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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Warwick Regatta.

This morning (Saturday). I needed to go to the Post Office to drop off a couple of parcels for Keith and thought I would take the opportunity to go and see some of the Warwick Regatta down on the river at St Nicholas and Myton Parks. Keith was staying on the boat as his back was a bit creaky, even though I had done my kneading job before he got out of bed.


The Warwick Regatta, has the most amazing backdrop. The start of the races is from the base of Warwick Castle and finishes in between St. Nicholas and Myton Parks.


The novice single skulls, was something to watch, as for many of them this was the first time they had raced in anger. The gentleman in the photograph above was racing in a wooden boat.


He managed to get over half way, then his boat sprung a leak. He was sinking sadly. He did manage to get into the side before his boat went down and so the racing continued.

Keith rang me to let me know he was going to walk down after all to see some of the events. It would do his back some good, because keeping mobile is what is called for. Even with my Sciatica, it is far better when I am on the move.


The Coxed fours were very good. Listening to the cox shouting his instructions was interesting.



On the Myton Park side they had up a tent for tea’s, coffee’s cakes etc.


Before heading to the start in front of the castle, they were held riverside.


The lady in the photograph above was amazing. She was being guided by the gentleman in the boat with the hi-vis jacket on as she was partially sighted.


There had a been a few close races and some which were won by a country mile, as some of the boaters had taken detours into the trees or reeds. A great event though and so pleased we made the effort to go.


There were some interesting cloud formations over the river.


This one looks like something shooting out of the sky.


Having enjoyed our first Warwick Regatta, Keith was ready to walk back to the boat, where I prepared lunch, the TV went on and feet went up.


  1. Wow Jo, Love that photo of you. Colour wouldn't have done it justice and the black and white gives it that olden feel. Where was it taken? Stoke Bruerne Village at War?
    Hope Keith's back recovers quickly.and send him our love. Xxx

  2. Hi Irene and Ian.

    The photograph was taken at The Village at War weekend last year. Sadly we will not be attending this year, but hey ho that is the joys of health issues.

    His back has been an on going thing for many years. In fact it is only over the past couple of years it has gotten worse, so maybe it is also an age thing. But we will keep doing the physio and keep our fingers crossed.

    Hugs to you both xxxxxxxxxxxx


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