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Monday, 14 March 2016

Cracking Day.

Day 4.

What a beautiful Spring day again. We have been blessed with wall to wall warm sunshine.

Our day began at 6 am with the sound of traffic along the road, which runs alongside the canal. It was actually quite calming, because we are used to hearing the traffic at our mooring. I got up and made a brew, which was enjoyed sitting in bed. Marmite was on her bed in the engine room.


She ignores her engine room bed througout the Winter, but no sooner we get out on the cut, she is back on her bed and watching the wildlife through the porthole. Paddy was still snoozing in his bed. He never gets up until I get up and dressed.

With all the usual morning jobs done, we got the trolley out of the hold and began to load it up with our friends garden pots. Oh I should explain. Our neighbour at Saltisford has moved off of her boat and into her families lock cottage, which she has been doing up for a year since her mother passed away. We offered to move her garden furniture and pots by boat for her. So today we unloaded it all and took it down to her beautiful cottage. We sat outside and enjoyed a coffee and a good old natter in the sunshine. The cottage is south facing and so gets the sun for most of the day, which today was lovely and warm.

After a quick lunch. I got on with sawing some wood, which I bagged up ready for this coming Winter. I like to be forward thinking Smile. I then moved some of the coal forward in the hold as well.

It has been a fabulous day.

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