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Saturday 5 July 2014

Radiators and Sensory Garden.

Oh this week has been very up and down.

For a while now I have wanted to re-grout the bathroom and the galley tiles and so this week was the week to get the bathroom done. Keith helped me strip the toilet and radiator out and then I began the task of scraping out the grout with a kit I bought from Wilko.com.


Now the kit itself was only £2.50, so I should not have expected to much. The grout remover tool top left, did do the job, but if you pressed to hard the blade did tend to bend and the edge was soon blunt, so maybe they need to add a replacement blade to the kit and make it stronger. I would pay extra for that. The flexible grout spreader was very good, but it was to wide even for a 3.2 kg tub of grout. So they could make it narrower or put a narrower spreader in with the wide on, again I would pay extra for that. On the whole it got the job done though.


The shower was given a make over with the re-grouting and sealing around the shower tray.


I re-grouted the floor tiles and around the sink. The whole bathroom looks so much fresher and clean. The joys of having our mooring, means I can get these jobs done finally. With the radiator being off, I wanted to rub it down and paint it, but it soon became clear the radiator was not in good shape. It had gone quite rusty on the corners at the bottom and both Keith and I felt it would not make it through another Winter. So we would need another radiator, but where from? One of our fellow neighbours very kindly offered us a radiator the same size as our old one, but the brackets did not fit. Our old radiator was a tight fit with the toilet right up against it, so we needed a radiator exactly the same with the same fittings. We spent the whole day trying to sort this puzzle out, to no avail. The final result was we have sent for a new one from Wickes. So fingers are crossed it fits the same. For a few days we did not have a toilet, so we were using the one on site. Due to the fact we are waiting for our new radiator, we put our toilet back in, so I did not have to go to the site toilet in the dark

With the bathroom saga getting sorted out, I turned my attention to the sensory garden. There was a meeting about it on Wednesday and decisions were made that we need more plants, so to day (Saturday) I am going off with a friend to buy more plants. The reason for all is activity is we are in for Warwick in Bloom and the judging takes place this month, so no pressure. Last year they got the Bronze award arghhh. I can see the coming week is going to be all about gardening.

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