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Thursday, 17 March 2016

Lapworth Top Lock to Granville Street Wharf, Birmingham.

We had a fabulous trip today into Birmingham, and we are now moored at Granville Street Wharf, Birmingham. The mailbox is in front of and to the right of us.


We did stop at Bournville for a while and wandered around part of the Bournville village. We passed on Cadbury World as it would have cost over £27 for the 2 of us!


Our temporary mooring at Bourneville with the Cadbury factory in the background.


Staff sales shop at Cadbury’s.


Bournville Baths


Bournville Baths again.


Cricket clubhouse.


Cadbury’s factory as seen across the playing fields.


Quakers church, the Cadbury family were Quakers.


The shops at the Green.


The Bournville Rest House, now the visitor centre in the middle of the Green.


The Carillon on top of the school. There are 48 bells of varying sizes out in the open underneath the weathered copper roof. The largest bell weighs 7.5tonnes.


Because we did not bother with the Cadbury experience we went into the paper shop and bought a bar of Cadbury Milk each. I know how to have a good time Smile.


  1. I just have to leave a comment Jo, as I was born in Bournville. All familiar places. That is the school we boys went to and later attended the Youth Club at the Quaker Meeting House. The baths you show were just one of three that Cadbury provided for their workers. In those days they were known as the 'Girls' baths. The 'Mens' baths have been demolished now, as has the open-air pool (lido) where us lads used to swim.
    Us boys had a canoe which we tried out on that stretch of the cut.
    All the best

  2. About seven years back I found the Cadbury tour very disappointing with no views of production lines. In those days you got a ticket to use the staff shop, amazing bargains in there and not just chocolate.

    1. Hi Les. I cannot see how they justify the prices, which is a shame, because I am sure it would be interesting.

  3. Hi Bernard. Thank you for your message and I am glad it bought back happy memories for you. It is such a wonderful place.


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