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Friday, 27 August 2010

Lady found in the Oxford Canal.

On Tuesday the Oxford Canal was closed after a woman's body was found floating in the canal as reported by Narrowboat World. Her body was found at Shipton-on-Cherwell, north of Kidlington, This is a tragic story as the woman has not been identified yet.

What I found really disturbing was the fact that tension's arose amongst some of the boater's and one saw fit to break through the police cordon because they could not wait any longer. The woman's body had been recovered from the canal, and they are now not treating her death as suspicious. If this had been a crime scene this boater may have disturbed evidence. We are all on the system to chill out and take life easy, it is not about being in a hurry and these circumstances meant that people had to exercise a little patience.

My thoughts are with this woman's family. If you have any information about this woman please contact your local police. “Somewhere there is a family missing a relative”.


  1. I read about this on the BBC Oxford web site on Wednesday. It did say though, that the police were not treating it as suspicious.
    Perhaps things changed during the day?
    I do think the police over-react sometimes.
    A accident on the M25 a couple of weeks ago trapped motorists for seven hours! Now seven hours in a car in joke. :(
    At least in a boat you have all facilities to hand, food, water and loo. :)
    This is why I like the idea of boating - take life easy. :)

  2. Hi Uncle Bernard.

    They did change the circumstances from suspicious to not suspicious. I have changed my posting now as well.
    We were at Brentford a couple of years ago and a body was pulled out of the canal near us. The canal was closed from 11am that morning to the following morning. They did this to check for evidence, such a a weapon etc. In this case the young man had committed suicide. The police are in the end doing their job, but some people just cannot relax and take it in their stride. As you say at least on a boat you have everything to hand. Instead of thinking of myself, my thoughts would have been with the dead woman and her frantic family. After all what is 24 hours?

  3. Hi Jo,
    It turned out that she was a 63 year old retired nurse. A very sad story. I read about it here -
    As you say, very upsetting for the family.

  4. Hi Bernard.
    Thank you for the update on this very sad story. It is a sad time for all concerned.


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