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Friday 9 February 2018

It is coming.

Hello Friends and Followers.

Hasn't it been nippy?
We have had the overnight temperatures down as low as -6.5 C and ice on the canal. I do so love this time of the year. There is something wonderful about seeing ice on the canal and yet knowing you are nice and snuggly inside. Although most people I know think I am barking mad, because I am wandering around in my shirt sleeves. I am a hardy soul I guess.

So as my title says "It is coming".
"What" you shout?
Valentine's Day. Yes it is that time of the year again. My better half, surprised me yesterday with the beautiful Red roses in the photograph above. We do not really bother with these sort of celebrations, because it is just another way to get you to spend a huge amount of money and in my opinion it is over commercialised, but hey that is a whole different post. I am not going to say how much he spent on those beauties, but it was not a lot and I bet on Monday of next week you can treble the price all because of Valentine's Day. It is the same with going out for a meal. Places tell you they are doing deals on if you book for Valentine's Day. What utter rubbish. They are not doing a great deal they are just ripping you off. So we never go out for a Valentine's meal. I would rather go way before or way after. After all these years I do not need to be told he loves me, I know he does. We do not even bother with cards anymore. You may think it is a little sad, but that is just how we are and feel.
Ok rant over.

So here we are, almost at the end of another week. We have spent it working in the hold. It is coming along nicely, although already my paintwork is showing signs of needing work done on it. I am glad we have some paint left.
Our shower has decided to spring a leak. We have tried to find a direct replacement, and we thought we had done so, only for the company to tell us that is was no longer available, even though they were showing it on their website. We have found a shower bar which will do the job and it should arrive Monday. It is actually half the price of the other one, so providing it works well, we will be very happy.

With the weekend almost here, I think I will be spending it watching the Six Nations Rugby, or the Winter Olympics. I sat and watched the opening ceremony this morning and thought it was stunning. The flag bearer from Tonga was a brave man, bearing his chest in freezing conditions, as were the team from Bermuda who wore shorts brrrrr. I sincerely hope the GB team have a good games. I love watching the Winter Olympics. My favourite events are the Curling, Biathlon and Speed Skating. I can see I am going to be torn over what to watch. Of course there is also Dancing on Ice to add to the schedule as well. What is a girl supposed to do?
Have a lovely weekend.

Pop back soon xx

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