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Sunday 17 January 2016

The Tooth Fairy is needed.

If you have read a previous posting about Marmite losing a tooth, then it will not surprize you to hear that she had to go back to the Vets last week to have some dental work done.


We had to take her to the Vets for 8am and collect her at 3.50pm, well that is what we were told. 8am we left her with the nurse, signed the paperwork for the dental work to be carried out and then waved her goodbye.

The boat was very quiet without her, even Paddy noticed Marmite was not around. Lunchtime we got a phone call from the Vets to say could we collect her at 5.30pm, because Anita the vet wanted to speak to us and do the hand over.

We were there for 5.30pm and were called in to see Anita. Marmite was very quiet in her basket, but then so would I have been quiet, if I had had 11 teeth removed. Yes poor miggy moo had 11 teeth removed and she had already lost 4 teeth apparently, so Marmite now only hs 15 teeth left. This has all been caused by an auto-immune problem Anita reckons and there is no cure, so it is quite possible, Marmite may lose her other teeth in the future.

Back home on the boat, the only thing Marmite wanted was food, so I fed her some of her tinned meat. Having enjoyed a small meal, she headed into the back cabin to sleep, which is what she did the following day as well. A few days on and she is absolutely fine and back to herself.

The tooth fairy thankfully did not come, she probably realised it was going to cost her a fortune, so declined to leave Marmite any money.

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