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Saturday, 13 March 2021

V Day.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Today was my V Day. I have been vaccinated and I cannot tell you about how happy I am to have gotten the first one done. I now wait for the call in 12 weeks for my second. 

There has been so much said about whether or not to have the vaccine, but I have always been of the mind to have it done. I have the flu vaccine every year and it has protected me, so I always knew I would have the Covid-19 vaccine. It was a simple and painless thing. Our local vaccine centre is a drive through, where they have two lines of cars and people working both the lines to take details and then someone to do the vaccination. It was totally painless and i feel fine. Please if you are not sure whether to have the vaccination, please do get it done, because it will protect you from the worst of getting Covid-19. I have friends who have had Covid-19 and I am so thankful none of them have lost their lives, although a couple have come very close. The latest friend to get Covid-19 is our friend Steve off of AmyJo. Poor Steve has been very poorly with the virus and although he is now home with his daughter, he is still on Oxygen. He cannot go back to the boat yet because the oxygen cylinders could be a fire risk, so he and Chris are staying with their daughter. Steve did a short vlog yesterday on Facebook, to let everyone know how he was doing. Steve has a long haul in front of him, to get off of the Oxygen, because his lungs are scarred by the virus. This virus is really no joke and I wish Steve all the very best for a good recovery. 

Do not think about it, make sure when you are offered the vaccination, take it.

Pop back soon xxx

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