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Monday 20 June 2022

Foxton to Market Harborough.

Hi everyone. 

Well, after a few lovely days spent at Foxton we were on the move again. Over the few days we spent at Foxton, we caught up with friends at Bridge 61 and at the cafe at the top of the locks. After our morning walks we would end up at Bridge 61 for a cuppa and a natter. We also got to watch plenty of fun and games on the water, with boats coming and going.

You will always get a welcome, good food and drinks at Bridge 61.
For Father's Day, we went to The Black Horse Inn for a Sunday roast dinner and I have to say it was fabulous. It made a nice change from salad.
The past few nights we have had some amazing sunsets. They have been truly glorious. They have come with some Sahara dust as well it seems. We have also enjoyed some much needed rain.
This morning, I woke after an excellent nights sleep. 
We set off 9.10 am to wind the boat at the bottom of Foxton Locks. I kept the swing bridge open, whilst Keith winded the boat.
Boat winded, we were on our way to Market Harborough and yes, I had the second swing bridge to operate. Like so many others, I am not a fan of that bridge.
To be fair it was not to difficult to do this morning, but you do need to be pretty fit to move it. Everyone moans about that bridge.
At 11.25am we made it to Market Harborough and moored up. After some lunch, we headed down into the town with our rucksacks. The plan was to buy some paint for the back cabin, so we decided the rucksacks would be easier to use than taking the trolley. We went to Wilko's and picked up the paint I wanted and were on our way back to the boat, when a lady we had just walked past collapsed and began fitting. I gave my rucksack to Keith and my First Aid lessons came into action. Whilst I helped to keep the lady calm and comfortable a gentleman rang for an ambulance. The ladies partner was in the church and so when he came out, he got a bit of a shock seeing her lying on the floor being attended to. I had put her in the recovery position and put her jumper under her head to stop her hitting her head on the pavement. Another lady, came and helped me whilst we got some details from the ladies partner and within minutes the ambulance arrived. By the time the ambulance arrived, she was coming out of the seizure, but was very confused and scared. We left her with the ambulance team to assess and I hope that she is fine. I did my First Aid many years ago and have used what I was taught from time to time, but have not used it with someone having a seizure. You just never know when knowing something like that will come in handy. The main thing was to be calm and confident, which I was. Back on the boat, a much needed coffee was had and feet were put up. We are here for a couple of days, as we want to catch up with more friends.

Pop back soon xx


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