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Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Day 94: It is all happening.

Hiya family, friends and followers.

It has been a day of dry weather for a while and boats arriving.
The morning began with low cloud drizzle, but soon the skies were brighter and it actually felt warmer.
Friends Jimmy and Jenny, came past heading back to their mooring in Market Harborough, but had a bit of a wait to go down the locks, so we had a good old natter. Down at the bottom a boat had broken down, whilst trying to come up the locks, with two boats behind it, so they had to reverse them all down through the locks, so they could allow others to use the flight. Whilst we were chatting Michael on the Cheese Boat came up in front of them to take on water, before he reversed their boat into it festival position.
I had a crochet visit with Geraldine on the Cheese Boat, to teacher her a new stitch. She wanted to learn the stitches I am using for the Collie blankets. Whilst we did all things crochet, Keith and Michael were in the railway room talking trains.
Ruth and Richard Chamberlain arrived on Mountbatten and Jellicoe, winded and moored on their festival mooring.
By mid-afternoon a lot of the trade boats for the weekend were moored up on our side of bridge 60. Others who are moored on the other side of the bridge will be arriving tomorrow. At 2.30 pm, we went and waited for our Tesco delivery. He arrived at 3.15 pm, which was well within his time remit. Such a lovely man, who was telling us about his daughter getting married this Saturday and how much the wedding was costing. He showed us a photograph of her wedding dress. It is an Indian wedding and the dress is amazing in Red and Gold. My eyes watered with the cost of it and the wedding, but he is one very proud father and we wished him well for the special day before he left us.
You may have noticed that it is raining in the photograph and that is because come late afternoon the rain began to fall again, but hey ho we are all happy and that is the main thing.
Tomorrow we will be off volunteering. We are helping to set the site up. it is looking fair to middling for the weather tomorrow.

Pop back soon xx

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