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Friday, 21 August 2015

The Weekend is almost here.

Hi Folks.

No fainting with shock. Yes I am posting twice in two days. It is amazing I know, but hey I have a spare few moments so thought why not.

So the weekend is almost here and the weather is not looking that good, so I cannot see me gardening or painting the boat over the weekend.

This morning began at 5am with the other half waking me up. By 6am I was up making a cup of tea. We sat in bed watching the news and drinking our first cuppa of the day. There is something nice about just waking up gently and enjoying a cuppa in bed. The small things in life make me happy.

9.55am Keith had his dental appointment for his tooth extraction. I have booked into the practice for an appointment in November as we have decided we are not going back to our other dentist, due to the fact they seem to not know what they are doing. If you read yesterday’s post you will understand. I stayed with him until he was called in for the extraction, I then went to our now old dentist and cancelled our November appointments with a smile on my face. It was then I realised just how antiquated they are. Not only can you not pay by card, but they do not use computers even to book in, it is all done in appointment books and bits of paper, which in this day and age is in the dark ages. Now I am not one for modern technology, but this really did strike me as odd. Anyway they are no more and our new dentist is at the top of our recommendation list, especially as I met Keith on the way back to the boat and he was smiling, all be it with one less tooth. The dentist even gave him his bad tooth in a bag, which has never happened before. Keith highly recommended the dentist, so I will look forward to meeting her in November.

Back at the Arm, we called into the shop/office and the Meadow Grass Seed has arrived for the raised Wildflower bed from Kiss My Grass. I just love the name. So once everything has died down in the bed, I will get on and sew that. New stakes have gone in the orchard for the fruit trees as the old ones were to short.

I spent some of the afternoon photographing the new pod building, which is the Arm’s meeting place.


The building is for hire to business who want to hold meetings in a beautiful spot. All details can be found on the Trust Website.


The building is a welcome edition to the Arm. When we have the Heritage Weekend we will be putting the craft stalls in the building.

My day has been a busy one, doing lots of little things, which included walking the dog three times, going to a friends cottage which is being restored and catching up with people I know.

Roll on the weekend.

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