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Friday, 23 September 2016

Busy day.

Hi Folks.

It has been a busy old day.
This morning I donned my Saltisford t-shirt. Gathered my tools and set off into the Sensory garden to get on with pruning and cutting back ready for the Winter.
Before I got on with the cutting back, I wanted to put a felt roof on our bug hotel.
It still needs more items added, but already there are some large spiders housed in amongst the logs.
Next we turned our attention to the Sensory Garden. We had a shredder in so we made the most of it by cutting everything back.
It all looks nice and tidy ready for the onslaught of Winter, which will eventually arrive and with us going out again, I need not worry about doing it when I get back.
With the weather having been moist and warm, we have been treated to some lovely Fungi in the Arm.
Some of it very colourful.
Small is also beautiful.
All shapes and sizes.

We have been doing more work on our own garden, because I wanted to increase our pebbled area and add some grasses and alpines.
We still need to add more stones, but so far we are pleased with our efforts.
The Strawberry patch has been getting a makeover. I am getting rid of the old plants and putting in some of the runners, which will be the strawberry plants for next year. We have had quite a few Strawberries off our few plants this year and look forward to more sweet delights next year.
After lunch Keith got on with sorting the generator out and all being well it should be finished tomorrow. We will then need to run it, to see if it works alright.
It has been an enjoyable day all in all.


Thursday, 22 September 2016

Slowly getting there.

Hi Folks.

Well according to the weather people it is officially Autumn today, so if they are right then the weather will be going downhill from now on. I will believe that when I see it. I actually love the Autumn, because of the wonderful show the trees can put on, with their leaves changing colour. During the Spring we admire the trees when their leaves spring forth and adore the trees once more in greenery. During the Summer we take the trees for granted I think, but as Autumn takes hold, the trees shout "Oi" we are here and splash us with their beautiful colours.

Today has been a day of going into town and to the vets.
This morning I walked into town to get a few items. I wanted a new hand towel and clothes pegs, which I managed to get from the Original Factory Shop. Because our toilet is very close to our radiator, when the radiator is hot, we can actually get burnt, so I put ribbons on a towel and have it hanging between the radiator and the toilet, this does the trick and no burnt hips, which is a blessing.

Back from town, we had a visit from Simon, who is helping us sort our generator out. He did some measurements and then went off to buy some pipe. Hopefully he will be back with us tomorrow.
After Bubble and Squeak and a Pasty for lunch, I took Paddy for his two week weigh-in.
When we came back from our Liverpool trip, Paddy's weight had dropped to 12.9 kg, which is weigh to low. Since being back we have struggled to get him to eat more, so we can get his weight up. If you feed him more than he wants he will just throw it up, so we have been feeding him more throughout the day. His weight has gone up very slowly. Today he now weighs 14.7 kg, which is not as much as he used to be, but it is going in the right direction. Paddy is now 11 years old and we know he is on borrowed time due to a medical condition, but he is happy in himself and still enjoys a good cuddle. He has never been an energetic boy, he loves nothing more than sleeping all day. This is why we cannot understand why he is not as fat a pig, because he does very little exercise. He has been an absolute angel for all the years we have had him.  He is slowly getting there.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Jobs are getting done.

Happy Wednesday everyone. The middle of the week as far as I am concerned, so it is now downhill to the weekend.

It looks like I am getting back into the groove of blogging, I know it has taken me a while, but life has a habit of getting in the way and with so much going on blogging then takes to the back burner. But here I am and hopefully I will keep this new found incentive to post going.

I have had a day of cleaning the back cabin. I washed all the hung plates and then re-hung the curtains.
All this is happening, because we are going out again. I have begun to polish the brass as well, which always makes the cabin sparkle. The stove got a fresh coat of paint, which I like to do twice a year.
Tomorrows job will be to fill the coal box with house coal and to finish the brass work. I know I have to do the outside of the boat before we head off, but that will be the last thing to be done.
Tomorrow, we are having our generator looked at because it has been playing up and the last thing we need when we are out is for it to go completely. Yes we of course can run our engine, but we never like running it unless we are moving, because she is a noisy old girl. So hopefully the generator will be fixed tomorrow and we will then change the engines oil, top up the batteries and make plans to leave for a month.

Fabulous visitor

Hi Folks.
The waterways supports all sorts of craft, but this is the first Gondola I have seen on the canal and it is most certainly the first one to come into the Saltisford Arm. 
It had come up from Startford-upon-Avon and is heading towards London, so you never know you may see it, if you are that way.

He had come in hoping to have a shower and to find somewhere, where he could have breakfast, but we do not have showers here. However we did give him a few places where he could get a breakfast.
Apparently many Gondola's which finish their working life in Venice make their way to the UK and are restored and then put back to work. This one is The House of Peroni Gondola and will be seen down in London.
It was a real treat having such a wonderful craft in the Arm

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

A definite change.

As our lovely Summer is starting to fade, the crops in the fields are gathered in and leaves are starting to turn.
There is a freshness in the breeze and a dampness in the air as Autumn will soon be upon us. We are thinking of going cruising again for a month, but before we can set off, we have a generator which needs seeing to and plumbing work on it changing, which hopefully will happen this week.
I had taken down our back cabin curtains thinking we would not be moving again before next year, so I need to hang them again and then hang the plates.
Why are we going out I hear you ask?

We have been invited to a private boat gathering and we have accepted the lovely invitation. It will be nice to go out again and we know there will be no lock stoppages, we may stay out longer. I enjoy cruising when it is colder and it is hoped we will sell the remainder of our coal. This will be the last coal selling season for us, because we have plans to change the hold into something else. But first we need to sell the coal and then the work begins, because the shuts need to come up and the base plate needs cleaning and painting. The hull sides also need repainting, before we set to and board some of the hold out for our new project.
So not only re their changes in the weather, there will be changes in what we trade in.
I have decided to put my photography to good use and have started making cards using the photographs I take. It is a new direction for me, but I am hoping it will take off. Keep popping in to see the changes.


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