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Wednesday, 11 October 2017

What a difference a day makes.

Hello Dear Readers.

Having had a peaceful nights sleep, I was awake early courtesy of Miss Marmite. For such a small lady, she weighs a lot when she is lying on my legs, which hampers my turning over. Now awake, there was only one thing to do and that was to get up and make a cup of tea, but of course that annoyed Marmite, because it meant she had to move again.
Tea made, it was back to bed with the radio on. Marmite decided she would climb beneath the duvet by her dad and snuggle down for as long as our cup of tea lasted. When I got up, I opened the back cabin door to see the amazing view above. The sunrise was beautiful and to make it more special were the Swan family who came to say "Good Morning".

Up and about, Paddy and I went for a morning stroll enjoying the sound of a Buzzard overhead and a Heron flying up cut ahead of us.
Back onboard, I lit the back cabin stove, filled the copper kettle and placed it on the stove. I love the smell of proper coal when it is burning and the wafting of the smoke into the morning sky.
8.40 am we were all set for the off, so I untied the forend and off we set, destination Stone, which is of course Hadar's birth place.
What a difference a day makes, because today we had the locks with us for a nice change and there were other boats on the move. It had been so quiet on the cut, but being back on the Trent and Motorway, I should of guessed there would be more boats.
We arrived in Stone, which always brings happy memories of when Hadar was built ten years ago. We always enjoy coming back.
We winded and moored up. We had leaden skies and now they were sending us rain, which would last for an hour and more, before drying up again later.
I am looking forward to a couple of days rest, before we set off again.

Pop back soon xxx

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Locks against us.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Before I begin my ramblings, I must apologise, if you have left me a comment and I have not replied I am sorry. It seems that blogger has forgotten to send me an e-mail to tell me I have comments. I received one today and when I checked my comments, It is fair to say I had a few. Because I have had so many, I will not be able to reply to them all, but know that I will read them all and I thank you for taking the time to send me a comment. In future I will be checking more closely to see if I have any comments to be published.

Right well what a fabulous day weather-wise. It was a tad nippy this morning, which explained why Marmite felt the need to sleep on my legs for most of the night. I had let the saloon stove go out, because it had been warm, but with the temperature drop overnight, Marmite was clearly put out, and decided to take it out on me all night. Everytime I needed to change position, she complained then curled up again. I reckon she got more sleep than I did.
We left Cross Green at 8.40am and the sun was doing its best to burn off the low cloud. First locks of the day were worked at Gailey.
We were clearly not in luck when it came to the locks today, because they were all against us. Thirteen locks and not one was with us. There were more boats on the move today, which was nice. Lunch was again eaten on the move. At Penkridge, we met up with Carol and Bob on NB Falmouth, who winter moored in the Saltisford Arm. Falmouth has had a brand new paint job and looks fantastic. This year Carol and Bob are mooring her at the Stafford Boat Club, so we will not be seeing them. We got to Tixel Wide and there was Kit Alcott waving, so we had a quick "hello" and then onward to Great Haywood junction at 4.30pm. On his mooring at Great Haywood Marina Mark was on his boat waving. It is always lovely to see people we know and to say "hello" to those we have never met before, although some are a tad grumpy. I cannot do grumpy, so usually make more of a point of speaking to the person, in a hope that I will at least get a smile.
Our cruising day ended at Br 78 Ingestre Bridge, with the temperature dropping and the light fading.
Having moored up, I cooked us Bubble and Squeak for dinner and made a coffee, because we were both in need of something to eat.
HRT Update, for anyone who is interested.
It has been going well. I am now down to just one a week for the next two weeks and then that will be it, I will have come off of my HRT tablets. It will then be interesting to see if I have any issues. As of yet I have felt fine. My joints have been aching, but that is probably due to all the work I have been doing this past couple of weeks, well that is what I am hoping. We will just have to see how it goes.

See you tomorrow I hope.
Pop back soon xx

Monday, 9 October 2017

Sunday at BCLM and moving on.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Sunday morning dawned bloomin early with the valves for the back boiler on the stove going on and off. Which meant the fire was low. I tried so hard to close my ears to it, but sleeping was hopeless, so I lay there listening to Keith sleep, with a gentle snore and the valves going off. 6.30am and it was brew time and the radio on. Marmite decided she needed to get into the bed and climbed beneath the duvet on Keith's side of the bed. She made her way to the bottom of the bed, curled up and snoozed, until she either got to warm or the oxygen ran out. her little head appeared in the corner of the bed 'ole and a squeaking meow announced that she really thought we should think about getting up. 7.30am we gave in and folded the bed away into the bed 'ole and closed the door for the day. This obviously meant to Marmite that she was getting fed, but first of all paddy got his morning stroll. I opened the back cabin door and there on the bridge behind the boat sat a Squirrel. Its tail perked up and wagged as if to say "Good morning", it then bound off along the top of the bridge and was not seen again. Paddy was disinterested in the furry critter and was more than happy to walk off down the towpath get his business done and head back home for breakfast. As usual Marmite was sat on the back step waiting for us. Not because she wanted to greet us, but because she wanted feeding, despite the fact she has a bowl full of dried food. marmite loves her meat first thing in the morning and wo betide if she does not get it before paddy gets his biscuits. Paddy on the other hand is happy to wait patiently for his biscuits.
We have been having feeding problems with Paddy and have tried numerous ways to get him to eat. The last attempt was to change his bowl to a pyrex dish and so far, it seems to be working, although he does appear to be showing signs of going senile, because he looks at me and his food, as if to say "What am I supposed to do with that". Once we show him his food and feed him by hand he gets the message. I guess at Thirteen and a half it is to be expected.
We decided to get our Aldi food shop shop done, so headed up the hill to Aldo for 10am when the store opens. When we got there, there was a queue forming, so like all good Britains we joined the queue and waited. Five past ten and we were still waiting, no one seemed bothered. It got to 10.15 am and a gentleman who had just got out of his car, walked up to the doors which opened and he walked in. We had all be queuing for no reason and no one from inside the store came to say they were open. I did have to giggle.
Shopping done, we were home just after 10.30am. I got on with stowing away the food whilst Keith headed into museum. I joined him a short time later and we got on with nattering to staff and the public.
At midday I got us a portion of Fish and Chips for lunch and cut it into two portions, which was enjoyed in our back cabin and followed by fruit and yogurt. Later in the afternoon, Keith bought us both a pint. It is thirsty work chatting to people and taking photographs.
One of the young men who works at the museum is Robert and he was baking the bread, which smelt amazing. he really has a talent for baking bread and is a thoroughly nice young man, who Keith and I have gotten on well with. Everyone we chat too at the museum is so lovely. The day went all to quickly and it was soon time to retire to our not for the evening.

Monday morning and it was moving on day, but not before the usual boating stuff, which also included filling up with water, getting rid of rubbish and emptying the cassette. 
We said "Goodbye" to the BCLM for this year and headed off to Wolverhampton and the 21.
We did not see another boat on the flight, which was easy to do, even though all but two were against us. 
We managed to do the flight in Three and a half hours.
Our cruising day ended at 4pm at Cross Green, where I was only to happy to put my feet up after a nice hot shower. 

Pop back soon x

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Saturday at the BCLM.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Saturday 8th October.

Woke to a drizzly looking start, which did not bode well, so the only thing to do was sit in bed and have the first brew of the day and listen to the radio.
By the time we got up, the rain had stopped, but the skies were very grey when I took Paddy out for his walk. We went through the lockable gate and headed down the towpath to the junction. This was quite far enough as far as Paddy was concerned, who did what he had to do, did an about turn and headed back to the locked gate. I have been ever mindful of keeping Paddy on a lead, after there were reports of poisonings going on. Two people we know have lost dogs due to being poisoned around the area, so Paddy was kept on his lead and was not allowed to snip around in case he should pick something up.
Back home, breakfast was eaten by all on board, which was welcome news to Marmite, who always sits on the step of the back cabin waiting for Paddy and I to get back, because she knows it is feeding time then.
I then got on with making up the fire, cleaning out Marmite's tray, getting rid of rubbish and washing up.
10 am we headed off into the Museum and walked to the top of the site, where the vehicles are kept, because on the first weekend of the month, they have some of their museum vehicles out and about on the roads of museum grounds. They had motor bikes and cars out, which drew a crowd. I was glad to of photographed them all before the crowds drew. We took a ride on the tram down to the bottom section of the grounds, where we got nattering to the staff and volunteers of the museum, who are all so lovely and always make us so welcome. 11.30 am we were back on the boat cooking bacon sandwiches and cups of coffee. Keith ran the generator for an hour to top the batteries up.
After lunch we headed back into the museum and yet more nattering was done, followed by a pint of Peaky Blinders at the Bottle and Glass Inn. It is amazing how the time flies when you are having so much fun. Before we knew it, it was time to head home to a nice warm boat. We had noticed the temperature had begun to drop during the afternoon and no sooner we climbed down into the warm cabin, rain began to tiptoe along the roof.
5pm the animals got fed and we donned our donkey jackets and headed out to the Chopsticks Chinese Takeaway. The last time we had a Chinese Takeaway was way back in 2004. We were one of the first customers in there and so did not have to wait to long for our food. I dished up the delights hidden in the back and we set to eating the feast before us, which looked like more than my stomach could manage and that proved to be the case. I did not quite finish my food, but oh boy I had a darn good go at it. Oh my goodness the meal was amazing and not dear at all.
Whilst we have been visiting the Black Country Living Museum, it has made me think about my family history and I suddenly realised today, that my Grandfather was born in the Black Country, because he was born in the Dudley Workhouse. I am not sure, but I think my great-grandfather was also from the Black Country, which makes me feel proud.
Sunday we will be doing it all again. But maybe not the Takeaway.

Pop Back soon xx

Friday, 6 October 2017

Busy time of year.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Wow it has been all go since my last posting. Whilst we were at Merry Hill we went to a boat gathering with folk from Hawne Basin, Wythymoor Island and Longwood Boat Club. Each boater brought along food, either cold or cooked. Gazebo's went up, beer arrived as did the folk and we all had a wonderful time.It was nice to catch-up with people we knew and make friends with those we had never met before and hopefully will will do it again.
Once we left Merry Hill, it was back into Birmingham. We moored on the Ozzell Street Loop for a few days and again caught up with people we knew. Shopping was done at the market and lots of photographs were taken. I do so love Birmingham.
This morning it was time to say "Cheerio" to Brum and so we set off for the Black Country Living Museum.

We had a nice run from Birmingham up Smethwick locks. It is a shame the toll house is all burnt out though. Our jaunt ended just around lunchtime at the Black Country Living Museum.
Keith went and got us a portion of fish and chips lunch, which we split in half. We then went off for a wander around the museum, nattering to the people we have gotten to know there.
As the afternoon wore on there was only one thing to do and that was to have a pint in the Bottle and Glass pub.


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