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Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Gardening and Cake.


Dear family, friends and followers.

How is everyone doing?

How many of you have had your vaccinations and did you have any ill-effects afterwards?

After I had mine, I got about 5 hours in and the headache kicked in and lasted all day Sunday. I also felt a bit under the weather, but come Monday morning, I woke up absolutely fine. This morning, I got a text from our medical centre to say they would be letting us know when our second vaccinations are due.

I have been busy doing jobs. We collected more wood for a garden staging, which we are still waiting to have built. I have tended to our garden, because things are beginning to bloom, now that we are into Spring. Today it was a change of garden for me. I went to work on the Arm's raised beds in what we have called the Sensory garden. 

We have decided to strip the beds down and replant them with other plants we have in other raised beds in the Arm. So this will not be a Sensory garden anymore, but just a raised bed. One of the car park raised beds is going and all the plants in it will be heading in to these raised beds. As I am the only gardener here, it is down to be to get the job done, before the digger and dumper truck arrives to take the old raised bed out. Yesterday I made a start on digging the bed over and today, I began transplanting the plants. I have also been splitting them up, so they go further. I start this morning at 8.30am and finished at 2.20pm. 
Having hung up my fork for the day, I then had to make some Lemon Drizzle Muffins, because our cake tin was empty. After a much needed coffee, it was time to go and do the laundry. Phew it has been a busy day, but so satisfying.
Where has that year gone?. A year ago today, we were all told in the UK to stay at home. We began the journey through this Covid-19 Pandemic and little did we know then at how devastating it was going to be for everyone. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a loved one due to Covid-19 and to those who have long Covid. I am thankful that friend Steve from Narrowboat AmyJo, is doing great. He has been home for over a week and today, his oxygen was turned down to One. Hopefully it will not be long before he is off of the Oxygen and can get back to his boat with Chris. I know some people think that this whole situation has been a hoax or exaggerated, but having seen what it can do first hand, I can tell you it is very real. With everyone being vaccinated, hopefully we can get back to some sort of normal very soon, but I for one am not hurrying out and about just yet. 

Pop back soon xx

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