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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Fazeley to Curdworth/Minworth

4hrs 30mins, 7.5miles, 11 locks
Hi Folks.

We left our over night mooring at Bonehill Road Bridge at 9.25 am, having done all the usual morning stuff on board. There was literally no wind this morning, so it was pleasantly warm, yet overcast.
Beautifully painted boat at Fazeley Junction, so impressive.
We turned on to the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal for the second time this year.
Once again, the glorious Autumn colours brightened a rather dull morning. You cannot help but smile at the warm colours.
Drayton Foot Bridge.
It was time to work the locks, starting with Curdworth Bottom Lock and then it was the climb to the top, passing Kingsbury Water Park, which one day we will stop at, so we can get some fabulous wildfowl photographs.
Nearing the top we were helped by a couple of volunteer lock keepers, which was really nice.
On through Curdworth Tunnel, where we had hoped to moor, so we could walk into Curdworth for a nosey, but it was way to shallow and even though e tried a few places, there was no way we could moor.
We ended up mooring near the Cuttle Bridge Inn, near Curdworth. It is near a busy road, but it has rings and is deep enough, so it will do.

Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Rugeley to Bonehill Road Bridge near Fazeley.

Hi Folks.

Fabulous nights sleep at Rugeley, but we were awake at 6 am. As per-usual I made us a cuppa, which we sat in bed drinking and discussing the day ahead.
Up and about, Paddy was walked and then he and Marmite were fed. Rucksacks donned we shut the boat up and headed for Aldi, where we did a small shop. We were back at the boat by 8.45 am. I stowed the food away and we then prepared the boat for setting off.
It was a beautiful morning and actually warm in the sunshine.
We passed Debbie and James on Narrow Boat Lois Jane. We had a fleeting "Hello" as we passed each other.
Whilst we were on the move, I did some hand washing, I also put some sausage rolls in the back cabin oven to warm through for lunch. Lunch was eaten as we approached the top of Fradley Locks. As we approached the top lock, the volunteer lock keeper had the gate already open for us. We were down the locks with no fuss at all thanks to the volunteers. I then walked ahead to open the swing bridge at the junction.
The Autumn colours are glorious and always make me smile. There were plenty of boats on the move and some who required coal, so we made a couple of deliveries on the way, so the hold is getting lighter and closer to Keith's railway being built.
With the afternoon walking slowly towards the evening, I put dinner in the back cabin oven to cook, so when we stopped dinner would be ready. It was a longer day than most, so dinner was very welcome.
Our day ended at Bonehill Road Bridge, where we decided to call it a day. Dinner was ready and the kettle was boiling, so we settled down to dinner, before Keith had to walk Paddy. It is now 6.10 pm and getting dark, so we will sit and watch a DVD tonight before bedtime.

Stone, fun and goodbyes.

Hi Folks.

Our stay in Stone, Staffordshire was a fantastic one, full of fun, laughter and lots of chatter. We were there for the The Fuller Do, which Roger and Teresa organise each year for invited guests. Keith and I felt really chuffed to have been invited and were keen to help out and join in as much as possible.
Lots of historic boats and their owners were on parade for the whole weekend. We actually had the youngest boat there. Hadar was built by Roger Fuller so she was home for the weekend.
Roger's railway was in use all weekend, giving lots of rides. Young boys and older men's fixes were definitely filled all weekend, with boats and trains what more could anyone want.

 Friday night we went to the Borehole Pub in Stone, then Saturday evening the Bar-b-q's were set up for people to cook their own food, we had out curry on our boat before hand, but we did take drinks over.
The bonfire was lit both days, which meant it was the place to sit for a good old natter. We got to catch-up with lots of people we have not seen for years and with those we have seen more recently.
Monday we stayed on to see Tina and Rob. We walked down to Wetherspoons and met up with them for a meal, which was great fun. I do so love to catch-up with friends and to hear all their news and of course put the world to right over a few drinks.
Tuesday it was time to let go and leave Hadar's birthplace, but not before we delivered six bag of coal into Roger's yard for a customer.
Our day ended at Rugeley.

Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Onward to Stone.

Hi Folks.

What a stonking start to the day. I was standing on the back counter at around 6.45 am this morning watching the sunrise. A Kingfisher flew past announcing it was going fishing for its breakfast and the cows in the field opposite were stretching, having gotten up from a damp field. It was so calm and peaceful.
As the sun rose higher in the sky the mist began to roll along the cut, bringing its mystery with it and making it all feel rather mystical.
Once we were up and about, Paddy and I went for our first walk of the day, where a calf was having its breakfast.
On the walk back to the boat, I spotted Cormorants in an dead tree sunning themselves, so having fed the animals I was off with my camera in the hope the Cormorants were still there.
I was in luck they were still there waiting to have their photograph taken, my only problem was finding a gap in the over grown hedge to get a photograph.
Hadar looked very mystical in the mist.
At 9.25 am we left our over night mooring and headed towards Aston Lock, behind narrow boat Autumn Wine. We rose up through Aston Lock and onward into Stone, where luck would have it we found one mooring big enough for us, right below Star Lock.
After some lunch, we closed the boat up and went for a stroll in Stone to see what had changed since our last visit.
The Crown and Anchor has had a repaint and I cannot say I like it at all. It has lost all its character in my opinion.
This is how it used to look.
Stone is certainly not the town we remember, when Hadar was being built. It has lost its soul and has been taken over by charity shops. In such a small canal side town there are at least nine charity shops. Now you all know we love charity shops, but this many in such a small town is to many, again in my opinion. Stone is now a town of places to eat, hairdressers and charity shops, which is a shame.


Monday, 10 October 2016

All good things......

Hi Folks.

All good things come to an end and so today we were going to be leaving Great Haywood, but not before Paddy and I took one last walk to see the mist lifting off the canal and river. Shugborough Hall looked fantastic bathed in sunshine.
You know that some days things are just so perfect, well that is how I felt about this morning, as we walked down by the river.
The sun was up, the mist was rising and beyond the bridge were a pair of Swans feeding. As we got closer a Heron was catching its breakfast and a Kingfisher flew past. It does not get much better than this I thought.

We left our Great Haywood mooring at 9.25 am, after a fabulous weekend, but before doing so we filled up with water, got rid of rubbish etc, whilst nattering to Rita and Scooby.
We had spent a lovely evening with them both, drinking wine and putting the world to right and catching up an all the news as it had been some years since we actually got together. We left them at Great Haywood at 10.25 am and cruised off towards Hoo Mill Lock.
Hoo Mill Lock.

I think the barrel gypsy caravan is fairing far better than the newer looking caravan next to it.
It looks like Lily maybe having some much need work done to her.
After a shorter cruise than of late we are moored just before Lower Burston Bridge No.85, just after Sandon Lock. The Autumnal Colours are really coming to the fore now and it was on the colder side of cool this morning, but the sun was out and so all is well in my world.


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