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Friday, 15 February 2019

Feeling the Love.

Hello friends and followers.

Valentine's Day is not something we have always celebrated. Like most celebrations these days, they are over commercialised and Valentine's Day is just another one of them, but for some reason this year, we decided to go all out. I am of the opinion that showing you someone you love them is not just for one day, it is for every day of the year.
I am so lucky to have a wonderful man in my life, who I love to the moon and back. he is my husband, lover, soulmate and friend. Yes of course we drive each other nuts at times, but we have never had a row in the Eighteen years we have been together. I always think life is way too short to row.
Anyway back to the day. On Wednesday, I was given a dozen Red roses. Then on Valentine's Day morning, he had gone off food shopping, I got a phone call from our local radio station, saying they had a message for me from Keith. I was to pack an overnight bag. To say I was shocked was an understatement. I spent all morning wondering what he had planned. When he got back with the food shopping, I stowed it away and then told him we were eating out for lunch, so he needed to change. We walked into the town, where I posted a parcel off, we then went to Totally Thai for a romantic lunch and a bottle of wine.
Lunch awas fabulous. The food there is amazing. After such a wonderful lunch, we walked around the town, visiting one of the antique centres and the charity shops. Back home I packed a bag ready for the adventure we were going on. I had no idea what was planned. At 7pm we locked the boat up and began walking. We got about 300 metres from our home and arrived at The Kings Head.
Keith had booked us in for the night. Now for many people, they would think how odd to only go to a B&B up the road, but for us this was going to be pure luxury.
Our room had a king size bed.
Full size deep bath and a shower. There was also a TV. This was my idea of luxury to have a soak in the bath with lots of bubbles. But before the bubbles, we went down into the bar for a pint. We sat by the fire and enjoyed a lovely hour.
The soak in the bath was pure relaxation. I filled the bath with lots of hot water and bubbles and just lounged. It may seem like an odd joy, but this was only my second bath in 14 years, because we have a shower on the boat.
The bed was amazing, it had a deep plush mattress, which cuddled you. Having slept in a 4 foot bed for the past 14 years, having a night in a King size bed was fabulous.
Having enjoyed a good night's sleep, we had our usual cuppa in bed, watching the morning news, before coming down to a full English breakfast, with Orange juice, toast and coffee. We both felt so relaxed having enjoyed Valentine's Day and night.
It was then time to head back to reality and the boat, where the fire was still going, it just needed a riddle and some more coal.

I know there will be many out there who do not celebrate Valentine's Day for many reasons and I respect that. However having not bothered much over the years, this year was special for us both.

Pop back soon.

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