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Wednesday 25 August 2010

Great Linford.

Hi Friends.

It was an overcast start to the day, with an Autumnal feel inside the back cabin. Having seen the weather forecast last night, which is dreadful for today, we were up and on the move at 8.05am, with a view to reaching somewhere near
Great Linford, if there was anywhere to moor, because we have never visited the place and have heard it is lovely.

We arrived at Linford Wharf, having cruised the 5.8 miles, I worked 0 locks, in 2hrs 25mins. So a very easy trip. I did get to steer the boat through some of Milton Keynes, which I really enjoyed.
I don't get to steer to often, but love doing it because it gives me the chance to get more used to the boat. I am still learning and as they say the best way to learn is to do it.
All moored up, I made us a coffee before we set off for Great Linford Village.
The Manor House is very grand and imposing. It belonged toir William Pritchard, Lord Mayor of London, decided to make Great Linford his principal country seat and built the central block of the present Manor House in 1678. The estate passed to Sir William's relatives, the Uthwatt family who, in the mid-18th century extended the house to its present size. The Uthwatt family remained in the house until 1972. Near the Manor House are 6 Almshouses, for six unmarried poor people of the parish, they are now used as Arts Studios.
The Nags Head, is a 15th Century olde worlde thatched cottage style pub. It has original beams, low ceilings and two real fireplaces and looks stunning from the outside. They seem to do a good variety of food on the menu for reasonable prices. The whole village is very charming and we both enjoyed our stroll.
Back on board I did us Baked Beans on Toast for lunch and we sat listening to Jonathan Vernon-Smith on his local radio show. The topic of today's phone in was about the lady who put a cat in a wheelie bin. I was appalled to hear the news on the local radio about a woman who put this cat in a wheelie bin. What this woman did was completely outrageous and I hope that she woman does not get away with what she did, because the cat was stuck in the bin for 15 hours. What was just as shocking, were the people who rang into the show and were happy to say they had done cruel things to cats as well, these included shooting a cat with an air rifle and shutting a cat in a cellar. So much for a being a nation of pet lovers.

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