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Friday, 19 July 2019

Back cabin time.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Hooray it has been raining pretty much all day. The garden, the reservoirs and the canals are thankful for a drenching. Of course it will not last, as we are heading for temperatures into the high Twenties next week, but at least it is a start.
Having finished the engine room. it was time to turn my attention to the back cabin. A couple of years ago, I painted the bed 'ole area Cream and we love it, because it is nice and bright. With the scumble now suffering in the rest of the back cabin, we have come to the decision to repaint the whole thing. This morning we took down all the plates.
I took these two photographs, to remind me where the plates go when I come to putting them back up.
Once all the plates, curtains and other bits were removed from the back cabin it was time to sand down the walls, ceiling and shelves.
I have decided on a two tone colour scheme. English Sage Green for the bottom half of the cabin and Cream for the top half. I was very thankful to the little mouse sander I have, because it made my job so much easier, than rubbing it down by hand.
Over the years the scumble has gotten darker and so I decided to paint the walls and ceiling in White undercoat first.
Tomorrow I will be putting the first top coat on.
Inbetween rubbing down and painting, I cooked Spagetti Bolognaise for lunch and did a large Whites wash, which included all the back cabin lace, curtains and cushions. I have a feeling we may need sun glasses to sit in the back cabin when it is finished :-).

Pop back soon xx

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

More painting.

Hi family, friends and fllowers.

The weather has been warm to even hot, but I have kept on with the painting in the engine room.
Having finished the walls, floor and ceiling. I got on with painting the shelving, which had two coat of Donegal Green. Once it was dry, the shelving went back into the engine room.
The steps were also put back into place. At least now I cannot fall into the engine room :-).
Today, I rubbed down and painted one of the engine guards. It is painted the same colour as the engine, which Keith will be painting over the next couple of days. I will probably be getting on with painting the back cabin. Once I get a paint brush in my hand, there is no stopping me.
I have been doing other things. I have tidied the hold, ready to put coal onboard for our next trip out, which will take us into the Winter, so we need coal onboard.
We stripped off our hold ropes and I washed them all. They had not been washed for a few years, which meant they were dirty and stiff. They are now almost white and nice and flexible again.
There is never a dull moment, when it comes to getting jobs done. We will be heading out again in August, so all the boat jobs need to be done before we leave our mooring.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Busy, busy, wasp.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Being back home on our mooring, has meant we have been especially busy with boat jobs and shopping. Having done our fenders, laundry and opening the copious amounts of post, it was time to get serious.
For the past couple of years, I have been wanting to repaint our engine room, but with us having both Paddy and Marmite, it was a bit of a logistical nightmare. Pets and paint really do not go well together, especially when you have a dog with a fluffy coat and a cat which likes to get into everything. But since we lost the pair of them last year sadly, it now means I have no excuse. I can now get on with the engine room paintwork. The first job was to strip everything out and rub everything down.
I painted the ceiling and the walls in Moonlight White Gloss from Wilko.
It has given it a fresh new look. Last time I painted the wall is a cream colour, but we are both loving the white. The walls and ceiling got two coats.
I then turned my attention to the bottom half of the walls, which were done in Donegal Green. They also got two coats.
Yesterday I Keith's drill, with a wire brish attachment, to get rid of the rust and loose paint off the engine room floor, before applying a coat of Red Oxide.
This morning I did the first top coat of Red/Brown by Epifanes. I will decide tomorrow if I need to do a second. Tomorrow, I will begin to paint the shelving which sits over the generator and hot water tank.
Whilst all this work was taking place, we noticed Wasps flying in and out of one of our bunkers. Last year we had a nest in the very same bunker and suspected we had the same again. I opened the door to be met with several Wasps. None of them were angry, but they were curious. I needed to get into the bunker to get to some paint and a tarpolin which we needed. I actually pulled part of the nest away from the wall, this did not please the Wasps, so we left well alone for a while, before closing the door.
My thinking was we would leave the Wasps alone to do their thing, because once the weather cools, they would leave the nest and we could then have our bunker back. But our neighbour is allergic to Wasps stings.
Today we took the decision that we would have to dispose of the nest and to do that we would have to kill the Wasps. Whilst in town we bought some Wasps powder, which seemed to quickly do the job, once we had puffed it over the entrance to the bunker. We will leave the nest overnight and have another look in the morning. I feel sad that we had to get rid of the nest, but we could not take a risk, what with our neighbour being allergic. She had said she had had a few already in her boat and that was what made us decide to take action.

Pop back soon xx

Monday, 8 July 2019

Days 119 and 120. Back Home.

Hello family, friends and followers.

On Sunday morning we took the decision to head for home, because Keith needed to speak to our GP. We set off for Bascote Locks and were joined by Sloop John T for the journey down the staircase, where we met another boat coming up.
We showed the other two boats how to do the switch in a staircase as neither of them had seen it done before. When we reached Radford Semele bottom lock, there was another boat going down, so we allowed the Sloop John T to join them and we followed on our own. We stopped off at Lidl to get a few bits to keep us going and then carried on.
On approaching Cape Locks, we joined a Black Prince Hire boat for the final two locks, and then headed for the left hand turn into the Arm and home.
The garden is a jungle waiting to be tamed and we have a list of jobs as long as your arm to do.
First day home (Monday) and Keith got to talk to our GP and he has been put on a months worth of antibiotics once more. First job of my day was to get a wash done and hung out. I then walked into town to collect Keith's tablets. 
After some lunch, we oiled our new fenders and after allowing them to dry a bit we put then on the stern. They need to bed in a bit and will need moving about before we go out again. I began to tame the jungle which is our garden. I have so far had three barrow fulls of weeds and still more to come, but after a busy day, it was time to sit down with a Ginger beer and watch a bit of tennis.

Pop back soon xx

Saturday, 6 July 2019

Days 117 and 118. Hot and sweaty.

Hello family, friends and followers.

Yesterday (Friday) the day started so well in the early morning sunshine and then all the plonkers, pillocks and plebs come out to play on the canals, it is July after all and the sun is shining. I really do wonder why some people are on boats and who told them it was a good idea to moor on the outside of bends and up close and personal to bridge 'oles?
I am a tolerant person normally, but I really do get exasperated, when people do stupid things, which take no one else into consideration and then they complain when something happens to their boat. One such person had a sign in their window about passing on tick over, which we always do. He then thought shouting at us to slow down was appropriate. If he had tied his mooring lines tight, instead of allowing them to hang in the water, his boat would not have moved. Anyway after a day of cruising in the heat, we moored up at the Blue Lias, where we sat enjoying a pint, having done 13.6 miles 11 locks.

Today (Saturday). Very short trip this morning, which took us all of 35 mins!
This is the wide beam attempting to travel from Warwick to London, still below Bridge No.24 which it cannot get through.
We moored up at the Two Boats, Long Itchington.

Pop back soon xxx


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