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Sunday, 8 October 2017

Saturday at the BCLM.

Hi Friends and Followers.

Saturday 8th October.

Woke to a drizzly looking start, which did not bode well, so the only thing to do was sit in bed and have the first brew of the day and listen to the radio.
By the time we got up, the rain had stopped, but the skies were very grey when I took Paddy out for his walk. We went through the lockable gate and headed down the towpath to the junction. This was quite far enough as far as Paddy was concerned, who did what he had to do, did an about turn and headed back to the locked gate. I have been ever mindful of keeping Paddy on a lead, after there were reports of poisonings going on. Two people we know have lost dogs due to being poisoned around the area, so Paddy was kept on his lead and was not allowed to snip around in case he should pick something up.
Back home, breakfast was eaten by all on board, which was welcome news to Marmite, who always sits on the step of the back cabin waiting for Paddy and I to get back, because she knows it is feeding time then.
I then got on with making up the fire, cleaning out Marmite's tray, getting rid of rubbish and washing up.
10 am we headed off into the Museum and walked to the top of the site, where the vehicles are kept, because on the first weekend of the month, they have some of their museum vehicles out and about on the roads of museum grounds. They had motor bikes and cars out, which drew a crowd. I was glad to of photographed them all before the crowds drew. We took a ride on the tram down to the bottom section of the grounds, where we got nattering to the staff and volunteers of the museum, who are all so lovely and always make us so welcome. 11.30 am we were back on the boat cooking bacon sandwiches and cups of coffee. Keith ran the generator for an hour to top the batteries up.
After lunch we headed back into the museum and yet more nattering was done, followed by a pint of Peaky Blinders at the Bottle and Glass Inn. It is amazing how the time flies when you are having so much fun. Before we knew it, it was time to head home to a nice warm boat. We had noticed the temperature had begun to drop during the afternoon and no sooner we climbed down into the warm cabin, rain began to tiptoe along the roof.
5pm the animals got fed and we donned our donkey jackets and headed out to the Chopsticks Chinese Takeaway. The last time we had a Chinese Takeaway was way back in 2004. We were one of the first customers in there and so did not have to wait to long for our food. I dished up the delights hidden in the back and we set to eating the feast before us, which looked like more than my stomach could manage and that proved to be the case. I did not quite finish my food, but oh boy I had a darn good go at it. Oh my goodness the meal was amazing and not dear at all.
Whilst we have been visiting the Black Country Living Museum, it has made me think about my family history and I suddenly realised today, that my Grandfather was born in the Black Country, because he was born in the Dudley Workhouse. I am not sure, but I think my great-grandfather was also from the Black Country, which makes me feel proud.
Sunday we will be doing it all again. But maybe not the Takeaway.

Pop Back soon xx

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