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Friday, 8 November 2019

Garden visitors.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Autumn has certainly been throwing lots of rain at us. Sadly in some parts of the country, they have flooding, which is so incredibly sad. It must be devastating to watch your home fill up with water and you know there is absolutely no way of stopping it?
Here the water level has been up, because our boat has been listing towards the pontoon, which has meant we have let the ropes off a little to allow us to be on the level again. The garden has been getting a good watering, which I am thankful for, because all of the plants will bed in before the Winter begins. So far the plants are still looking healthy, so I am guessing they are rooting in well.
Wildlife always amazes me at how quickly it gets to grips with a new environment. We already have birds enjoying what we have to offer.
Over the Winter I will be putting food out for the birds, because they need all the help they can get. Our bird feeder hangs over the water, so we are not encouraging the rats, because we do have a rat issue here.
We also have the enjoyment of Wood Mice. This little darling has found our log pile and seems to have set up home. We also have at least one under the walkway at the top of our garden. They are so very cute and love their antics. I am not the slightest bit bothered by mice or rats, because I grew up with them on the farm. Of course I would not like it if they came onto the boat, so they will encouraged to stay outside where they belong.

I am still struggling with pain, even though I am back on my medication, so I am going to see my GP next week, to see what she reckons. I have a thought as to what I think it maybe, but will wait for it to be confirmed. I know I have the Costochondritis, which I manage very well when it flares up. I also know that another condition can go hand in hand with Costochondritis and it is that which I think I maybe suffering with, but we will wait and see what happens.

The weekend is almost here. Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday, 5 November 2019

Making plans.

Hello family, friends and followers.

With Halloween and as of tonight Bonfire Night over with, we will all be focusing on Christmas. Yes I know it is only November, but even I have begun to make plans for Christmas. I have bought some of my presents and will definitely be sorting out my cards, food and of course drink for the festive period. We have decided we are staying home this Christmas, so I will be cooking Christmas lunch. We will probably not have a Turkey, because for just two of us, they are too expensive. I am thinking Chicken with all the trimmings and then we can have a Chicken Curry for Boxing Day yayyyyy.

Due to the weather being a bit wet, we have not done anything else in the garden. The plan is to see how everything we have planted does over the Winter. If we then need to replace anything we an do in the Spring, before we head off cruising. At the moment we are really happy how it has all turned out.

Keith has fully recovered from Shingles. I think because we caught it early, he has had a good recovery and of course the Anti-viral tablets and eye gel helped hugely. Fingers are crossed he gets nothing else, anytime soon. As for me well I had a week of doing very little, because I have felt so tired and my joints have been very painful. I have been back on my medication and that has settled everything down, but I have an appointment to see the GP, to try and find out what is going on. I know I have Costochondritis, but this time the whole of my body was affected and I just felt worn out all the time. Anyway we will see what happens when I see the GP.

On Sunday evening, I got to dog sit our neighbour's handsome Spaniel. I looked after him on his own boat until Monday afternoon. It was lovely walking a dog again and he was so well behaved and absolutely no trouble at all. Towards the end of this month it will be a year since we let our darling boy Paddy walk over the Rainbow bridge. I cannot believe it has been a year already.

Yesterday (Monday) my Windows 10 laptop decided to die. The hard drive has packed up, so I using my old Windows 7 laptop, until we decide whether to replace it with a newer version and whether we have the funds to do so. It is an expense we could do without at the moment, but hey ho.

Today was ladies who do coffee day. One the Winter moorers come into the Arm for the Winter, I organize for all the ladies to get together for a coffee once a month. When you are used to be out cruising all year, being on a mooring for the Winter can cause cabin fever, so I set up the coffee club, so us ladies can get together for a good old natter I  town for a couple of hours. It is fun to be able to have a laugh and a natter over coffee away from our boats. With Christmas coming we will no doubt organize something fun to do.

I hope that those of you who pop in to read my ramblings are keeping well?

Pop back soon xxx

Thursday, 31 October 2019

Rockery planting.

Hello family, friends and followers.

It is almost the end to another week, as we walk slowly towards Christmas. Yes I have finally mentioned the festive period. Quitely I have been getting on with Christmas preparations. I have fired up our small freezer, so that I can begin to stock it ready for Christmas. This morning we went out and did a bit of pressie shopping for two very special bundles of joy. Christmas is all about children and whilst I hate the fact that businesses and the media begin the Christmas hype way to early, there is something wonderful about buying small gifts. We do not buy presents for each other, and I always used to say we do not buy for the adults, I would only buy for the children, because as you no doubt know, it is a hugely expensive time of the year. We do not expect gifts from anyone, I would much rather have a nice card or company at Christmas.

As you will know we have moved to another mooring and have been tackling the garden. The last bit to be tackled is the rockery, which we have built on the steepest part of our plot.
This morning having arrived back from doing some shopping, we were greeted by a parcel, containing five Heather plants, which we had ordered through Amazon.
The plants were very well packaged and came in their own little bag. I took them out of the bags and discovered five very healthy plants.
I did not waste anytime in putting the Heathers into our rockery. Thank you to Garden Dreams for our lovely Heathers. For now the rockery is finished, because I want to see how everything grows and survives over the winter. I am so loking forward to seeing how everything blooms. If certain things fail then I will of course have to replace them, but things are looking good so far.

Pop back soon xx

Monday, 28 October 2019

Rockery building day.

Hello family, friends and followers.
After an overnight frost, which is th second frost of the Autumn for us, we have had a beautiful day. The sun shone and all was well in our world. Well almost. I am feeling a little bit pants at the moment. My Costochondritis has flared up again and I am suffering with my other joints. It is back onto the medication for me for a few days. I am not one to dwell on being poorly and I most definitely cannot sit around unless I am dying, so with the sun out, we got on with the garden and in particular our rockery.
We cleared the plot for the rockery when sorting the garden out, so it was already for working on.
The first three rocks went into place and set us on the path for the rest of the rockery. Luckily all the rocks used were already in our garden, left by the previous moorer.
The first row being completed. We shared the digging, but Keith did most of the lifting of the rocks.
It did not take us long to finish putting the rocks in place, I then got on with putting in some plants. Despite all the rain we had on Saturday, the soil was remarkably good. We are really pleased with how it has gone and look forward to seeing the plants thrive. 
After lunch, I felt so worn out, that nothing else was going to get done on the garden today. So it is feet up and TV on.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Relieved comes to mind.

Hello family, friends and followers.

I sit here on a very soggy, dank and miserable Saturday afternoon, thanking my lucky stars for all the wonderful people and things I have in my life right now and having been told some dreadful news this morning, it has made me realise that life is short and it is for living right now. Live each day as if it maybe your last and love the ones who love you back, because tomorrow is not certain.

The weather has not been the best, and so there has been no gardening for a day or two, but that has given me the chance to get on with baking, sewing and tidying. As you will be aware if you read my ramblings, we came home early to our new mooring because our generator died on us whilst at The Black Country Living Museum. Well yesterday (Friday) we had a visit from an engineer from Fischer Panda. he had come to do a report on the generator, because he like us thought it had seized. On arrival, he suggested he try a few things, one of those things was to change the fuel pump, because he suspected it may actually be the problem. Fuel pump changed it did not cure the problem, but then the engineer decided to try another fuel pump, because he was not convinced. Hey presto the generator started, this meant not only had our original fuel pump fail, so did a brand new one the engineer tried. To say that we are relieved the generator is fixed and it was a small thing, well small compaired to the whole thing seizing is an understatement. The generator was out of warranty, so we could of ended up with a huge bill, but instead we wait to hear what we may or may not have to pay. Because we were outside of the warranty by three months, we may not have to pay anything, so fingers crossed on that, because we still have five new leisure batteries to buy. A huge thank you goes out to the Fischer Panda engineer.

With the weather being so dreadful today, it was a good day to sit and watch the first semi-final of the Rugby World Cup. England v New Zealand. Wow what an incredible match. England played their socks off and definitely deserved the win. Tomorrow we look forward to Wales v South Africa. Who knows we may get an all Great Britain final.
With it being so wet, I am staying inside and battening down the hatches for the whole day. The TV is on and the fire is lit, so all is well in my world. We are also one step closer to getting our landline phone connected. It has only taken two weeks :-(. Hopefully all will be sorted out next week.

Pop back soon xx


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