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Friday, 23 June 2017

Braunston Weekend.

Hi folks.

Yes we have been in a network blackspot again. We spent a sublime weekend in Braunston. Having arrived their Friday as you would have read from my previous posting and we having found a partly shaded spot, once the sun had gone over the yard arm, we were all settled in. The towpath was surprisingly not too busy, so we able to get our chairs out. Friday we went over the Midland Chandlers and bought paint and a few items which were on the required list. We walked up into the village to the shop to get some more salad items, because I knew we would run short in the heat.


Saturday we took a walk up into the village and popped into the Community Café for a cuppa and to catch-up with Jenni, who volunteers there. We sat down at a table and were served a large teapot of tea between us, which was very refreshing in the heat. We enjoyed the tea so much we even had a top-up. Jenni arrived at 10.45 am and we immediately caught up on a few news items. It was so lovely to see her, as it had been sometime. I have been friends with Jenni on Facebook for a long time and whenever we are in Braunston we try and say “Hello”. If you are in Braunston the café is open from Wednesday to Saturday from 10 am, it is well worth a visit. All the money they take goes to good causes in the village and is run by volunteers, so a worthwhile giving them your support. Whilst we were their Keith popped into the butchers to buy one of their amazing large pork pies, it cost him £4.99, and did 7 meals so well worth it and it was jam packed with meat. After we had drunk our tea and sad “Cheerio” to Jenni, I also went to the butchers and got a couple of large Sausage rolls, which were equally as good. It is the best butcher in the area. On our way back to the boat I suggested we go to the pub for lunch, so having stowed away our butchers goodies we headed round to The Boat House for a curry lunch and a pint of Pedigree, which went down rather to well on such a hot day. Being in Braunston and moored at the turn is always good for a laugh as boats do ballet with each other and others just plain and simple get in the way. With the Historic Boat Rally coming up, boats were starting to arrive for the weekend.


Chertsey came past. We had not seen Sarah for some considerable time, so it was to say “Hello” again.


Tench also came past, they are at the event to do their Idle Women production. Alex and Brian had boated all night to get to Braunston, so they were both exhausted.


The steam boat Hastie also came past us, I do so love that boat. The rest of our day was spent sitting outside under the tree for a bit of shade, I got on with finishing another blanket and nattered to passing walkers. These days it is rare to sit out on the towpath, because you either get molested by other peoples dogs or run down by cyclists, which spoils the enjoyment we take for granted on our pontoon at home. A good few years ago you could sit out on the towpath and not worry about others coming past, but these days with speeding cyclists it makes sitting out more uncomfortable. This is of course just my opinion.

Sunday was a day of doing nothing much because it was so warm. I nipped up to the shop to buy some Pickle, because we had none on the boat and it goes perfectly with Keith’s pork pie. I also got him some sweets for Fathers and Grandfathers Day. I got on with more crocheting and he just did his crosswords. During the afternoon he was asked about his rag rugs and the gentleman said he would come back on Monday morning to buy one, as he needed to make sure it would fit the back cabin.

Monday morning arrived and so did the gentleman to buy a rag rug. We hope he will be very happy with it. It was moving day, as we do not like to out stay our welcome and with the Historic boats arriving, we wanted to vacate out spot.


We set off down to the marina and winded before heading back to the turn and on our way.


There were a few boats on the move, many of them being met by us in bridge ‘oles. We always wave people through, because it seems it is easier for us to hold station than them. But clearly some people do not understand you waving them on, so they waved at us to do the same thing. We held station till eventually they got the message and came on.


Our mooring for the night was at Napton junction, where we found a nice shady spot. Both Paddy and Marmite enjoyed being out on a nice quiet towpath, where only a couple of people came past on foot. The passing boats were in larger numbers and once again some of them do not know what tick over is. We were sat out until gone 9 pm because it was so much cooler outside than inside the boat.


Tuesday we turned at Napton Junction and headed back to Stockton marina, where we reversed into the basin and settled in ready for our old Generator to be taken out. The marina is only a small one, but is well turned out and has everything to hand. There was a nice meadow area to walk Paddy and once everyone had gone home for the day we let Marmite out on her lead and Paddy out to enjoy the evening breeze. Both of them have been finding the heat a bit much. Paddy is still not eating properly and we think it is due to the heat. It was gone way past 9.30 pm before we started packing things away and getting back on to the boat.



Today was the day we had been looking forward too. Rob and Nick came and sorted out all they required to do the job and whilst Rob got on with preparing the old generator to be taken out Nick got the teleporter ready.


Now we all thought it was going to be a tough job, but it shows when you have the correct tools anything is easy.


We did have to take the calofier out, but that made it easier to slide the generator along and then lift it out through the engine room doors.




Easy peasy when you know how and have the right tools. I then had the job of cleaning up 10 years worth of oil and grime and of course Paddy’s hair. After tidying up we had to move the boat out of the marina and onto one of their side moorings, so they could move their new hireboat into our place to put in the paving slabs which they were using as ballast. We were more than happy to move and wait to come back in, but a boat then arrived who wanted to wind, in what is NOT a designated winding hole. I sat giggling as I could hear his wife giving the man steering a right earful of how if he could not wind, she was going to be late for work and how he should have winded miles back as she said blah de blah de blah. So he reversed back. At this point were told we could go back to our spot in the marina, as they had finished doing the hire boat, which was now back in the paint shed. Obviously this guy on the boat which could not wind, thought oh great I will give it another go, but he could not wait for us to move and almost walloped us, even though one of the Kate Boat guys asked him to wait. Because of his impatience Keith shouted at him “Please Wait, can’t you see we are moving” the guy still kept coming, which made Keith shout even more that the guy should open his eyes. Anyway eventually he winded and was on his way. I can only imagine the ear bashing his wife gave him. Rob came over before the end of the day to do some measuring, because we would need some welding done, as the generator needed to be fixed down and the brackets for the old generator would probably not line up with the new one. After another very hot day, Keith, Paddy, Marmite and I spent the evening sitting outside. I opened the boat right up to allow a breeze to clear the stale hot air inside. It was clear that sleeping was going to be difficult, because it was definitely the hottest evening we had endured. In between crocheting I had been reading. I began with ‘A little bit marvellous’ written by Dawn French. Oh how I giggled reading that book. It was such a laugh and even I could see some similarities with my own life as a teen and a parent. It is a well written book and worth a read. I then went on to ‘Necessary Lies’ written by Diane Chamberlain. This had me gripped from the beginning. It tells of a woman who becomes a Social Worker and how she helps a family who are poor and because of issues they are made part of the Eugenics program in the 1960’s. I will tell you no more, you have to read it and I dare you not to be gripped. It was an excellent read and so well written, as I said it had me gripped from the world go.


I slept surprising well, considering how hot it was. Both of us slept on top of the bed clothes for most of the night. I only covered up after I woke at about 5 am. 6.30 am I got up and made us both a brew. We were getting our water from a tap by the boat, because of no calorifier, we had no pumped water, which was no big deal. I find of liked it. Yeah I know I am strange. I prefer the easy way of life. After all they used to get their water in their cans, there was no plumbing on board. All water had to carried in water cans and that would last the day, before refilling at water taps along the way. Up at 7.30 am and off walking Paddy in the cool morning air. The morning was overcast and we had a sprinkling of rain early doors. It was a blessing to have a cool breeze for a nice change. Apparently the temperature was going to be cooler all day, which I know for those suffering with asthma and hayfever will be so pleased to have a breather. Having fed everyone on board, I filled up the water bottles and we sat in ready for the wait for our new generator. We had no idea what time it was due to arrive. But as we had paid a £100 delivery charge, we had hoped it would be early, so Rob could get a head start with it.


Early it was 9.15 am to be precise. It came in a wooden crate. Rob unscrewed the box to reveal our new generator and wow it was compact and definitely smaller than our old one.


Rob was all for getting started, but he then got a call-out to a hire boat in Birmingham and from the phone call it sounded serious. Rob apologised that he would not be starting today, which was absolutely fine, we know he has call-outs to do for the hire boats. After lunch we had to move the boat again to in front of their paint shed, because Friday and Saturday is turn around for their hire fleet and we would be in the way of the services. So we pulled Hadar back out of the way. Rob came back later in the afternoon, having been sent on a job which was not as serious as was thought and in fact a wasted journey, because it was just a road cone wrapped around the propeller and even though those on the boat had said there was nothing on the propeller, they had clearly not checked, so it was a wasted day for Rob. We do not have any water still, so we used the marina’s shower, which I could not get any hot water from, so I ended up having a cold shower, which was somewhat refreshing. When Keith went to have his he found a pull cord which turns the electric to the shower on. Note to self. Look around more carefully next time of which there is sure to be. As for cooking and kettles etc I am getting water from the tap near the boat, so we are absolutely fine. We are now on the electric as well, so we can watch DVD’

Friday, 16 June 2017

It is generator time.

Saltisford to Long Itchington.

Tuesday 12th.

Please excuse the lack of photographs. Signal issues means I cannot post them right now.

Monday I made sure it was a busy bee day. I wanted to get some jobs done in the Arm’s garden, but first I wanted to tidy a neighbours hedge and garden as he is away poorly and as we do not know when he will be home, I thought it would be nice for him to come back to a tidy mooring garden wise. So the hedge was trimmed back and I weeded his garden and pathway alongside his pontoon. For any of us with a garden, the last thing you want to come home to is an untidy garden etc, so hopefully he will not have to bother with it for a while. After lunch Keith and I turned out attention to a small hedge and garden near one of our onsite toilets, which was in much need of some weeding and the hedge needed trimming as well. All in all we got a huge wheelbarrow full from a small patch, but it did look fabulous when done. Later in the afternoon we got a phone call from our engineer asking us to make our way to Kate Boats at Stockton, in order to have our old generator taken out and a new working model installed, so Tuesday morning we said “Cheerio” to the Arm, turned right out of the Arm and headed to Cape Locks, where we were behind two boats already waiting for the lock to fill. After we had helped them through the first lock, I then refilled the lock and we were on our way. We did not see the two boats again, because stopped at Lidl in Leamington-Spa for a food top up. As we moored up at 10.20 am a familiar face approached me, it was John from Narrowboat Jubilee and behind him was Jan. We have not seen them for some time, so it was lovely to have a quick catch-up before we went shopping. After I had stowed the food items away, we then joined them for a coffee and a longer natter, where we caught up on our news and cruising plans for the season such as they were. It is always wonderful to see fellow boaters and friends and we hope they have a wonderful time cruising. 12.05 pm we waved Jan and John goodbye and we headed off towards Radford Semele and the next lot of locks. Amazingly the rest of the locks for the day were with us or boats were exiting the locks and leaving them ready for us, which was a real bonus. Now we had thought we would press on past Long Itchington and stop at Blue Lias below the Stockton flight, but my worry was if there was nowhere to moor we would be forced to carry on up the flight, so we changed our thinking and decided if there was any room on the Two Boats moorings at Long Itchington we would stop there and yes you guess it, there was a mooring space with our name written on it (not literally, it was big enough for Hadar to fit into). Having moored up at 3.40 pm, we felt we deserved a pint, so I handed the cash to Keith and he came back with two pints of Bombadier, which went down incredibly well. 5.30 pm The Two Boats was serving food, so we treated ourselves to Steak and Ale Pie, chips and peas, oh and another pint. Well it would have been rude not to have washed a fantastic meal down with a pint, one has to top up the fluids after a hard day working locks. We had an excellent day, with some warm but not stifling weather. All in all fabulous.

Wednesday 14th.

We left our overnight mooring outside The Two Boats at 8.10 am, with a view to getting to Stockton Marina and Kate Boats. Lock one and Keith rescued a small frog, who was trapped in the lock. That was his good deed for the day. The Stockton flight had water supply issues when we got into Lock 8 the pound above was completely empty, so I had to send some water down to get Keith through the pound and into Lock 7. The same again further up, there was very little water in the pound and with no boats coming down, it was up to me to send some water down. I worked ahead and Keith closed up behind, which always works incredibly well for us. We arrived at the top lock and low and behold a boat appeared ready to come down, we could have done with them earlier. Locks done for the day we arrived at Kate Boats and pulled in along the front of the marina, Keith went to find Rob our engineer to find out where they wanted us. We were directed to alongside their Polly tunnel where they paint the boats and do maintenance. We were very happy with our mooring. We had electric and water if needed. Once we were settled, the chairs came out and so did my crochet. I finished my pale green and white blanket and started on a peach and white one. After a salad lunch Rob and Nick came and had a look at the situation of getting the old generator out and made a few decisions, one of which would mean taking the calofier out as well to make it easier to get the generator out. Keith and I are both easy, whatever they need to do is fine by us. So decisions all made and new generator on order, we were looking at being in the marina until next Wednesday 21st June, so rather than just sitting we would go off to Braunston to Midland Chandlers, where we want ted get paint etc. But our evening was spent sent in the marina, sat outside with mog and dog, Keith doing crosswords and I was doing more crochet. Marmite was thrilled at being let out on her lead, as she had been cooped up all day. I took her for a walk up into the grass, where she thought a good old roll was called for. Paddy was more than happy to just lay on the back counter and watch the world go by.

Thursday 15th

We were awake at around 6.30 am after an excellent night’s sleep, albeit rather warm. So warm in fact that we kept the slide open a bit to allow some air to circulate. Both Keith and I had caught the sun, so that made us feel even warmer. Morning brew to begin our day and a morning meow from Marmite. The sun was streaming through the portholes announcing it was to be another beautiful day. Having emptied the cassette, gotten rid of rubbish and done a few jobs we left the marina at 8.50 am and set off towards Braunston. We arrived at the junction at 10.15 am, with a boat coming into the bridge ‘ole and another crossing it, so this was the start of spaghetti junction. This stretch of canal is always busy, with lots of boats on the move. We were following one boat, who very kindly signalled to us when it was safe to come through a bridge ‘ole’s. Not all boaters do this, we have always done it when another boater is following us. We had decided to that we would stop on the way into Braunston and just after bridge 103 was our chosen spot, with no other boats being there. The wind was getting up and heavy clouds were rolling in, which was probably signalling the rain the forecasters said we may get.

We have discovered we are in a definite signal blackspot, hence why this posting is so late. You may have thought we had fallen of the end of the planet, but no we just had no signal. As the day wore on it was clear that this stretch of the canal is like the M25, because it was wall to wall boats going in both directions and many of them have absolutely no concept what tick over is. I could of spent most of my afternoon and evening asking people to slow down, but there was very little point. The giveaway that they were not slowing down was no change in revs coming towards us, passing us or continuing on their journey. I have said time and time again, one day there will be an accident on a moored boat due to boats passing to fast. Someone will fall over, or get scalded by hot liquid all because people are in too much of a hurry. The evening arrived with a sound of a whistle and that meant Adamant was on its way to Braunston for the Historic Boat Rally which takes place on the 24th and 25th June. This of course means Braunston would be busy.
My evening ended with sitting on the slide watching the sun go down, listening to the Skylarks and Thrush singing with the going down of the sun. It was a beautiful evening, with very little wind and peace was all around.

Friday 16th.

Wideawake early, with the sound of the skylark singing overhead. First cuppa of the day was enjoyed in bed. With no TV, so no news or weather, we sat and discussed the plan for the day. The plan was to head into Braunston and if possible find a mooring for the weekend. After doing the usual jobs, we left our overnight mooring at 8.55 am and set off behind two other boats. The run in to Braunston is always a slow one, because of all the moored boats along this stretch, but we were not in any hurry. We arrived in Braunston at 10 am to find there were plenty of places to moor. Our plan was to moor as near to the junction as possible, so alls we need to do on Monday is reverse and turn back on to the junction and then head back to Stockton. We moored up three boats along, locked the boat up and headed over to Midland Chandlers to buy paint for when we go into dry dock for blacking. 
Yippee we have a signal as you can see, otherwise you would not be reading this posting. Keith discovered he had sold a Rag Rug on Ebay. So we wrapped it up and walked into the village to get it posted to its new owner. Whilst in the shop, I bought yet more salad items, because we are set for another hot weekend. We met up with Sue and Roger off of Narrowboat Dunham Dawdler, who we have not seen for years. They have a mooring at Welford, but when we were doing the coal run there, they were never onboard. It was so lovely to have a catch-up in the shop, we then thought we would walk back with them, in order to carry on nattering. Braunston is very much in Historic Boat Rally mode, because the signs are out for No Mooring here, there and everywhere. Where we are moored you cannot moor there from the 21st, in preparation for the boats who are coming to the rally. So we are fine for the weekend. 

Friday, 9 June 2017

As promised.

Hi Friends and Followers.

As promised here is my latest creation. It is another baby blanket. They do sell well and I need a stock for our Heritage Weekend this coming September.


This one as you can see is Blue and White. I am already on my next one which is going to be pale Green and White.

OVO Energy Women’s Tour.


Hello Friends and Followers.

A better start weather wise to the day, with the sun popping in and out between heavy showers. Yesterday evening whilst locking up the site, I got drowned by a prolonged heavy shower, which caught me out as I walked between the gates. By the time Paddy and I got back to the boat, we were both sopping wet. Paddy stood in the saloon looking rather depressed, because he hates getting wet. I on the other hand just stripped off and had a nice hot shower.

So do we all have the day after feeling, following the Election result. I am staying nothing more on the subject. I think the media are doing enough speculating for us all.

Today Warwick welcome the OVO Energy Women’s Tour. Today was Stage 3 - Atherstone to Royal Leamington Spa and Warwick in between.


At 11.30 am the police and media bikes came through past the Arm.


Then the peloton came streaming past. British Olympic Champion Katie Archibald (Team WNT) was in the mix.


Blink and you would have missed them.


The support vehicles followed on behind, with other police bikes and an ambulance. It was brilliant to watch even though it was for a few seconds.

CHLOE HOSKING (ALE CIPOLLINI) WINS STAGE 3 as they finish sometime later in Royal Leamington-Spa.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Make a difference.


Hello Friends and Followers.

As all the readers in the UK know today is voting day. Now as you know I am not political on my blog, there are enough blogs out there covering politics, but I would like to say as far as us ladies go we should vote.

In 1918 Parliament gave women over the age of 30 the right to vote. The right to vote for women over the age of 21 did not come in till 1928, but that right is now ours and we should grasp it with both hands.

Before 1918 we as women were not allowed to vote in parliamentary elections, it was a men only club. But come the 20th century there were two main groups active in the campaign for women's suffrage, a term used to describe the right to vote.

These two groups were the 'suffragists' they campaigned using peaceful methods such as lobbying. the second group were the 'suffragettes' they were determined that women should have the right to vote by what ever means necessary. This lead to some unlawful and violent acts which, but this of course attracted much publicity.

In 1918 the Representation of the People Act was passed which meant any women over the age of 30 who met a property qualification had the right to vote. Although 8.5 million women met this criteria, it only represented 40 per cent of the total population of women in the UK. It was not until the Equal Franchise Act of 1928 that women over the age of 21 were able to vote and women finally achieved the same voting rights as men. This act increased the number of women eligible to vote to 15 million. So you see those who fought for the women’s right to vote have given us a voice and we should use it. I personally thank all those women who fought for this right to put a cross on a piece of paper.

This morning we walked to the Polling Station and voted. I am not going to say which way I voted, because that is my personal choice, but who ever we all vote for let us hope that we can all get along.

As a friend said on his Facebook page:

It's a democracy and I'm proud of having one. Vote how you want, as long as you are informed and happy who am I to comment.
Voting is a freedom some countries don't have.
Differences should be put aside and we unite as a country. Look after each other, be friendly and support each other.

Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hump Day.


Hello Friends and Followers.

I am a bit of a plonker. Yes I admit it. Why?

Well yesterday I did a stupid thing, I managed to scold my arm on the kettle and to make things worst, I did a double whammy with the steam from said kettle. My forearm was looking very angry last night, but much to my relief this morning it has calmed down somewhat. I have no idea how I did it, because I use the kettle at least six times a day in the same way. Anyway I will fine, it is no big drama.

So here we are Hump Day, Wednesday. The rain which persisted yesterday has blown over, but the wind is still blowing up a gale, which I am chuffed about because it dried my washing, which was done early doors. Having sorted the laundry out, I got on with cleaning and tidying the boat. This mostly consisted of putting the hoover around, because Paddy’s hair was everywhere. he is once again having a major moult, so all I see is tumbleweed rolling up and down the boat. Getting the hoover out, means Marmite tries to find some sanctuary somewhere, because she hates the hoover. I have no idea why, because I have never scared her with it, but she always runs to the back cabin and sits on the step where she can see me and the machine of doom coming towards her. Paddy is a little indifferent, he just moves when I tell him. By 11 am Keith was back from food shopping, so I had the food to stow away, before making us both a coffee. No sooner I had done that, it was time for lunch, which today was tomatoes on toast, yes this was our toast lunch day. Once a week, we just have something on toast for lunch. I know it sounds boring, but we have different things each week. My afternoon was spent making coffee, nattering to boaters in the Arm, oh and I walked to Sainsbury’s to buy some strong Cheddar Cheese. I love a strong Cheddar, I cannot be doing with the mild stuff and Aldi’s Mature Cheddar is not strong enough, so I go to Sainsbury to get their strongest, which is English Vintage Cheddar this week. When we were in Birmingham, I found an extremely strong Cheese on the market, which was scrummy. We may just have to go into Birmingham to get some more Smile.

As the day has worn on, the wind has dropped and my latest crochet blanket is almost finished. I am already thinking about the next project.

Politics alert. Yes tomorrow it is time to vote, so remember to make your mark on that little slip of paper if you want to make a difference.

Politics alert over Smile

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

After the day before.


Hello Friends and Followers.

You did not need to look out this morning, to know exactly what the weather was doing. It was wet and windy here. The rain was lashing down on the roof of the back cabin and the trees opposite the boat were thrashing around in the wind. I am just thankful, that we did not have today’s weather yesterday when we locked wheeled the Hatton Flight. yes it was raining, but it was refreshing rain. Today would have been wet and cold.

Talking about it being cold. I have re-lit the stove. yes it is June and the fire is lit. The cabin felt chilly and damp, so there was only thing for it, but to light the fire. One of the boats inhabitants was very please and that was Miss Marmite, who hates the cold. She has been curled up all snug and warm all day.

Paddy on the other hand was not at all impressed with having to go outside in the rain. He was quick to do what needed to be done and was then back in the boat. He always makes me giggle when he stands in the middle of the saloon with a depressed look on his face, because he will not get into his bed when wet. Eventually having dried out, he retired to his bed and that is where he has stayed.

My day was spent crocheting another baby blanket. This one is in Blue and White and when it is finished I will post a photograph. The sun did eventually put in an appearance, but with it the wind picked up, which has been wrecking havoc in the garden. I had to tie up the Clematis which was blown down and some of my shrubs are looking battered. Tomorrow is supposed to be better, so I think I maybe doing some gardening to sort out the damage.

Monday, 5 June 2017

Up the hill and breakfast.


Hello Friends and Followers.

After a perfect Sunday afternoon with the Alarum Theatre, I invited the ladies to join us for the pub quiz at The Punch Bowl. There were seven teams and some what we thought were really difficult questions and so we were not surprised when we came 5th. The Alarum Theatre team, which called themselves ‘Idle Women’ kept us all up by coming last, but as I say it was a difficult quiz. We all had a brilliant time though.

This morning began as a soggy Monday morning and of course we had the Hatton flight of locks to do.


We set off from the Saltisford Arm at 8 am to set the first lock, where the boats and crew members joined us at 8.30 am.


Before exiting the first lock the boats were breasted up.


There was plenty of water.


Rain still falling we made our way up the hill. Keith went ahead setting the locks, whilst Heather, Kate, Francis and I closed the locks. It worked like clock work.


Joining us was Andrew Denny who write for Waterways World.


Erin also joined us and was filming for the Theatre group.


Despite the weather we did the Hatton Flight in Two and Three Quarter Hours and so we thought a breakfast in the cafe was called for. Keith and I both had a lovely English breakfast, which went down really well because we had not eaten breakfast before leaving the boat. It also served as lunch as well, all washed down with a cup of warming tea.

We had an absolutely fabulous time with Kate, Heather 1, Heather 2, Francis, Brian, Alex, Andrew and Erin and we sincerely hope that the ‘Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways’ continues its success. Having said our “Goodbyes” we walked back down the flight and home to the boat. A good day was had by all.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

A Brilliant Day.


Hello Friends and Followers.

What a fabulous day today and not even the weather could spoil a perfect Sunday.


This morning we said “Cheerio” to Del and Al off of Narrowboat Derwent 6. It was fantastic to see them again after a few years. A lot of catching up was done whilst they stayed in the Arm. Hopefully we will not leave it so long before we see them again. Happy cruising Del and Al Smile

The morning was then spent getting ready for the production of Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways produced and acted out by the Alarum Theatre. Now the weather forecast said it would be dry with heavy cloud, what it did not say was we would have rain, so we set up the gazebo for the refreshments, we put chair out and we hoped that people would turn up for the 2 pm production.


The weather did its best to upset the apple cart, but people did turn up thankfully and Jack and I were busy at the gazebo making teas and coffees.


Both Kate Saffin and Heather Wastie were brilliant. Their performances were inspired and informative with a few laughs thrown in and it is a performance everyone should see.


The second half was moved into the Cedar Room, because the weather decided to rain on us, but it did not dampen the spirits.


Poetry and Song were heard for the first time in the Cedar Room.


We all had such a wonderful afternoon with the group and I sincerely hope we can do something like this again sometime, because it is what the Arm is all about.

Saturday, 3 June 2017

Alarum Theatre Arrives.

Hello Friends and Followers.

We had an exciting afternoon with The Alarum Theatre arriving for the performance of Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways which is taking place tomorrow.


Keith and I went down to Cape Locks with Kate Saffin to help them through and I wanted to take photographs.IMG_0837

Almost to the turn into the Arm.


Welcome to The Saltisford Arm Tench.



Historic Working Boat Tench and Morning Mist arrived safely in the Arm, although Tench found the winding hole shallow. But with a bit of effort and some rope work, we got her into her mooring.


Now we just hope tomorrow is nice and plenty of people come and watch their amazing performance.


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