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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Had quite a time......

Hello dear friends and followers.

Yet again I find myself apologising for not posting for a couple of weeks. It has been a difficult time of late with the death of four people we know, three of which were good friends. It makes you realise just how fragile life is and we must all make the most of it. Old age was no part really in any of their deaths and one was a real tragedy. We lost two of our Winter moorers over the past few weeks, which has deeply saddened us all. Some of you on the cut will have known of Trevor Maggs.
Trevor was one of the nicest gentlemen on the cut. He owned the historic working narrowboat Corona and had done so for some 50 years. Trevor was very much respected by the boating community and many people knew him. He sadly passed away after ill health at the age of 84. We spent many an hour nattering with Trevor. He was a mind of information about the trips he did and what he carried to where. Sadly all that information and history has gone to the waterways in heaven, where we hope Trevor has many happy cruising hours.

Then just last week lovely Alex Bennett died on her boat after a fire engulfed her boat, whilst moored in Stone, Staffordshire.
Alex was vibrant and bubbly. But sadly we will not be seeing Alex or Dexter her dog at any boat festivals again. Alex bought her historic working boat Tench to the Saltisford Arm last year as part of the Idle Women event performed by the Alarum Theatre. We had such a wonderful time and helped them up the Hatton Flight. We last saw Alex in October. So many people knew and loved Alex, so she will be very much missed on the cut.

2018 has had such a sad start in many ways and I for one only hope it improves.

So have you been touched by The Beast from the East?
I am of the opinion that the media love to hype up the weather. After all it is not the first time we have had a cold Winter spell and we have had far worse winter's. As many may know I love and adore snow, so it can do its worst as far as I am concerned.
At 12.30pm we thought ok here it comes and then some 20 minutes later, it was gone and the sun was out. It is more like Wimp from the East so far. Mind you I was glad it waited to come, because this morning I had to go for my regular breast screening. Boob squishing time, which if you are a woman of a certain age, you will know all about it. Still needs must and all that. It is all done for three more years anyway.
So the snow has been and the sun is shining as I draw this posting to an end. If you are however experiencing some dreadful weather, please stay safe.

Pop back soon xxx

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