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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Taking it easy.

Hi Friends.

It has been a few days now since I began taking Amitriptyline 10mg tablets and I would love to say I am completely pain free, but unfortunately I am not yet.
However I am better than I was. I am allowed to take up to two tablets at night, so on Saturday evening I did take two tablets, because by the time it was bedtime, my pain level had risen above what I wanted to cope with.
I woke Sunday morning completely pain-free, but with brain fog again, which I kind of expected having taken two tablets. For the whole of Sunday I felt pretty good. The past couple of days I have gone back to one tablet at night and by the time it comes to taking the next tablet I am in discomfort, so I am not sure if they are actually working, or just blocking the pain and no sooner I come off them, I will be back to square one. So with it being a week on Friday, which was when I began taking the Amitriptyline 10mg, I will ring my GP to see what he thinks I should do next.

Because I am taking it easy, I have been busy making my webpage for my greetings cards and getting them out there. As you may know and see through my posts I love taking photographs. It had been suggested by many friends that I should use them in some way, so I decided to make some greetings cards first. If they perform well, then I may well expand my range and do prints and possibly mounted prints.
I am in no way a professional photographer and I do not use an elaborate camera and gear, but I know what I like and what I think looks good, so I am giving it a go. You can reach my page via this link.

Feeling poorly is not my way, I am always busy doing something and so sitting still and resting is out of my comfort zone. I have so much to do in the gardens and on the boat, but at the moment I do not have the energy to do them, so I will carry on taking it easy and see what my GP has to say.


  1. John was given Amitriptolyne for pain and he was told it could be a couple of weeks before he felt the full benefit, also it takes time for the fuzzy head clears. He's pleased with the results. Hope it works for you. Judith nb Serena

  2. Good morning Judith and John.

    Thank you for your message. I am hoping my head clears like Johns. The pain level is better this morning having taken two tablets last night, but of course I have more brain fog, still hey ho. We will see how it goes, as it has only been a week. I will probably have a chat with my GP tomorrow, to let him know what is happening, in case he wants to make changes.

    Kind regards Jo


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