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Wednesday, 1 March 2017

IWA Calendar

Hi Friends and Followers.

Just had to post again this evening.
I have just found out that one of the photographs (photo above) I submitted to the IWA calendar competition has been put in for June next year. I am extremely chuffed.
You can now vote for the over all winner. Does a merry dance.


It’s cruising time.


Hi Friends and Followers.

We have left our home mooring and are now in cruising mode.


We left the Saltisford Arm at 8.45 am to meet up with Caroline and Ray on Narrowboat Tranquil Daze, who we had planned to share the Hatton Flight with.

9am we were in the first lock and try as I may I could not close the offside bottom gate by about a foot.


Keith and Ray tried flushing the obstruction out. When that failed we got the grappling hook out and although I was hooking onto something, I could not move it.


Keith tried with the pole, he reckoned he could feel a lot of stones in the way, but like me he could not move them either. Just as we were about to give up hope, one of the C&RT volunteers came along, he was off to make bird boxes, but before leaving us he very kindly rang the land crew to ask them to come out and give us a hand, which they duly did. A very nice gentleman and lady came to our assistance. The gentleman had a long handled Kebb and after a lot of heaving and pushing, he managed to move brick rubble and large stones. Finally after over an hour we got the gates closed and the pound filled.


We were on our way. Keith had breasted the boats up, so Ray went ahead and set the locks and Caroline and I worked at shutting the gates and dropping the paddles (Not literally, we wound them down). It all worked like a dream and before we knew it we were up outside the cafe.


At the last lock we said our “Goodbye’s”, because we were going on, Caroline and Ray were stopping for water.


We really were a great team, they had never done the flight so fast. Keith has done it in an hour and a half, but that is a whole different story.

The weather forecasters were predicting strong winds, so we decided we would not moor under any large trees, so carried on through Shrewley Tunnel. Thankfully nothing wanted to use the tunnel in the other direction, because our tunnel light had decided to fail, this was our fault because we had not checked it before leaving the mooring. Luckily the tunnel is only a short one and we were soon out into daylight and on our way. We stopped near to bridge 60 before mooring up for the day. I had made Leek and Potato Soup on Tuesday, so I heated that through and we had it with bread and butter, it was whilst going to stir the soup I noticed the solar panel board was flashing an error at me, which did not look to promising. After lunch, Keith checked the wiring and did a reset, hey presto it worked phew. Next on the hit list for repair was the headlamp. It turned out to be a dodgy bulb and as we carry spares it was no big deal, but we are now thinking we should at sometime replace the lamp, because it is very old and tatty. It has done us well since 2007, when we recycled it from another boat. The owner was going to throw the lamp away and we said we would love it for Hadar and it has been good to us for all these years, but we may think about replacing it. So all dramas were over come and now I can put my feet up for the rest of the day. Ha ha well you know me I will find something to do, I have more crochet to get on with, so I think my feet will be going up and I will get some more of my latest blanket done. My Sciatica will be glad of a rest as it has kicked off a bit, but thankfully my ribs and sternum seem to be alright for the moment, having given them a workout on the Hatton Flight.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

One more sleep.

16999065_10155074504524532_7032838518105860455_n (1)

Hello Friends and Followers.

Happy Pancake Day everyone. I hope you have had a good one.


We are Lemon and Sugar people, what is your favourite Pancake topping or filling?


We have one more sleep until we leave for our cruising season yippee Smile. We are both ready and eager to go. Tomorrow morning we will set off with Ray and Caroline on Narrowboat Tranquil Daze. We are off up the Hatton Flight first thing, so I hope the weather is kind to us all.

This morning began early, because Keith had an appointment with the practice nurse at 7.30 am to organise his medication for whilst we are away. Like me, Keith could only have three months worth, so we will have to arrange for more medication along the route. We can ring the surgery and get them to send an electronic prescription to a chemist of our choice, so it is not big deal. Keith went off to the surgery and I went and did the last of the laundry. When Keith got back, he then set off to do the last of the food shopping and to collect his medication. Laundry all done and hung to dry in the back cabin and engine room, I got on with checking the gearbox oil level, which was just how we had left it in November, so all good there. The ash buckets got emptied and put away in the bunker. I then got on and filled the water tank. Our tank can hold up to three weeks worth of water at a push, but I have always filled it once every two weeks. With the jobs done and Keith home with the shopping, it was time for a much needed coffee and then some lunch.

I did another sweep of our bunkers to make sure we have everything on board for tomorrow and then I got down to doing more to my crochet blanket, whilst watching Film4. I have never seen ‘Night Passage’ before starring James Stewart and Audie Murphy. It also had the young man who starred in Shane, Brandon De Wilde. Sadly he died at the age of 30 in 1972 after being in a road accident. Good film though as was Shane. I am a James Stewart fan, I love most of the films he has been in.

I am so looking forward to tomorrow and I will try and keep you posted on our progress.

Monday, 27 February 2017

Spring is coming.


Hello Friends and Followers.

I hope you all had a good weekend, because we are into another week and it is almost the end of February. It is Pancake Day on Tuesday and I am ready for it. I love Pancakes. What is your favourite filling?

Over the weekend we started Hadar’s engine for first time since November,she sprang to life willingly and was given a pat on rocker cover because she is such a good girl. I like to talk to her when we are on the move, this means she behaves herself. I know I am mad, but bare with me.

Sunday was a quiet affair. Well it was Sunday after all. I did a general tidy through the boat. Stoked the saloon fire and cooked stewing steak and veggies for lunch, unfortunately the steak was not quite cooked for lunch so we had it with dumplings for dinner instead. At this time of the year dumplings in stews are my kind of comfort food. After Saturday’s Six Nations matches, Sunday saw England take on Italy. The first half was a little dire by England and they went in at half-time behind. I can imagine Eddie Jones putting a bomb beneath them in the dressing room, because the second half was a different story, they came out with all guns blazing and England took the win over Italy, keeping them at the top of the Six Nations table. After the rugby we settled down to watching films and I got on with more crochet. I finished my Blue and White blanket and have begun a Lemon and White one.

Monday and it began nice enough, but soon the showers came and the temperature dropped, so I re-lit the back cabin stove. I then decided I would strip the bed and get all the bedding washed ready for the off on Wednesday. The back cabin and engine became the drying rooms and I got on with lunch, which was the left over stew from yesterday. Today we had it with veggies and Yorkshire puddings. With fruit and yogurt for pudding. There is nothing nicer than a bowl of fresh fruit with a couple of spoons of yogurt on top.


Marmite was in sleepy mode today, she spent most of the day in her basket. I am calling it her basket for now, but it is meant to have plants in it. Anyway she spent the day curled up snoozing.


Spring has arrived.


The bulbs are in flower.


The Christmas Roses are beautiful.


They really brighten the gardens.


Seeing the Spring flowers, not only brightens the gardens, it brightens the mood.


Along with the Spring bulbs announcing Spring is almost here, the birds are singing and the ducks are looking for their mates. Now we just need some good weather to come along.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Hooray for the Weekend.


Hi Friends and Follower’s.

Ok I do not know about you, but I am wondering already where this year is going. The week seems to go past so quickly. This week has flown by and we are ready and waiting for the Six Nations Rugby to being again. Unfortunately this will be the last weekend we will see the rugby on the TV as we are off out and about next week and we will not have the TV just DVD’s. I suppose we could always find a pub showing the matches if need be, but I can always find out the scores online.

So did you and your property survive Storm Doris?

I was out in it Thursday and it was not to bad. When I arrived home our archway over the gate to our pontoon had been propped up by Keith because it was bent over when he got back from our food shop. The metal arch was actually rusty and therefore gave way in the strong gusts of wind. Friday was spent sorting it out and instead of a new arch, which we do not have time to find before we leave the Arm, we tied the Honeysuckle to the fence, so hopefully it will trail itself along the fence and look fabulous when we get back. What was left of the arch went into the bin. Another thing which succumbed to the wind was our back cabin chimney cover. This was a mystery, because the cover was a tight fit, but it has definitely disappeared, so we spent Friday afternoon in the town looking for another saucepan to fit. When you do not need a saucepan, the charity shops have lots of them, but because we wanted one, we could not find anything, so we ended up buying on from the Original Factory Shop for £5. It was in fact a set of three, the label inside was from good old Woolworths. So the middle pan will be a new cover and the other two will get used at some time or another. I had not just gone into town for the saucepan, I needed to pick up my medication from the chemist. I had seen the GP in the morning and he put me back on to Amitriptyline, as my sternum and rib pain has come back since stopping the tablets. I am just hoping it settles down whilst we are out on the boat.

Friday evening was spent with friends Dawne and Stuart at the Lebanese Restaurant Aqua Food & Mood in Warwick. It was our first time eating Lebanese food and we both thoroughly enjoyed the food and the evening and we will definitely be going back again in the future. We had a selection of starters between us and for my main I had Chicken Shawarma. This was thin slices of chicken marinated in garlic & spices with rice and salad. It was absolutely beautiful. The staff were lovely and extremely polite and helpful. Great food, wine, service and that adds up to a great evening.

Saturday morning and it is still a tad breezy out, but nothing like Doris threw at everyone. I got on with doing a laundry wash first thing. I am trying to get all the important washing done before we leave for our cruising season. Whilst the washing machine was taking the strain, I returned to the boat to make up the saloon stove and sort out a few other jobs. I got on with preparing the vegetables for our lunch. I am roasting Peppers, Leeks, Sweet Potato, Cauliflower and Mushrooms and we will that them with fish.

The Six Nation’s Rugby is back, so we will be glued to the TV this afternoon.


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