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Saturday, 2 February 2019

It is a beautiful day.

Hello friends and followers.

So come on, have you had snow where you are?

We sadly only got a sprinkling, but it has remained cold. The temperature got down to -4.9c overnight last night and so the canal is still frozen.
Once up and about, I fed the birds and stoked up the fires. I then made a chicken and vegetable soup, which I left on the stove to simmer away.
I decided on such a beautiful morning, I should get out and go for a brisk walk. I always find a good walk in the fresh air clears the head and therefore enables me to think clearly. I also love to see the wildlife, whilst walking on the crisp ground.
I left the boat at 9.50am and set off through the Arm. The winding hole is frozen solid.
The Winter moorers are all nice and snug on their boats.
I took myself off to St Mary's Lands and on to the Warwick Racecourse. It was beautiful on the Racecourse this morning, with the warm sunshine on my face and the mud underfoot crisp.
The view towards Warwick with St Mary's Church in the background was stunning.
The view across to the Racecourse stands.
Having enjoyed my brisk walk, I got back to the boat and made a nice warming coffee and checked on my homemade soup.
Lunch was homemade soup, with a roll and butter. I then did us fruit and yogurt for pudding.
My afternoon will be watching the Rugby Six Nations. Last night it was Wales v France. Wales won a thrilling match. So I am looking forward to the rest of the matches now.
I am about to get somewhat thoughtful.
There are times in ones life, when you hope and pray for something to happen (I am not religious), and dare not to dream. I can say that never give up hope, because dreams can come true.
I have had a lot of sadness in my life, which has seen my family pulled a part over the years. But having never given up, things can hopefully work out eventually and some sort of normality can resume, but it all has to be taken a step at a time. Most of all there has to be honesty. So if you are going through a tough time, never give up. Keep smiling, because things can change.

Pop back soon xxx

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