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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Pub Lunch was called for.

Got the hump
Good afternoon.

Whilst moored at Fenny Stratford, we listened to the local radio station and it seems there is a row brewing because of a Gypsy travellers site, which is due to be built near Fenny Lock. A Planning application (09/01942/FUL) has been recieved to develop land at Fenny Lock, just off H10 Bletcham Way to provide 10 pitches where families will be able to stay for most of the year.Each pitch will consist of a hardstanding area for vehicles and carvans and a small amenity block. This site will be similar to the Calverton Lane site (which is currently under construction). It is now hoped that because of the government cuts, this project will be stopped. I am sure that this will run and run, because where they want to put the site, there is a wooded area and this is of course a place of natural beauty. I am not for or against these sites. But I do wonder why they call themselves travellers, when they do not seem to travel anywhere.
We left Fenny Stratford and it has to be said that it was a little overcast. Whilst the other half filled the day tank, I took the TV ariel down, No idea why we bothered putting it up, because the signal was so bad, we could just about get BBC1. Still we got the chance to see some of the news. It was then over to the DVD collection for the evenings entertainment. With the ariel down, fenders up and ropes undone, hubby moved the boat whilst I walked down to the lock to open the swing bridge across Fenny Lock, before opening one of the gates to allow the boat in. There was a boat waiting below on the Sanitary Station, he was coming up. So as we slipped out of the lock, he slipped in and we went on to the Sanitary Station to empty the toilet cassette, get rid of rubbish and to take on water. Having done a couple of washes, I thought I may as well top up the water tank. We were soon on our way, with plenty of boats going in the opposite direction, but nothing going our way, so locks were going to be on our own. There never seems to be anyone around to share with, when we need them ha ha ha.
We got to the Soulbury Locks and still no one to share with, but there were a pair of boats coming down. We got through the first lock and the pound was down by at least two feet, which meant it was going to be difficult for the boat to get into the lock as she is loaded. So I had to open the paddles and allow some water down to enable the boat to crawl over the lock cill and finally into the lock chamber. By this time the pair of boats coming down were waiting to use the lock. I was told by one of the ladies on the boats, that the pound was low all the way, which did not bode to well for us, because we need deep water. We said our goodbye's. I wished them well for their trip and then went on our way. As it turned out the pound was not to bad at all. We arrived at The Globe Inn, Linslade and were able to moored right outside the pub, which was really nice. Whilst I mopped the bow deck down and the gunwales, Hubby was checking out the lunchtime menu, so i saw my chance to say we would eat out for lunch. Yayyyy no cooking tonight. Having locked up the boat, we had a lovely Fish and Chip dinner, for puds hubby had a Treacle Pudding with Custard and I had Pot du Chocolat which was ohhhhhhhhh so yummy. It is always such a treat to eat out. Back on the boat, I have tried to get a signal for the TV, but it is not looking good grrrrrrr. So the DVD collection will come out again.


  1. I find this all so interesting, and I am so envious. I am retired now and as I live alongside the Thames (not far from Kath), I gaze at narrow-boats moored here in Bourne End and think..
    ....if only.
    I would very much like to sell up here, I think they call it 'downsizing' these days, and go off and spend my profit on a 35' narrow-boat.
    (Retain a smaller home for the Winter months).
    A boat, just enough for one (and a dog maybe). BUT can a one person manage a boat and locks single handed? I assume you can - it just would take longer. I have had hols on the canals, but always with other people. Perhaps it is to much for a "retired person" to consider?
    Wonderful blog.

  2. Hi Bernard.

    Welcome aboard. Thank you for your kind comment. I am never sure if what I write about is that interesting lol.
    As for single handing a boat. There are many who do boat single handed and I really do not think age as much to do with it. There are a lot of retired people on the canal., although being relatively fit does matter, because the locks can be hard work, if you intend to cruise the system. 9 times out of 10 though, someone will always come a long to help out. It is a great way of life, for those who are not afraid of a lot of hard work. The pro's definitely out way the con's for us.

  3. What prompted me to ask, was that on the Oxford cut, there were loads of these tilting bridges. They were only narrow and used by farmers, but were always left down. They are balanced and you pulled a chain down and the bridge rocked up.
    Boat through, bridge down. Two man job.
    Unless there was a way of hooking the chain to the ground I couldn't see how one person could get through?

  4. Hi Bernard.
    The lift bridges on the Oxford are easy enough to work one handed. They do now have chains which can be secured, so that single handers can work them.
    It has to be said that sometimes, they are difficult to get moving, but I am only 5ft and I manage. Once I have got the bridge up, I tend to lean my body over the arm, to keep the arm down, which the other half moves the boat.
    The draw back for anyone single handing through them, is there is not always anywhere to moor the boat on the offside, so that you can get off to work the bridge in the first place. This can sometimes cause issues. But any good boater can get around such problems lol.


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