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Monday, 28 April 2014

Got a list on update.

If you read my last posting you will know the problems we had through out the early hours. Well it did not improve much throughout the morning and so Keith and I decided we could not possibly stay on the boat as it was not comfortable for sitting being at such an angle and I could not see me cooking us lunch, so we shut the boat up and walk into town to have lunch at Wetherspoons. We had the meal deal two meals for one price with half a pint of Ruddles each.

When we got back to the boat there was a small improvement in the water level which was welcome news for all the listing boaters and boaters in the arm. Hadar being the deepest drafted boat in the arm was definitely going to be the last boat to float properly.


Finally after some pushing and shoving we finally got Hadar on to some clear water at 4.45 pm. Admittedly we are not right up against our pontoon, but at least we are no longer on the tilt. Hopefully over night the water level will return to normal. Paddy and Marmite are now much happier we are floating, this means they do not have to walk strangely up and down the boat.

I said I would post some up to date photographs of the garden, so enjoy.


Foxglove seeds sewn.


Sweet William sewn.



Rockery coming a long nicely.


English Bluebells are an absolute picture.


Runner beans are coming along now.


Potatoes are growing.


Yucca plant in flower.


So happy with our garden. Now I just need to keep the weeds at bay.


  1. Your garden is looking lovely Jo but those Bluebells will take over in time, they did in our garden.

  2. Hi Dave.
    I hope all is well with you?
    I adore Bluebells so I am not worried about them taking over. I am going to move the ones in the front of the bed at the end of the season and move them to the rear of the garden under the bushes. Jo


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