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Friday, 18 June 2021

Lots going on.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Rain has stopped play for me today. It seems like an age ago, that we have had lots of rain, but it rained all night and it has not stopped. It is still chucking it down and we are now at 14.43pm. 

Back earlier in the year, I took up the terrace staging across the top of our sloping garden, because it was rotten, dangerous and leaning. 
All's I left was the the bearers, which were also pretty tatty. Two weeks ago, we finally began the task of putting new terrace staging in, so that I can cut the hedge safely. We asked two friends to come and help us, because with Keith's back, we could not depend on him being able to get the job done.
We had to dig out a lot of ground to drop the level down by over a foot, which meant new posts and bearers going in.
All our timber is recycled from a pontoon and fencing on site, which was a blessing, because the timber would of cost us a fortune. Les and I worked well together, she is very much of the same mindset as me and was happy to work on till 8pm two days running, which helped us crack on.
Whenever a snag cropped up, we were able to work it out together. Keith did all the sawing of wood for the floor with the rotary saw and I then took over for the shuttering boards.
Yesterday we finished off the floor in the rain, but it was something we wanted to get done and we also concreted some more posts in.
Keith has been cutting more shuttering boards, which I have been screwing into place. Les left us last night and so Keith and I will carry on to the end of the job, which means more shuttering, cutting to length the posts, adding the rope and then I will get on with trimming the hedge and planting out. We are so pleased with what has been done so far and oh boy have I worked hard. I have dug out tonnes of soil, sawn and screwed timber. I have found muscles, which I have not used before. It has been great fun working with Les and Simon has helped out a bit. Keith and I always work well together, we have an amazing partnership. I will post photos when it is all finished, but this is what I have been doing for the past couple of weeks. Oh and in between doing this huge job, I have been weeding the gardens in the Arm and seeing friends who have popped in for a distant cuppa and a natter. It has been lovely to meet up with friends, but we are both still be careful, because even though we have had our vaccines, the numbers are creeping up again. I long for the day, when we no longer have to talk about Covid-19.

Pop back soon xxx

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