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Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I am completely bumfuzzled. It is my new word, don’t you just love it, ok it would be just as easy to say confused, but I like bumfuzzled much better. So here I am bumfuzzled at how much coffee costs when you go into cafes. There seems to be such a huge difference depending on where you drink coffee. For instance on average people spend £1.92 when they drink in either Starbucks or Costa Coffee. I have only ever drunk in Costa Coffee once and if I remember rightly the coffee was £2.25 for a cup of coffee and a biscuit on the side. I did wonder if I asked to have the coffee without the biscuit whether it would make the coffee cheaper?

I am just a decaf, instant cup of coffee girl. I am not into these Expresso’s or Latte’s, so I prefer to find the cheapest place to have a coffee, which is usually an indoor market cafe, where you can get a mug, yes a good old fashion mug of coffee from between 80 pence and £1, which to me is much more realistic.

The other day we went into a cafe, which already had it Christmas decorations up and they were charging £2.20 for a coffee. It was extra for a decaf coffee, we walked out of the cafe and said “No thank you”. Just a short walk along the street and another cafe was serving coffee for £1.40 a cup. The coffee was the same, so why such a huge difference in price?

I suppose it could be said that some of these places are actually ripping us off, because they know they can.


  1. From todays Daily Telegraph -
    “Costa, the UK’s largest coffee chain, reported a 20.5pc increase in half-year underlying profits on Tuesday. Costa has opened 185 new outlets in the UK in the last year and now has 800 more than Starbucks, while it recently opened its 1,000th store.
    Andy Harrison, Whitbread’s chief executive, denied that the high street was becoming overstocked with coffee shops and said that there was even potential for two Costa outlets on the same street.”
    “Whitbread, which also owns the Premier Inn budget hotel chain and the Beefeater and Brewers Fayre restaurants, posted a 12.4pc increase in revenue to £1.14bn as underlying profits increased 12.6pc to £216m.
    Costa accounted for £43.5m of this, while the hotels and restaurants business grew underlying profits by 7.9pc to £195.7m, thanks to Premier Inn growth.”
    So there it is - Costa accounted for £43.5million profit!

  2. Actually Jo, coming back to you new word 'Bumfuzzled, reminded me of when I last heard it used. When us boys got into our teens and we developed...........lower voices :)
    Many of us started getting facial hairs. This early stubble was very pale and soft and was referred to as 'Bumfuzz'.
    I assume that is was similar to that found on babies bottoms?
    Cheers....bearded Bernard.

  3. LMAO Bernard.... What more can I say hahahaha


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