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Tuesday 31 December 2019

Hetty's Big Day Out.

Hello family, friends and followers.

By the time some of you drop in to read my ramblings it will already be 2020 and you will probably nursing a hangover, so I will not shout too loud. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Oppps sorry I could not resist.

It is 14.29pm on the 31st December and I am on our boat, waiting for the new decade and year to arrive. But before that, here is an update and the reason for the post title.
A friend of ours Kate, sent out a message on her Facebook page asking if anyone was heading up the Hatton 21 on the 30th December. I feeling at the time like we needed to get some fresh air and work off some of the festive excess, answered her call and said that we would be available to help her with the locks. Keith then suggested we use our bikes, which had not had an outing as such since getting them. We had committed ourselves to climbing the stairway to heaven and I had committed Hetty (my bike) to a cycle up the hill with my festive weight on her saddle. Now baring in mind I have not really ridden a bike for probably 12 years, this was going to be a baptism of fire for the both of us. On the 29th December Kate popped over on her bike to come and see us once she was all moored up outside of the arm. It was lovely to see her and to show her around Hadarford (the railway). We caught up over coffee and biscuits and discussed what time we should start the climb up the locks on the 30th.
Monday morning arrived and we were up early to get the bikes set up. Because we stow them away off the boat, we have to put their wheels on and pump Hetty's tyres up. At 9.30am we headed off to find Kate's boat, which was moored just outside of the Arm. Keith then went ahead to set the first lock.
Keith would set the locks and I would close up behind Kate, once she had exited the locks and was on her way to the next one.
Hetty and I were doing amazingly well, I think she realised I had not ridden a bike for sometime and so she was being gentle on me, although the saddle was not as soft as my behind would have liked and I was pretty sure that the next day I would be walking like John Wayne on a bad day. I had gotten used to the gearing and was actually managing to cycle up the side of the locks without getting off and walking. This old girl was fitter than she had thought.
We made it to the top two and half hours after setting off, with the promise of lunch and a cuppa in the Hatton Locks Cafe. Once Kate was moored up, we headed back to the cafe and enjoyed a lovely Baked Potato lunch, washed down by a cup of tea. The cafe was very busy, with walkers, cyclists and gongoozlers all out to try and work off some of the festive food no doubt. We had a fabulous day with Kate. The cycle home was somewhat quicker being all down hill, although we did have to stop half way down, when my saddle decided to move. Thankfully I had carried the bicycle tools with us, so Keith soon had us underway again. Back home Hetty and Keith's bike got a well earned wash down.
It was fabulous to be out on a bike again and I know that Hetty and I will be going out and about a lot more over this Winter.

New Years Eve, saw my replacement laptop arrive and the broken one sent back to the company, who have been brilliant. My new laptop is not new at all it is a refurbished one but it is a business laptop from Dell, so is a bit more high spec. The company he bought it from have been really good. I am looking forward to seeing how this laptop works out. One good thing is this SD card reader works.
As New Years Eve draws to a close. It is time to reflect on what 2019 has taught me and to wonder at what 2020 and the new decade will offer me. I hope that it brings you good health, happiness, love and laughter.
I will definitely see you in 2020. Have a wonderful day everyone.

Pop back soon xxxx

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