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Monday, 2 December 2019

Who let the dogs out Woof Woof.

Hello family, friends and followers.

The title say's it all right now. I sound like a dog when I cough. I have the ability to scare anyone away who knocks on the boat. That has its pluses at times of course. On the good side, I am actually coughing less. On the down side I still have hives. Friday I went to the nurse and had an arm full of blood taken for loads of different tests, so we will see what happens with that. As the saying goes "The only way is up".

Whilst I have been suffering with all the darn bugs, life still has to carry on and jobs still need to be done and I am the only capable person at the moment to do lifting and carrying. Why? you ask, well Keith's back is playing up and has been for the past couple of weeks, so he is on his medication, which means he is not completely himself most of the time. Why is it that some medications leave you feeling so sleepy or spaced out? Anyway his back is clearly having an episode and therefore I am it when it comes to lifting and carrying. So I am in charge of everything from empty the toilet cassette to getting the coal in........ Oh hang on, I do that most of the time anyway, so no change there then :-). I would not have his back for all the tea in China though. Hoping now that he will be fine for the run up to Christmas.

Yes I am mentioning Christmas now, because once the 1st December arrives, Christmas preparations take place on board our boat. It all began yesterday with the me baking a large mince pie.
After lunch, it was time to get out the decorations and begin the dressing of the Christmas tree. I love dressing the tree.
Keith helped me put up the ceiling fairy lights. I then did the rest of the decorations. I always think it is so cozy when the decorations are up. So here we go folks, head long into the festive period.
This morning all cards and parcels were posted out. I like to get it done early and to beat the rush. In fact the post office was almost empty this morning. I can imagine on the run in to the big day it will be very busy. The only cards I have left now are the ones I had out in person. I still have some bits to purchase, but nothing big and then I am done.

Now you may remember from a previous posting, we moved our log pile from our old mooring to our new mooring. Well we have wood mice already living in the wood pile. Every morning I watch them from our galley doors and they make me smile and giggle. Now I know there will be those of you who do not like mice, but these are so cute........... really they are.

Pop back soon xxx

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