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Thursday 26 May 2022

Stroll to Measham.

Dear followers.

It was a very overcast steel-grey sky, which greeted us this morning. But undaunted, we put our walking boots and coats on and headed off from Snarestone Wharf and went on a 2 mile stroll to trace the route of the Ashby Canal, which is under restoration.

About half a mile has been re-watered so far and it is already teaming with life.

A pen looking after her Cygnets.

Where they have gotten to so far. It is mammoth task to get to Moira and I cannot see it happening in our life time, but we were told they hope to reach Measham in the next five years.
We found one of the seam markers for the mines which used to be worked along the Ashby Canal.

The route is well signposted, which has been put in place over the last five weeks. The noticeboards make an interesting read and give a great explanation as to what used to be along the route. 
We reached Measham and the old railway station, which is now a museum. The canal will travel along the old railway line and pass by the railway station and platform, which will be very exciting. 
Having walked around Measham, we enjoyed a nice cuppa and toast in Robin's Nest Cafe. It gave our legs a much needed rest. Great, cuppa, staff and the prices were very good as well. 
We retraced our steps, back along the route to head back to Snarestone Wharf, where we enjoyed an ice cream tub and a chat with Michael who helps to run the shop at the Wharf, which helps to raise much needed funds for the canal restoration. 
You can have your name on a brick, which will be going into the Aqueduct for a modest cost. A brilliant idea I think. 
All in all an excellent day was had by us both. We will be on the move tomorrow.

Pop back soon. 



  1. Lovely to have you posting again. I always find them interesting and do look forward to them. Also love your banner photo. Glad you're enjoying being out and about.
    Look forward to your next post. Judith nb Serena XXX

  2. Hi Judith.
    Thank you. I was really unsure as to whether to carry on posting, but it is as much a diary for me as it is nice for others to read. Hope all is good for you? xxx


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