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Monday 1 September 2014

My turn.

They say things happen in three’s and so it does. Because first it was Keith, then Paddy and now me. What am I talking about you ask?

It is my turn to need medical attention. For many, many years I have suffered with Sciatica. I can normally get through it on my own with exercise and rest, but not this time. This time it does not seem to be going and is now affecting my foot. So whilst seeing the Community Practitioner about my HRT (Hormone Replacement Treatment), I mentioned my Sciatica and how it is causing issues with my foot. She has given me tablets for the pain and some more tablets to stop the first lot of tablets upsetting my stomach. She also gave me a form to take to the hospital, so I can get some help from the Physio department. Luck would have it that Keith had a further appointment with his Physio this morning, to I tagged a long to take the form to the department myself. I now have to ring up in a couple of days and they will give me an appointment. I could not get one today, because all my information needs to go on to the computer first. Keith was signed off by the Physio today, which is good news. So now I am in the clutches of the NHS for as long as it lasts.

On the HRT front. I had been taking Estradiol 1 mg for Three months, so see how I would get on. It has certainly helped with the aching joints, although not got rid of it completely. It has also settle the hot flushes and night sweats to a degree, with that in mind I have been put on to 2 mg’s to see if that will get rid of all my symptoms. For Seven years I coped without any help, but when the aching joints made my life uncomfortable, it was time to get the help from HRT. If your suffering in silence DON’T. I am glad I have taken the HRT route now, because life is to short to suffer in silence.

News on Paddy, well there is no news really He is still on his Steroids and is eating much better. His gums are still very pale and he has no energy, but he does appear happy and not in any pain.

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