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Thursday, 5 November 2020

Hedge Stripping and cutting.

Dear family, friends and followers. 

I have been stripping (behave). I have been stripping our 70ft+ long hedge. When we moved onto this mooring just over a year ago, our tree surgeon neighbour cut the hedge back for us, because it was overgrown. I had every intention of cutting it back further and then stripping out all the rubbish in the middle. I did not really appreciate how big a job it was going to be when I started it a couple of weeks ago. 

This morning early doors, I finally finished the stripping. I found that the centre of the hedge was full of dead branches and leaves, which has been building up over the 25 years the hedge has been there, chocking the hedge and not allowing any light or air in. With the stripping done and coffee drunk, it was time to take the top out of the hedge.
I had put our hedge trimmer on charge over night, so it would be ready for use this morning. Wit the weather set fair for the day, I set about taking over a foot off the top of the hedge. Only the top foot had been growing, so my hope is now I have taken the top off and the light can get in, the whole hedge will Spring into life next year. 
Job done, to the best of my ability. Now the clean up begins. I have been tidying as I have been stripping the hedge, but the final few feet I left to do at the end with all the hedge trimmings. Having had a full day of working on the hedge, I will leave the clearing up till tomorrow, when I have the energy to get it all done in one go. Right now I am shattered and in need of a coffee.

Well as thought right from the word go, we are back in lockdown. It is said it will only be for a month, but I would not count on it. It is sad that so many people not doing the right thing have caused us to be back in this situation.

Boris may have got things a bit wrong 
But did he organise illegal raves?
Did he tell everyone to fill the beaches in the summer? 
Did he invite your mates to your garden for a BBQ? 
Did he tell thousands of people to protest for weeks about an incident in the US? 
Did he tell all the pub goers to congregate outside in big groups or fight after they close? 
Did he instruct Billy Ten-Men not to wear a mask and tell everyone to p*** off if he was challenged?
It's funny how people are quick to blame one person for this mess, and not the minority who did any of the above mentioned.

Pop back soon xxx

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