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Sunday 18 May 2014

Faces to blogs and gardening.

Yesterday (Saturday) another glorious day with wall to wall sunshine.


Marmite certainly took advantage of the sunshine and the mat I had put out to be crushed. Because she claimed it as her own, it did not get brushed until the sun began to go down.

Keith and I got on with a few jobs in the garden. We have a big problem with bindweed, so everyday we dig it up as it shows the first leaves. One day we will be rid of the stuff.


After finishing the gardening, it was time to get on with some more crocheting and this time it was a pale Green and White baby blanket to add to my growing stock. The table which the blanket is lying on was in need of a rub down and a re-varnish, so I got on and did that as well. Who ever varnished it before painted it with a dark staining varnish which covered up the wonderful Oak graining. I rubbed it down and painted a satin clear varnish on it, to being out the beautiful wood. Whilst doing this Sharon and Richard off of NB Oak Apple came and said “Hello”. They were looking to purchase a crochet blanket for their back cabin and I am going to make them some cushion covers to go with it. It was lovely to chat to them both later in the day and to hear all about their news and plans. I do so love putting faces and names together with their boats. Sharon has only recently started their blog, so please go and have a read and say “Hello”.


Later in the afternoon, we got to have our first BBQ on our pontoon. The BBQ was a freebie. Last year I visited a sanitary stations bins (Cannot remember where) and the BBQ was standing their asking for a new home. We believe it came from a hire boat, where the couple had bought it to have BBQ’s whilst on their holiday and by the looks of the BBQ they may have only used it once and then discarded it rather than carting it home. So it found a new home with us and is ideal for our mooring. Keith got the BBQ going and I prepared the burgers and rolls.

After dinner we had more visitors. This time it was Sue and Richard off of NB Indigo Dream. I pop into their blog from time to time and Sue and I chat on Twitter, so it was fantastic to meet them in the flesh. They had been in the arm with their boat whilst they went home, because Sue was poorly. But now back at the boat and feeling better, it was our chance to have a lovely natter, whilst enjoying the remainder of the sunshine. Hopefully we will see them next time when we are out cruising. A fabulous day.

Sunday morning and the sun was once again out and burning down on the roof of the back cabin. It was going to be another scorcher of a day. 11am we went off with friends from the arm to the Stratford Garden Centre. it was like being in a candy store. So many wonderful plants, pots and other lovely garden things, but we are on a tight budget at the moment, so we did have to watch the pennies. Keith wanted some plants for the rockery and I wanted a couple of Tomato plants and so that is what we bought, no more and no less, we were very good. Back at the boat, I made lunch and then we sat beneath our parasol out of the heat until we could get on the garden and plant the things we had bought at the garden centre. The two Tomato plants I have put in are Alicante and Money Maker, so I am hoping for a good crop.

It has been a great weekend and now we are sitting watching X Men 2. The heat of the day is now settling down and hopefully it will be cooler before bedtime.

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