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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Happy Hump Day.

Wednesday and we are half way through the week and Christmas is getting closer. I still have cards to finish, but there is plenty of time. Actually there is 16 sleep till Christmas I have just been informed, so maybe I need to get a move on :-). 

This morning I got on with boat jobs. I checked under the floors and put down new disposable nappies to keep the condensation to a minimum. It is amazing how much difference it makes. After that I was in the hold sorting coal out and putting back the shelf under the cratch, which fell down a while ago. With the fires stoked and pets fed all was well in my world. 

It is at times like these, I am so glad I live on a boat. I watched the news with sadness in my heart for all those who have been flooded. Of course living on a boat does not mean we do not have issues when flooding takes place, but at least we float. I cannot imagine what the people flooded out are going through this close to Christmas. My thoughts are with them.


  1. Jo your post title will have Australian readers gasping!

  2. LMAO.. Tom and Jan. I will brighten there day then hehehehe. Hope your both well?
    Have a wonderful Christmas xxxxxxx

  3. It reminded me of my 2nd day in Australia when a new Australian colleague asked me "Have you got any Durex mate?" Me both surprised and flustered "No...sorry!" Durex in NZ is a condom. I later discovered in Australia it's the name for sticky tape! :-)

  4. Ahhh Tom and Jan the Durex one I have heard of before. I think it may have been on something Jasper Carrot did on a show. LOL.

  5. The flooding was so unfortunate, perhaps more people will take to living on boats now?


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