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Saturday, 13 January 2018

Making progress.


Hello Friends and Followers.

You may recall from the last post, we had the insulation arrive for the hold and we got that all fixed in place and were waiting for our timber to arrive. The said timber duly arrived and we loaded it into the boat. The following day we set about cutting the battens, which were screwed to the steel uprights. Now this should have been easy because we used screws that actually drill into the steel and secure themselves, but it did not work like that. We kept mangling the screwdriver bits, so we thought ok, we will drill a pilot hole first and give that a go. It did work better, but we still struggled, so Keith went off to Screwfix and bought a box of screwdriver fittings and wham bam thank you mam, they worked a dream. We got the starboard side battened out.


We then cut the ply and began to fix that into place, screwing it to the battening. Now it is not fancy, but it will do the job we require. As the week has progressed, we got on with doing more in the hold, but as everyone knows life takes over and I had my opticians appointment to go too. As of this coming week, or when my new spectacles arrive, I will be wearing specs full-time, because my long vision is getting worse, mainly due to this eye issue where I need a prism. I was in the opticians for sometime, whilst the optician tried to work out the best prescription for me. All being well the specs should arrive this coming week. I was tempted to go for varifocals but chickened out and have gone for two separate pairs. If I find them to much of a faff, then I may try varifocals. Specs all done, I got my tablet prescriptions filled by the GP and what with having my hair trimmed, I am in fine fettle now. The next thing to be done, should be my boob scan, to check for any lumps. I am sure that is due this year. That will complete my MOT for 2018 hopefully.

So here we are on Saturday evening, with ‘Lord of the rings’ on the TV and my day has been action packed.


This morning we began to batten the port side and then line it out.


After lunch, we finished off the lining out and Keith did the electrics and so the hull is complete. We need to measure up for the roof and bulkhead timber next and get it ordered on Monday. So far it is all going pretty well thankfully. It has been a good day. I am of the thinking that the roof and bulkhead should be straight forward, but then I am always one to think positively.

Pop back soon xxx

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