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Sunday, 6 September 2015

Time with special friends.

The past couple of days have been really wonderful for us. We have Jacqueline and Les in the Arm on Narrow Boat Valerie. We have had a lovely time catching up with them both. Lots of tea and coffee drunk, plenty of chatter and laughter.

Last night we were invited to join them for dinner on their boat.


After a scrummy meal, it was time to get the games out and of course our competitive natures took over. Les was the eventual winner of the railway game.


We have not seen Jacqueline and Les for at least a couple of years and yet it was as if we had never been apart, which is the amazing thing about good friendships.



Today saw  Jaqueline and Les come and say “Goodbye” as they were leaving the arm for their trip up the Hatton flight in a few days times.


So if you see them on your journey please give them a wave and say “Hello”.


  1. So nice to see you both after such a long time. I am so lucky to have had two lovely ladies on the boat at the same time.
    Very enjoyable listening to Keith's memories of past boating. Sorry about the tiller pin rope Keith.

  2. Les. We had a marvelous time with you both and look forward to doing so again in the future. Laughter and chit chat is a joy with friends..... Shushhhh about the tiller pin rope. Everyone does it differently. It is just one of Keith's things as it was not traditional :-) Happy boating to you both xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  3. I was over the moon to spend time with you and Keith. We've all been through so much since we last had dinner together in March of 2013. We thoroughly enjoyed catching up with you two, sharing a meal, some games and laughter and seeing the lovely Saltisford Arm with your lovely garden. It was a boon to my soul; sadly too short!!
    Love Jaqxxxx


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