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Monday, 20 May 2019

Days 68, 69, 70 and 71 A fine old time.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Wow what  fine old time we have had over the past four days. I am sorry if you have been waiting for updates, but we have been to busy having a good time, with friends and new friends.
It all began Friday, when we helped with the boaters arriving for the event. We spent a wonderful day catching up with folk, followed by a fish and chips lunch in The Wharf Inn, followed by a pint. During the evening, there was music laid on at the Inn, but for us it was to loud to actually talk to people. I did however pick up the families tickets for the Foxton Locks Festival. We cannot wait to catch-up with them all and to enjoy a weekend together.
Saturday and the event began, with the dignitaries speaking about the reopening of the Welford Arm 50 years ago and how it is hoped to continue the success of the arm and the improvements which are going to be made.
Richard Parry the CEO of the Canal and River Trust arrived during the afternoon and took a trip on the day boat down to the lock, where a new bench has been put in place to celebrate the anniversary.
Mr Parry seemed to enjoy the afternoon, having come all the way from the Rickmansworth festival. 
Hopefully the bench will be there for many to enjoy over the coming years.
Richard then came aboard Hadar to have a look at our model railway. 
It was lovely to welcome him aboard, as he had heard so much about it. 
I spent most of the weekend, taking lots of photographs and chatting to loads of people. It was so incredibly busy and such a success. 
We were fortunate with the weather. There was a small shower on Saturday, but it did not put people off of coming out to support the event.
At the end of the day, we went to the pub with Matthew on of the organiser to enjoy a meal and a pint. Bedtime did not come soon enough for me, because I was bushed.
Sunday morning dawned and the sun was shining again, which was a blessing for the event.
We were looking forward to another wonderfully busy day.
Again I spent all day taking photographs. I got to chat to the stall holders, who were having a wonderful event. It was free for everyone, which makes such a nice change these days. So many events you go to charge such a lot of money to attend and trade. We most certainly enjoyed our weekend and look forward to doing it all again. 

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Day 67: Welford Junction to Welford.

Hiya Family, friends and followers.

After a cracking sunset last night, we woke yet again to sunshine.
We headed off down the Welford Arm after 9 am in glorious weather and the sound of the birds ringing in our ears.
Lovely sight to see a mare and her foal out in the field. It gladdens the heart to see such a thing on a sunny morning.
Up through the one lock for the day. We moored on the services point for a while, whilst we waited for the boat juggling to begin and our mooring to become available. Once in our space, we then had to wait for Cepheus to arrive, because they would be moored on the inside of us.
During the afternoon Jane and Simon arrived and we pulled out to let them inside of us. We then breasted up alongside of the ready for the weekend of celebrations. More boat have arrived and more will arrive tomorrow. We then spent the rest of the afternoon getting to know our neighbours and those around us.

Pop back soon xx

Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Day 66: Foxton to Welford Junction.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Yet another cracking day weatherwise. It is however a worry, because we do need rain. There are water shortages already on some canals. Here at Foxton Locks and Watford Locks, they are locking the locks overnight, due to a shortage of water. The reservoir at Welford is down by a metre and a half apparently and we are not into the Summer yet. So whilst we enjoy the sunshine, we do have to worry what will happen if we do not get any rain soon.
Once up and about, I got on with cleaning the Brass, which was looking a little drab. This is sure to bring the rain :-). Brass all done and coffee made, we set off at a leisurely pace this morning, with only a short jaunt required. We only had 6.98 miles and no locks to do, so I could relax and enjoy the scenery.
This stretch of the Leicester Line is beautiful. There are some wonderful views.
Mind you everything looks fabulous in the sunshine.
The one thing that never changes on the Leicester Line is the amount of vegetation which desperately needs cutting back and has done for all the years we have been up here and when we did the coal run. I took over the tiller for a while and was met with a low hanging tree. I most definitely had to duck and hope no one was coming the other way.
A lot has been done to improve and repair the towpaths, for the walkers and cyclists, but nothing has been done to improve things for the boater in the vegetation department. I of course realise that CRT are stretched and rely on their volunteers. Money is also a big issue with getting these jobs done.
Entering Husbands Bosworth Tunnel.
North Kilworth Boat Yard
We passed by the newish North Kilworth Marina. It still looks a bit like a building site two years on. But we have friends who moor there and they seem to like it. Whilst on the move, I did a laundry wash and made coffee.
After almost a couple of hours cruising, we arrived at our destination. We reversed at the Welford Junction and moored up for the day. I did us a salad for lunch and another coffee, before deciding I was going to get busy with a few jobs. The first being rubbing down the saloon stove ready for painting. I also got rid of the old fire cement around the flue and replaced it with something new we are trying. It is called Geocil fire cement. It can be painted over, so we will see if it is any good. I will paint the stove tomorrow, because the cement has to dry over a 24 hour period. Second job of the afternoon was to clean and tidy the saloon, I also washed all the floors. This sunny weather makes you want to get jobs done. Tomorrow we will be heading into Welford.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Day 65: Market Harborough to Foxton.

Hello Family, friends and followers.

Another beautiful start to the day, after a sleepless night. I have no idea why, but both of us did not sleep well. Once up and about, we set off down into Market Harborough to do a food shop at Aldi. On returning to the boat, whilst I put the shopping away, Keith topped our water tank up.
We got underway at 11.05 am.
Under the new bridge 14, which used to be a wooden footbridge, for those who know the old bridge and the area. It is now a road bridge into a brand new housing estate, which is still under construction.
We have always loved this stretch of the canal. It is scenic and yet has lovely trees and bridges along the route.
Back past the glue factory, with its roasting bones. It always smells of roasting meat.
We arrived at Foxton swing-bridge. I stepped off the boat to go and open it only to find it was broken when I got there. A bolt on the locking mechanism had sheared. Who ever broke it very kindly left the broken bolt and nuts on the wall! They failed to contact CRT to report it though. Keith delved into our nuts and bolts pot and soon we had made a temporarily fix with a new nut and bolt. We rang CRT to notify them of the problem and the fact that we had made a temporary fix, but they needed to check it. With that all done, we were on our way again to Foxton Locks. I so wish if people see a fault they would report it to CRT, otherwise how do they think it will get fixed?
We arrived at Foxton Locks, emptied the cassette at the elsan before going straight into the bottom lock.
Half way up the flight, we had to pull in to allow three boats to come down. This gave us time to natter to the visiting public. We got to the top at 3.15 pm and moored up, having done 6.1 miles, 2 swing bridges and 10 locks.
As a treat, we went to the cafe and got ourselves an ice cream. We know how to enjoy ourselves. Such a wonderful sunny day.

Pop back soon xxx

Monday, 13 May 2019

Day 64: Foxton to Market Harborough.

Hiya Family, friends and followers.

What a brilliant day. The sun was shining and it was warm. We set off on an hours cruise into Market Harborough and moored up on the last remaining mooring. We used to do the coal run up this way for Four years and so know a lot of people here. After coffee and nattering to our neighbour, who is a lovely lady named Sally, I made us some lunch and then we headed off into the town.
Now for anyone who knows Market Harborough, you walk down a substantial hill into the town. As we walked down we were discussing the things which had change or were still the same. The last time we were here was 4 years ago and we stopped the coal run 6 years ago. There have been a few changes in the past 4 years, with businesses moving out and in. We walked down to see the gang at the local radio station Hfm. Over the years doing the coal run we spent many a happy hour doing their quizzes and joining them for events. It was brilliant to see them all and enjoyed a good old natter over coffee. There is nothing so special as a local radio station. After leaving the radio station, we had a wander around the town and did a bit of shopping. We have been looking for square plates and bowls, which will take up less room in the cupboard. Today we found what we were looking for in B&M.
They are Melamine and brilliant. Already I have more room in the cupboard. The only thing that annoyed me, was the bloomin sticky labels they put on them. They were a devil to get off. Anyway well chuffed with our new plates and dishes.
We did the charity shops as always, but did not find anything worth bothering with this time. They say what goes up must come down, in our case having walked down the hill into the town we then had to walk up it to get home. Blimey it works the old calf muscles.
This evening I am sitting with my feet up and enjoying a peaceful time before bedtime. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Pop back tomorrow xx


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