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Saturday, 27 January 2018

More progress.


Hi Friends and Followers.

It is a very wet and miserable Saturday, which gives me the chance to catch up with things. All the boat jobs got done over the past couple of days and then it was full steam ahead with the new room.


The wall panels have been going up thick and fast.


With such a small space to work in, we have managed to move the materials around with a bit of pushing and shoving.


This morning we put up the remainder of the panels.


Tomorrow we can start on the ceiling, which will be interesting. We have kept the head room quite low, as neither of us are tall. This will help with keeping the warmth in and the lighting.

Of course other things have to be done, whilst we build our new room and this has included all the boat jobs, keeping the fires going, cooking cleaning etc. This morning before we got on with the room, we went to the opticians. I wanted anti-glare put on my new glasses. I  told you that I was going to be a full-time spectacle wearer. Yep I no longer just have reading glasses. Now I have never bothered with the anti glare before, but I have found that with my new glasses, I am getting headaches and can see glare on my lens, so I took them back to have the coating added. Another hole in my pocket with another £39 forked out, but they need to be right if I am wearing them all the time. I only wish my eye problem had been picked up sooner, but hey ho that is life. I will make the most of being able to see straight from now on.

With being so busy with the room, lunch today was a pizza, followed by fruit and yogurt. It suited us both to have a quick lunch, so we could get back to the room. Tomorrow I will do us a proper Sunday lunch.

With the wall completed, it was time for a coffee and a catch-up with e-mails and social media. These days I am becoming more and more disillusioned with social media. The amount of fake news out there is scary. One of the things that upset me this week, was the report early in the week that Ken Dodd had died, when it was a complete lie. He is in hospital due to a chest infection, but he is definitely not dead. What gives people the right to put out such dreadful lies, which would cause so much upset to others? I am seriously thinking of giving some social media a wide birth. This I know would upset those who follow me and like to interact with me, but I have begun to fall out of love with it all.

Pop back soon x


  1. Just as long as you keep telling us the take of your new railway. I'll just try to forget what the first railways did for canals!

    1. Hi Mike.

      Sadly history will always remind of us what happened. We are having a canal on our layout if that helps?

  2. From one spectacle wearer to another, when boating or around water I always have neck strings on my specs, so if you catch them with a hand or twig they just hang around your neck rather than going splash never to be seen again !!

    1. Hi Alf. Thank you for your recommendation. That is a brilliant idea. I am quite sure I will lose the odd pair, but I will do my darndest not too.


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