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Thursday, 21 February 2019

It is all go.

Hello friends and followers.

This past couple of weeks for me have been filled with joy, which in time I will no doubt write about, but for now I am going to keep you all guessing and coming back to see what I am actually talking about.

It is marching towards us going cruising for the Spring/Summer and so it is all go. With the Spring, comes the time to Spring clean and that is exactly what I have been doing. I am a little methodical when I clean, because I like to start at one end and slowly progress my way down the boat. With that in mind, I began in the back cabin.
The back cabin stove, was beginning to look a bit sad, so I decided to rub it and the flue down. I then gave it a much needed coat of Stove blacking. I will be giving it a second coat, before we head out on our 2019 adventure.
I then turned my attention to the ribbon and lace plates, which hang behind the stove. They all needed to come down for a wash and some of the tatty ribbons needed changing. We keep a bag with assorted ribbons to hand for just such an occasion. it is surprising just how long it takes to do this job. I actually had to stop to do some lunch and I had started it all at 9am. The plates do get very dusty when the stove is lit and I know I will probably have to wash the plates again during the Summer.
Ta dah, Mission accomplished.
I also die the plates on the opposite wall. Stove done (tick), plates done (tick). It was then time to rehang the curtains. I take them down over the Winter, wash them and stow them away until the Spring, because otherwise they get very grubby.
The back cabin was finished by late afternoon. I even checked the gearbox, which is under the back cabin floor. I am the keeper of the gearbox. I always do its checks. Keith has the batteries to check, but that is his job. I will be turning my attention to the engine room next. it actually needs repainting this year, but this is a job I am hoping to do whilst we are out cruising.

Have you noticed how wonderful the weather is?
It maybe officially still be Winter, but Spring seems to have sprung early.
The Spring flowers are out.
The birds are definitely singing louder and earlier each morning. Not to mention the fact that they are all getting rather amourous. I reckon the nest boxes around the site will soon be filling up and the sound of little chirps will be heard. There is nothing nicer than a bit of warm sunshine on your face and the sound of the birds. It is supposed to get warmer over the weekend, so I will be sitting out and enjoying the weather whilst we have it.

Pop back soon xx

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