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Monday, 7 June 2021

We are open.


Dear family, friends and followers.

It has been a crazy few days, but the Arm is now open to boaters and the public. We opened the gates on the 1st June and welcomed in our first visiting boaters. Everything is being done to keep everyone safe from Covid-19. Having had my second vaccination, I like so many am feeling much happier, but neither Keith or I are eager to get out and about, because the world and his wife has been descending on Warwick. On the first of June, we did have a bit of excitement, when we were asked if we would be interviewed by ITV news for a piece about life afloat and why people are buying boats in big numbers at the moment. We did an hour and half with the reporter and cameraman for a few seconds at the end of the piece. It was good fun and they were both lovely. Everything was done within the government guidelines for Covid-19. It is not the first time we have appeared on TV, we have been on ITV and the BBC. I personally hate seeing myself on TV, but if we can help to get a message across about the canals, then we are happy to do it. 

In March, I began to strip off the rotten timbers of our staging, which goes across the top of our garden which is on a slope. The staging was unsafe and had to be replaced. We have a quote from friends and awaited the time when they could fit us into their busy schedule.
Today was that day when we would start to get a new staging down. We took up the old uprights and cross beams, because they were also rotten. Les and I started drilling the holes for the new posts and then Simon cemented them in with postcrete. Keith began the task of cutting up the new timbers, which were recycled from the fencing we have replaced in the Arm. I am all for recycling and the wood is in great condition.
The first of the new panels is in place, so we can get our levels, because we are going to have to go uphill, otherwise we will have to dig out too much soil to get it level. 
Tomorrow, we will get on with more of the digging and ground preparation, now we know the levels. It is going to be much safer for me to do the hedge and I will also work to smarten up the bank in front of the hedge. I feel happily pooped tonight. I cannot wait to see it finished. I am hoping to get it all done, ready for a special visit later in June, which I will post on after the event. But to say I am excited is an understatement. 
I hope you are all keeping safe and well out there?

Pop back soon xxx

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