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Friday 11 July 2014

Gentle walk and surprise visitors.

Our day began like most others of late with a cup of tea in bed and the BBC news on the TV. 8 am I was up and ready to take Paddy out for his morning jaunt.

After doing a few jobs, I suggested we take a walk over to the racecourse. We have walked down alongside one part of it, but we have never walked around it or on to St. Mary Lands. St Mary Lands, The Lammas Field and The Saltisford Common , have a recorded history going back at least 800 years. It is an area that Warwickshire District Council want to build houses on. It would be a shame to lose such a wonderful area of natural beauty. Various photos of views, flora and fauna. There is an on-line petition against this scheme.


We walked from the arm up to the Jubilee Wood, which took us on to the racecourse.



The site is a wonderful site it has around 57 acres of grassland with ridge and furrow areas and small ponds.  IMG_6309

There is a fabulous view of the town and racecourse. In the centre is the Warwick Golf Course, which was busy.



The jumps on the course are huge, but beautifully made.


The racecourse stands in the distance.

There is also plenty of wildlife. The Skylarks were singing over head, with the House Martins swooping along the top of the grasses catching bugs on the wing. Even though there were lots of dog walkers, golfers and the caravan club about, it was a haven of peace and tranquility.







It would be such a shame if all of this and more was lost forever.

After such a lovely walk, we walked back to the boat via the Jubilee Wood, over the railway and back into the arm. I made us some Chilli Chicken and Rice for lunch.

During the afternoon I was nattering to our neighbour and who should turn up.


It was Keith and Ann off of NB Oakfield. It was such a fabulous surprise, because we were not expecting them. The kettle went on and we sat out on the pontoon nattering away. I reckon we whiled away a good couple of hours, catching up on news and their trips. With us not moving this year, it is fabulous seeing so many friends and hearing all their cruising news. I think we also managed to put the world to right, but at no time were toilets mentioned Smile.

All to soon it was time for Keith and Ann to go, as they wanted to go into the town, so we said our “Goodbyes” and waved them on their way. Hopefully we will see them again soon.

We have been so fortunate to have seen so many wonderful friends, who have taken the time to pop in and see us on their travels. It really has meant so much to Keith and I, because we are missing not being on the move. But look out for us next year, because we will be out on the cut.

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