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Friday, 27 November 2020

Christmas, Camera's and family tree's.

Dear family, friends and followers.

Here we are creeping ever close to Christmas, yes I said Christmas and to be honest I am finding it hard to get excited about the whole thing. I think because of Covid-19, Christmas is just going be another day for us. I will put the decorations up, but we are not having a Turkey meal this year, we are going down the nibble all day route. We will be nibbling on Chinese and Indian Nibbles, Mince Pies and what ever else take our fancy. 

I am well aware that people love to celebrate Christmas and I love it as well, but it is going to be so different for many this year and so it should be, because getting together in large family groups will end is disaster for some as they spread the virus between them. To many will be spending this Christmas without a loved one, because Covid-19 took them too soon. I honestly think for one year Christmas should be a quiet affair, just to make sure we all stay safe. Sacrificing a big Christmas for one year, is something we should all think about. So many people have already had to make sacrifices for our benefit. Muslims have not been able to celebrate Ramadan, Hindus and Sikhs had to forgo Diwali, Jews could not celebrate Yom Kippur and many other religions gave up their festivals and celebrations to keep everyone safe. I have American friends who have just celebrated Thanksgiving and they kept it small and quiet this year. It is a small gesture, which I think could make a huge difference, if we all stayed in our own homes and helped to save lives. I personally want to see my children and grand-children next year and I want to keep them safe.

Changing the subject.
Today I received an early Christmas present to me. As many of you know, I love taking photographs and have had a couple of Canon cameras, the 350D and the 1100D, well I have upgraded to the 2000D. It is still a beginner camera, and that is fine by me, because it is nice and simple to use. My 1100D was 12 mega pixels whereas the 2000D is 24 mega pixels, so a huge difference. Everything else is pretty much the same, so I will not have to learn how to use it, I can just snap away to my hearts content. 

No sooner it arrived, I took this photograph looking down the Arm from our mooring. I got it off of Ebay. It was a little used camera, at an excellent price and came with a lens, which Keith has been making good use off on his camera, so he can take close up shots of his railway. 

Life on the mooring has been quiet, as the arm is still in lockdown. With the hedge and garden tidy for the Winter, I have been helping out with some of the other gardens in the Arm. I go out for a walk once a day and not to far away. I usually go before everyone is out of bed.

By walking early, I then have the rest of the day to do what I want. A lot of time is being spent working on family trees, because I invested in a subscription to Ancestry. It has gotten me hooked. I have already found out that we have family which goes back to William the Conqueror and the Queen is in our line as well. I knew my Birthday was on a special day. It is wonderful to discover what my ancestors did for a living and I have a lot of journeymen, farmers, burnishers, glove makers and much more. Now that I am getting some real characters coming to light, I may well write about them and what they did from time to time. If you have ever been interested in your family history, do think about using Ancestry or one of the other family tree providers. Family Search got me started and this year I started with Ancestry to find out more. 

On that note, I am off to make a coffee and put my feet up. Stay safe and well please.

Pop back soon xxx


Friday, 13 November 2020

Miss our boy.

Dear family, followers and friends.

Today marks 2 years since we said "Goodbye" to our beautiful boy Paddy. He had such an amazing life with us, having come to us from The Border Collie Trust at Rugeley. He chose is when he was 11 months old and gave us joy everyday, with his funny ways and gentle nature. 

There was never an evil bone in Paddy's body, he loved everyone and always wanted to please. There will never ever be another like him and we are thankful that he allowed us to be part of his wonderful full life. 
Continue to run free little man, you are in our hearts forever xxxx


Thursday, 5 November 2020

Hedge Stripping and cutting.

Dear family, friends and followers. 

I have been stripping (behave). I have been stripping our 70ft+ long hedge. When we moved onto this mooring just over a year ago, our tree surgeon neighbour cut the hedge back for us, because it was overgrown. I had every intention of cutting it back further and then stripping out all the rubbish in the middle. I did not really appreciate how big a job it was going to be when I started it a couple of weeks ago. 

This morning early doors, I finally finished the stripping. I found that the centre of the hedge was full of dead branches and leaves, which has been building up over the 25 years the hedge has been there, chocking the hedge and not allowing any light or air in. With the stripping done and coffee drunk, it was time to take the top out of the hedge.
I had put our hedge trimmer on charge over night, so it would be ready for use this morning. Wit the weather set fair for the day, I set about taking over a foot off the top of the hedge. Only the top foot had been growing, so my hope is now I have taken the top off and the light can get in, the whole hedge will Spring into life next year. 
Job done, to the best of my ability. Now the clean up begins. I have been tidying as I have been stripping the hedge, but the final few feet I left to do at the end with all the hedge trimmings. Having had a full day of working on the hedge, I will leave the clearing up till tomorrow, when I have the energy to get it all done in one go. Right now I am shattered and in need of a coffee.

Well as thought right from the word go, we are back in lockdown. It is said it will only be for a month, but I would not count on it. It is sad that so many people not doing the right thing have caused us to be back in this situation.

Boris may have got things a bit wrong 
But did he organise illegal raves?
Did he tell everyone to fill the beaches in the summer? 
Did he invite your mates to your garden for a BBQ? 
Did he tell thousands of people to protest for weeks about an incident in the US? 
Did he tell all the pub goers to congregate outside in big groups or fight after they close? 
Did he instruct Billy Ten-Men not to wear a mask and tell everyone to p*** off if he was challenged?
It's funny how people are quick to blame one person for this mess, and not the minority who did any of the above mentioned.

Pop back soon xxx

Friday, 23 October 2020

Waffling and DNA

Dear family, friends and followers.

How are you doing?
How are you coping right now?

It looks like parts of our beautiful country are in lockdown because of Covid-19, because of the high numbers of infection and are in tier 3, or others are now going into tier 2. We are still at medium risk we are, but with Coventry going into tier 2, it is creeping closer to us. It feels a bit like Déjà vu, and I feel like we have been in lockdown forever, because we have stayed in our bubble since this all kicked off. I really feel for anyone who is struggling, with losing their business, home and for those who feel this is affecting their mental health. I sit and watch the news and it makes me so angry, because a lot of this could be avoided if people just did the right thing and follow the rules and guidelines. The reason people are losing their jobs etc is because of those people who refuse to do what is right. I am not political at all, and I know that there are things that can always be improved on. But this purely comes down to the fact there are some who are just not following the rules and they are the ones to blame for the infection continuing to climb again and therefore the rest of us are struggling. If a loved one loses their life to this virus, it is the fault of those who continually flout the rules. If someone's business goes to the wall, it is the fault of those who continually flout the rules. If someone loses their home, because they cannot pay their mortgage, it is the fault of those who flout the rules. The Government have given out so much help to businesses and anyone in difficulty, but they cannot help literally everyone. If only it was possible to give money to everyone, but nothing is 100%. In a perfect world none of this would be happening. It is going to be a difficult Christmas for so many. I personally cancel Christmas etc, so we can all save out money, but then again businesses would suffer, which is a knock on situation as with most things in life there is always a consequence. 
Like so many, we have done everything that has been asked of us and I sincerely hope that we all go into a New Year and there is better news. I would like to think we will be able to go cruising next year. I know many of our boating friends have been cruising this year, we decided that for us it was not safe enough and that is why we came home. We all make our decisions and have to decide what is right for us. I just get annoyed when there are those who are saying, "I am alright Jack sod you". We all have to consider others around us. It is about looking after each other.

Anyway, having got that off my chest, I have kept myself busy of late with doing more to our family trees. It is amazing what you find out. Who would have thought that some of my ancestors came from Denmark and we had distant relatives who walked the plains of Utah back in the day. I would if they were alive today, what they would think of what is going on now? Joining Ancestry has been such a good idea and we are considering doing a DNA test on hubby, to see if we can sort out a family mystery.
The story goes, Keith's great-grandmother Mary Ann Eliza South was in service to a family named Middleton, when the son of the family, we think was Alfred decided to have his wicked way and he got her pregnant. So at the age of 18 in 1874 she gave birth to Keith's Grand-father Alfred James. 
A year after he was born in the Union Workhouse, Pope's Lane, Colchester, Essex, Mary married Alfred Lodge, he was prepared to take Alfred James on as his own son. The only other information we know about Mr Middleton is that he was possibly in the Royal Hussars. It has been so difficult to find out any information on Mr Middleton, so we can fill in the blanks, this is where a DNA test may help, because it will prove whether Keith is a true Lodge or is a Middleton. 
Have you done the DNA test or are using Ancestry?
I am fascinated by family history and all it entails and have already met online a couple of cousins.
The clocks go back this weekend, so we are allowed an extra hour in bed. I know for a fact we will just be awake earlier, because that is how we roll. The nights will be darker earlier, which I am not fond of at all and we slide towards the end of a year, which has been absolutely incredible in so many ways. 
With the weekend knocking on the door and the weather set to be stormy, I can see me sitting down and doing more to the family tree. I will have the TV on and set to a films channel.
May your weekend bring you sunshine and laughter.
Thank you for popping by and reading my waffle.

Pop back soon xxxx


Monday, 19 October 2020

Time to get busy.


Dear family, friends and followers.

At the moment we are all going through such an uncertain time. I like most are doing the right things to keep safe and well. I have been a little sedentary of late, what with mum dying and other things happening in my life. I have been going for my morning walks, which were much needed. I have also been spending a lot of time working on my family tree. I decided that in order to get the answers I was looking for, I needed to join Ancestry, and get their help especially with Keith's side of the family, which has a bit of mystery about it. Joining Ancestry, has meant I have been sitting glued to my laptop for hours on end, researching the family and finding out some interesting things, which I will tell you about over the coming days and weeks.
This morning, I decided that it was time to get out and work on the hedge at the back of our garden. The hedge was allowed to overgrow and the centre of the hedge was full of dead wood. When we moved onto the mooring, we just tidied it up, with the view to give it a good going over and that time has come.
Our hedge is over 70ft long, so it is going to take me a while. I have begun to cut the hedge back by about a foot and now I am stripping out the dead wood. My hope is that next Spring, there will be new growth and the hedge will fill out again. I also want to drop the height of the hedge down a bit as well, because it is too tall for me to trim the top. I want to take it down by at least a foot once I have finished stripping it out. A bit job, but I hope well worth it. Being out in the fresh air, has given me a lot of satisfaction and it is where I am happiest. 

Thank you for popping by. xx


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