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Tuesday 22 October 2013


I am completely bumfuzzled. It is my new word, don’t you just love it, ok it would be just as easy to say confused, but I like bumfuzzled much better. So here I am bumfuzzled at how much coffee costs when you go into cafes. There seems to be such a huge difference depending on where you drink coffee. For instance on average people spend £1.92 when they drink in either Starbucks or Costa Coffee. I have only ever drunk in Costa Coffee once and if I remember rightly the coffee was £2.25 for a cup of coffee and a biscuit on the side. I did wonder if I asked to have the coffee without the biscuit whether it would make the coffee cheaper?

I am just a decaf, instant cup of coffee girl. I am not into these Expresso’s or Latte’s, so I prefer to find the cheapest place to have a coffee, which is usually an indoor market cafe, where you can get a mug, yes a good old fashion mug of coffee from between 80 pence and £1, which to me is much more realistic.

The other day we went into a cafe, which already had it Christmas decorations up and they were charging £2.20 for a coffee. It was extra for a decaf coffee, we walked out of the cafe and said “No thank you”. Just a short walk along the street and another cafe was serving coffee for £1.40 a cup. The coffee was the same, so why such a huge difference in price?

I suppose it could be said that some of these places are actually ripping us off, because they know they can.

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