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Friday, 18 November 2016

Almost there.

Hi Friends.
Cute picture time. I did not take it sadly, but still love it. 

I am still taking the tablets and getting brain fog, but I am sure it will pass, because I have been told by others it will. What I am not sure of yet, is how long I will be on these tablets, because I wanted to speak to the GP this morning, but he was already booked up until Tuesday afternoon, when he can give me a ring, so that is what I have plumped for. I could have spoken to another GP, but to me that just get confusing the situation, because I would have to explain it all again and then they would probably change my medication, so I decided I would wait till Tuesday to speak to the GP who has me on these Brain Fog tablets. I remember the time when the family GP only ever dealt with you, you did not get pushed from pillar to post with other GP's. Dr Walker was my family GP when I was growing up. I was never keen on going to the doctor's, because you sat in his corridor, which was dark and miserable and then when you went into his room it was no better. But of course I was a child then, and things always look dismal as a child if you do not want to be there. I guess things began to change when my children were young, although we had a family GP, we could be asked to see another in the practice. Of course these days most practices are medical centers and have several GP's on hand. I actually prefer having a family GP who looks after you from the day you sign with them and only changes if they leave or die. That way you do not have to spend half your time with them going over your medical history. Another thing that bugs me is for most of your appointment, they are busy typing your aliments on their computers and are not actually paying attention to you the patient. Ok moan over ☺😔😔😔.

I have to say, having taken two tablet last night, this morning I was pain free and getting on with jobs. Firstly I sent Keith off to Tesco and Aldi to get some bits we forgot yesterday. This having a bus pass lark, means he gets a trip out for free and I get the shopping done. It is a win, win situation as far as I am concerned. Oh and we save money. Whilst Keith went shopping, I got on with a laundry wash, having stripped the bed last night. Back on board the boat, the washing was hung in the engine room and back cabin to dry. I lit the back cabin stove, so the washing will not be hanging around for long. 

One of the Winter jobs I do is change the disposable nappies under the floors.
WHAT? I can hear you shouting.
Over the Winter under the floors can condensate, which means a build up of water can happen, so under the floor in the back cabin and in the galley, I lay disposable nappies, which soak up the condensation that gathers. I buy the Tesco everyday brand, which are really cheap and do the job nicely. Today was changing day, so up came the floor in the back cabin and the sodden nappies were removed and new ones put in their place. It is nice to have a dry base plate over the Winter. It saves me having to mop out over the Winter. The one in the galley is fine at the moment, so I will leave that for another week.

Lunch today was cottage pie, with sprouts and peas, which were cooked in the back cabin stove. That is the joy of the Winter, I get to cook comfort food which keeps us both snuggly. It will not be long before I will be making bread and butter puddings, which I love in the Winter. 

The afternoon jobs included getting the coal in for the evening, putting the hoover around and having a general tidy. Then I sat down with my knitting and got on with making more dishcloths, which sell really well. Film4 was on and today we had Cary Grant in 'Father Goose', which is a great film. 

Has anyone else been watching 'I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here'?
Is it me are some of the guy's wussy?
James and Jordon need to man up. I am loving Larry Lamb and Scarlett is so sweet. Tonight we get to see how the two new camp mates fit in. I can see Danny Baker stirring things up a bit. But that is no bad thing, because it has all been going to well, what with everyone getting on and there has been plenty of food in camp, which we all know is the most important thing to the camp mates. If the food starts to dwindle due to lack of stars then maybe things will unravel a bit. Another must see tonight is 'Children in Need and Pudsey, sadly Terry Wogan will not be there. Here's hoping they raise a shed full of money in his honour. I have been watching the Rickshaw challenge on 'The One Show'. It has been an emotional roller coaster. Everyone doing the challenge is such a inspiration.
Before I leave this evening here is another cute photograph. This time it is of our cat Marmite, who decided she wanted to sit in my knitting basket.


  1. Hi Jo,
    Always enjoy your blog.
    After a bit of advice!
    My wife Karen & I intend walking up the Hatton flight tomorrow to the cafe and back just shy of 5 miles by the look of it. I know your base on the Saltisford arm is somewhere around the bottom of the flight, would you be able to recommend somewhere to park the car? Unusual blog comment I know hope you don't mind!

  2. Hi Adrian.

    Thank you for liking my blog and for the message. You can park in the Saltisford Arm car park. But the site manager may ask you to pay £2 for parking if you are leaving the site, which you will be if your walking up the flight. As its a Sunday you can park easily on the Budbrooke Industrial Estate and walk up from there. The Budbrooke Estate is on the same road as the Arm's car park. Hope this helps. Jo.

  3. Cheers Jo very helpful we will contribute the £2 x

  4. Your welcome Adrian. Just a thought it is Sunday so no one in the office, so just park, but we do lock the gates at dusk in the Winter. Happy walking. Jo

  5. Cheers Jo didn't see your reply earlier! Met a nice chap who owns a couple of motorbikes there from what he said. Didn't ask his name ! Anyway he put us right to what you said above. Had a lovely walk up the flight plenty of CRT work going on up there. 1 boat stuck after 27 can go neither up not down ! Enjoyed a cuppa in cafe and returned without being rained on.
    Thanks once again.

  6. Hi Adrian.

    The chap you met was Nigel, he Winter moors in the Arm. You should of come and found us, I would have put the kettle on. Maybe another time. Glad you enjoyed your walk up the flight, it is a beautiful walk up the stairway to heaven and the reward is the cafe at the top. There is a lot of work going on with the locks on the Hatton flight. I bet the boat stuck in the flight, wishes they had moved, but then some choose to be stuck, so C&RT cannot move them off. This can cause issues.
    Hopefully meet some day.

  7. Thanks Jo don't like to impose on kind people, so yes maybe another time..
    Lovely spot on the arm there.

  8. Your most welcome. The offer is there next time your near-by.
    We are incredibly lucky to have our mooring and we do love Warwick. I help tend the gardens when we are not cruising and I am also a trustee. Visitors are always welcome.
    I have added your blog to my list, hope that is alright?


  9. So kind Jo on all accounts, My blog would be best placed at the bottom of your page behind all those that are far more interesting than my occasional offering!


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