gathering. The three degrees were reunited. :-) Tomorrow will be a much shorter day. Netherton, 19.5 miles, 24 locks, 2 tunnels, 10hrs 40mins.

Pop back soon xx

Monday, 16 September 2019

Day 36. Time to say "Goodbye"

Hello family, friends and followers.

Wow what a brilliant weekend we had at The Samuel Barlow, Alvecote. it finished last night with a sing along, chatter and of course beer, but we were both on the Lime and Soda for a change, because the OH had a dodgy tum.
After some overnight rain, this morning we woke to low cloud and therefore drizzle, but it was time to say "Goodbye" to The Samuel Barlow for this year. We left the marina at 8.30am behind Sarah on Princess Anne and caught her up at Glascote Locks, where I helped lock her down and sent her on her way.
Sarah was going a different way to us, but we will see her again in a couple of weeks time.
Glascote bottom locks cottage is up for sale. I love that little cottage and hope it finds a sympathetic owner.
At 10.20am we arrived at Fazeley Junction. We turned left onto the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal for the first time in absolute ages.
We then arrived at Curdworth Locks at around 11.30am.
The Curdworth Locks are easy pretty locks. we had most of the 11 locks against us and only saw two other boats.
We moored up above the top lock at 2.10pm, for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we will be heading into Birmingham.

Pop back soon xx

Sunday, 15 September 2019

Day 35: Russell Newbury Engine Rally.

Hello family, friends and followers.

THANK YOU for the Anniversary best wishes. It is very much appreciated.

Having enjoyed our meal at the Samuel Barlow, we decided to stay on for the Russell Newbury Engine Rally. We had been moored out on the towpath, but had a bad night's sleep with the goods trains being on the move so close to the boat for most of the night, so we untied and moored along Brighton the Narrowboat Trust butty, but as boats arrived for the rally, we realised we were becoming a target for winding boats, so moved past the marina and to a nice quiet mooring. I then got a message from the marina owner, to say we could moor in the marina by the pub to improve the view. So on Friday morning, we pootled down to Glascote to go food shopping at Aldi, winded and made our way back to a mooring in the marina. It was so very kind of the owner to allow us in and into such a wonderful spot. Throughout the day more boats with Russell Newbury engines arrived, some who were people we knew and had not seen for ages, which meant we would be doing a lot of catching up.
The weekend has been filled with beer, chatter and laughter.
Last night we were treated to a fantastic and vibrant sunset. The view from the balcony was stunning. Rhe RN group had a buffet meal, which we did not take part in, but we did do the raffle, which we did not win anything in and we listened to some of the wonderful music played by the talented RN group.
Today, it has been another day of chatting, laughing and drinking, beer and tea. We had a lovely time onboard Uranus with Meg, Paul, Viv, Paul and Sarah. Meg and Paul supplied the tea and coffee and I supplied a Victoria Sandwich, which I baked on Saturday morning. Tonight we will be joining the gang again for one last hurrah, before we all go ou seperate ways. Our journey will take us into Birmingham again, so watch this space for updates.

Pop back soon. xxx

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Day 31: Happy Anniversary.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Well where did that time go. Yes today is our Crystal Wedding Anniversary. Fifteen has just flown by, but then they do say "Time flies when you are having fun" and we have most definitely been having fun. Infact we are still on our honeymoon.
It was most definitely an eventuful day.
We left Hawkesbury Junction early doors and sped our way to the top of Atherstone. The weather was not cold, but it was cloudy and we did encounter light drizzle at times. We arrived at the top of Atherstone Locks at midday and were met with three other boats in front of us, so we knew it was going to be a slow descent to the bottom of the eleven locks and that proved to be the case.
There as a boat towing another boat and bow hauling it into and out of locks first. Then a single hander, who I helped down the locks. We aloso had boats behind us as well. It took us over three hours to do a flight of locks which normally takes us half that. Anyway we did have some laughs along the way.
We eventually arrived at Alvecote and moored up. For our Anniversary meal we went to The Samuel Barlow and had a fabulous meal and a couple of pints. That was the best way to finish the day.

pop back soon xxx

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Day 30: A long Day.

Hello family, friends and followers.

I must be feeling my age, because I was in bed last night just after 9.15pm. I was feeling so tired and not myself, so decided the best place was bed. I did have a good nights sleep, but woke up this morning with a dodgy right knee. This is the knee which was damaged in a moped accident and the knee which I had the cartlidge removed. I am hoping it will settle down over the next couple of days.
Despite the dodgy knee, we were up and on our way at 8am.
We were down the Braunston Locks in just over an hour, even though they were all against us but the final lock, where the volunteers were on duty.
Just before Rugby we met up with Del and Al on Derwent 6. It has been an absolute age, since we saw them last, so it was so wonderful to say a quick "Hello" and swap cruising details.
We had been making such good progress and then we arrived at Hillmorton Locks to find ourselves in a queue. Three of the locks were out of action due to a cill failure and one of the working locks was dodgy due to the walking plank being very loose. I was told by one of the C&RT men that they are having issues in getting spare parts, so it does not bode to well for what remains of the season. It took over an hour and half to do three locks.
We decided to get through Hawkesbury Junction before stopping for the day. We are moored at Hawkesbury visitor moorings on the Coventry canal, 23.9 miles, 10 locks, 1 tunnel, 10 hours 15 mins. A long old day, with thrill and spills, bumps and scratches.

Pop back soon xxx


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