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Friday, 23 October 2020

Waffling and DNA

Dear family, friends and followers.

How are you doing?
How are you coping right now?

It looks like parts of our beautiful country are in lockdown because of Covid-19, because of the high numbers of infection and are in tier 3, or others are now going into tier 2. We are still at medium risk we are, but with Coventry going into tier 2, it is creeping closer to us. It feels a bit like Déjà vu, and I feel like we have been in lockdown forever, because we have stayed in our bubble since this all kicked off. I really feel for anyone who is struggling, with losing their business, home and for those who feel this is affecting their mental health. I sit and watch the news and it makes me so angry, because a lot of this could be avoided if people just did the right thing and follow the rules and guidelines. The reason people are losing their jobs etc is because of those people who refuse to do what is right. I am not political at all, and I know that there are things that can always be improved on. But this purely comes down to the fact there are some who are just not following the rules and they are the ones to blame for the infection continuing to climb again and therefore the rest of us are struggling. If a loved one loses their life to this virus, it is the fault of those who continually flout the rules. If someone's business goes to the wall, it is the fault of those who continually flout the rules. If someone loses their home, because they cannot pay their mortgage, it is the fault of those who flout the rules. The Government have given out so much help to businesses and anyone in difficulty, but they cannot help literally everyone. If only it was possible to give money to everyone, but nothing is 100%. In a perfect world none of this would be happening. It is going to be a difficult Christmas for so many. I personally cancel Christmas etc, so we can all save out money, but then again businesses would suffer, which is a knock on situation as with most things in life there is always a consequence. 
Like so many, we have done everything that has been asked of us and I sincerely hope that we all go into a New Year and there is better news. I would like to think we will be able to go cruising next year. I know many of our boating friends have been cruising this year, we decided that for us it was not safe enough and that is why we came home. We all make our decisions and have to decide what is right for us. I just get annoyed when there are those who are saying, "I am alright Jack sod you". We all have to consider others around us. It is about looking after each other.

Anyway, having got that off my chest, I have kept myself busy of late with doing more to our family trees. It is amazing what you find out. Who would have thought that some of my ancestors came from Denmark and we had distant relatives who walked the plains of Utah back in the day. I would if they were alive today, what they would think of what is going on now? Joining Ancestry has been such a good idea and we are considering doing a DNA test on hubby, to see if we can sort out a family mystery.
The story goes, Keith's great-grandmother Mary Ann Eliza South was in service to a family named Middleton, when the son of the family, we think was Alfred decided to have his wicked way and he got her pregnant. So at the age of 18 in 1874 she gave birth to Keith's Grand-father Alfred James. 
A year after he was born in the Union Workhouse, Pope's Lane, Colchester, Essex, Mary married Alfred Lodge, he was prepared to take Alfred James on as his own son. The only other information we know about Mr Middleton is that he was possibly in the Royal Hussars. It has been so difficult to find out any information on Mr Middleton, so we can fill in the blanks, this is where a DNA test may help, because it will prove whether Keith is a true Lodge or is a Middleton. 
Have you done the DNA test or are using Ancestry?
I am fascinated by family history and all it entails and have already met online a couple of cousins.
The clocks go back this weekend, so we are allowed an extra hour in bed. I know for a fact we will just be awake earlier, because that is how we roll. The nights will be darker earlier, which I am not fond of at all and we slide towards the end of a year, which has been absolutely incredible in so many ways. 
With the weekend knocking on the door and the weather set to be stormy, I can see me sitting down and doing more to the family tree. I will have the TV on and set to a films channel.
May your weekend bring you sunshine and laughter.
Thank you for popping by and reading my waffle.

Pop back soon xxxx


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