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Friday, 29 January 2010

Spam Mail.

Hi Folks.

I read a fellow bloggers page. Lady Banana's page to be exact this morning and it got me thinking and actually getting slightly hot under the collar about Spam Mail. We all get it and wish we could get rid of it. I then opened my e-mail box to find a dozen pieces of Spam mail in my Junk Box, because that is where it deserves to be. LadyB was commenting on an e-mail she had about her hotmail account and how the person at the other end wanted her to supply them with her.

User name:
Date Of Birth:
Do these people think we are completely brain dead?
I never supply any of my personal details to anyone in hotmail. I never open anything, that I know nothing about. I do however have a friend, who sadly opens anything that comes into her mail box and has suffered many a time from viruses of every discription. She never learns bless her.
So having checked through mail that was important to me. I scanned over the Junk stuff for a good laugh. The usual stuff arrived, such as HSBC and Abbey asking for me to confirm my banking information. I once had an e-mail from my bank asking the same thing, so I forwarded it to my bank and they sorted the spammer out. Never Ever give your personal info to rogue e-mails. If in doubt contact your bank etc first.
The spams that do make me laugh are the ones that ask me to enlarge my manhood.... LMAO I am a woman, I do not have any manhood, so your wasting your time with that one. Lately I am getting facebook spam, and even though I use facebook, I never open the messages which are supposed to be from them, because I know that someone is being very naughty. So becareful out there.

What is the funniest Spam Mail you have received???


  1. For some reason I also get a lot of Japanese/Chinese spam. Don't know the language to be exact - don't know why though!

  2. LadyB. This morning my spam mail included a take on facebook. It was called f***book. You can make uo the other letters. It asks if I want some action tonight........... Ummmmmm NO is the answer to that one. What amazes me is it is not even to my e-mail addy. I can also win £30 if I want from another spammer. yeah right and a whole load of trouble from the virus the e-mail will give me. I do not have idiot written across my forehead.
    I have not got any Japanese/Chinese ones yet. Oh what joy, I have them to come lol.
    Have a good day. xx


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