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Wednesday, 29 September 2021

Best laid plans.

 Hi family, friends and followers.

Yes, I know two posts in a week. Please do not faint, I do not want to be responsible for you bumping your head on the way down.

Well, I said in my last post, that if it got chilly, I would light the fire and yesterday was that day. It was a thoroughly miserable day weather wise and so Summer is now done with and Autumn has finally come to our neck of the woods. I lit the stove and we were soon nice and snug. The warmth took the edge of the chill and the damp feel you always get on the boat when the temperature begins to slide. The plan was to let the stove out during the evening, because we did not want it too hot to sleep. As the afternoon, drew into the evening, I noticed that the stoves glass had cracked along the bottom of the glass, which was not good news, especially as the fire was not out yet. To be fair, the glass is a good few years old, and nothing last forever. 

Another thing we also noticed was although the radiator in the bathroom was warm, it was only warm in one corner and even though we turned the bleed key, no air or water was coming out, which meant there was an issue with the radiator. My thought was a massive air lock. I checked the header tank in the cupboard and topped it up, but it did not make any difference with the radiator.
This morning, we firstly tackled the stove glass and door. After some chiselling, wire brushing and a few choice words, we were able to get the old glass out. I walked down to our local hardware shop Torry's and bought some new fire rope and glue. When I got back, I redid the fire rope and put the new glass in the door.
With this job done and the door refitted, it was time for lunch and a chance to ponder what the issue was with the radiator. After lunch and a coffee, it was time to play detective. We checked all the valves, to make sure nothing was turned off. All was on and the pump was working. I then suggested we crack a join on the radiator connectors to see if there was any water in the pipes, so Keith did that and yay we had water in the pipes. Having done it all back up again, he then tried the bleed key again and hey presto it worked and we had water coming out of the bleed. We have absolutely no idea what happened, but I can only think we had a massive air lock somewhere in the pipework. A major problem, was all sorted out in no time at all and sanity has settled in once more. I am now hoping that, we will have no further issues and our replacement glass, which will be our back up glass arrives in one piece. We always keep a spare. 

Pop back soon xx

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