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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

The Mischief Elf.

Hello Dear Friends and Followers.

Have you ever noticed, that you plan things for the day and then nothing ever goes according to that plan?
Well I am putting it down to the mischief elf. On a regular basis I make plans for the day and I can pretty much guarantee that the plan never happens. Take to day.
We were awake at 7 am, so as per usual I got up and made us both a cup of tea. I fancied tea rather than coffee this morning. I allow myself one cup of tea a day due to to my Nickel allergy. Tea is the biggest offender for having Nickel in it, so I have to make sure I do not over dose on Nickel each day, otherwise I become poorly. This is a long and painful story, which I will not bore you with right now. Back to the start of my Wednesday. We sat in bed drinking tea, whilst listening to Trisha Dodo on BBC Coventry and Warwickshire. Marmite decided that having slept on my feet for most of the night, she was not done with me yet, so she plonked herself down on my lap, curled up into a ball and immediately began dreaming. I knew she was dreaming because she was growling in her sleep and her paws were twitching. I wonder what cats dream about?
8 am it was time to fold away the bed and get on with my jobs list for the morning. Before I could even pull the bottom sheet up, Marmite had pounced on the corner of the sheet, she felt like this was a threat and needed to be attacked along with my hand. Sheet wars seems to happen regularly for a few weeks, she then goes off of it, probably because it is hard work. So we had sheet wars and then I was allowed to put the bed away, whilst she had a morning cuddle with Keith. There was a time when she hated being cuddled by Keith, but she has clearly mellowed and realises it is actually nice.
On with the morning list.

1. Take dog for his walk.
This morning we took a different route which completely befuddled Paddy, because he gets so used to his routes, so when I change it he looks at me as if I am completely crazy. He does enjoy a new route though, because of all the new smells, which of course he has to smell and then pee on. Paddy does make me giggle, because he has to pee and walk at the same time these days. I think it must be an age thing. I am thankful that this does not happen with men, well not as far as I know and no I am not talking about my other half.

2. Fed mog and dog. I put mog first because she hates to be second best when it comes to being fed. She has been known to pince Paddy's food if I keep her waiting. Paddy on the other hand will just sit and wait. At the moment he is eating pretty well again, which is a joy and so we have stopped worrying about him.

3. On my list today was going to be Saltie Day Boat polishing day. Yes I have said I will give Salties paintwork a much needed polish. There was a slight problem with this idea though and that was the weather forecast. It was not favourable. But I am not one to be put off, so at 9 am I gathered my rags and polish and headed off to polish Saltie. I did the bow, which showed a marked improvement in the shine on the paintwork. I had just started on starboard side and the weather thought it would throw a spanner into the works, because it began to drizzle. You know the little stuff, that gets you very wet. So I had to down tools and go back home, feeling ever so slightly miffed that it was only 9.30 am and my plans for the day were already turned upside down. There was only one thing for it and that was to make a cuppa and wait and see. Coffee in hand the rain stopped and I got back to the polishing of one side of the boat up until lunchtime, when I had to of course cook lunch. It was very exciting we had beans on toast, with fruit and yogurt for pudding. After lunch I finished off polishing the starboard side and was rather pleased with the outcome. Another job off my list.

4. With the polishing done, I was in the mood to do some weeding in our garden, so sorted that out, then strimmed the edges of the lawn behind our garden. I then trimmed our hedge and made it look nice and tidy. I do like a tidy garden.

That was it on my list for the day, so now I am sat typing this update and thinking what shall I do tomorrow?
The rest of today will be spent watching the TV as we have the news and DIY SOS on later and if I am still awake, I may see a movie on film4.

Pop back tomorrow xx

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