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Wednesday 2 December 2020

Boat chores and Christmas Decs.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Here we are in December. Where has the year gone?

Even with everything that has been going on this year, it still seems to have flown by. With us all sliding ever closer to Christmas, I am doing my best to get in the festive spirit.

Yesterday afternoon, I put the tree up. I decided I am not putting the fairy lights up along the ceiling this year, we will just have the tree lit up. I am quite sure as the day gets closer, I will be more excited by the thought of a few days of eating, drinking and chilling out in front of the TV, which is what we will be doing. Sadly so many will be spending Christmas on their own due to Covid-19. I know the government is giving us 5 days grace over the Christmas period, where we can pretty much do as we like including being with loved ones, but many will not feel it is the right thing to do during this pandemic and we feel it is unsafe to spend time with our families, just incase we should take the virus to them or them give it to us and so we are all staying home on our own. Of course we will do zoom and phone calls, which as always will be nice. Until we have the vaccine, it is safer to stick to the rules. I have sorted out presents and the grandson's presents are already posted. I have Keith's presents, I just need to wrap them and I also need to sit and write cards. Food is ordered, as is any drink, so we are ready for what ever comes our way. 
What are you doing this Christmas?

Today, was check the bilges day. I replaced the disposable nappies under the back cabin floor, but the ones in the galley are still dry, which means I will check them again in two weeks time. Before coffee this morning, we did our three month check on the batteries and top their water levels up. Keith them ran the engine and the generator, which we like to do once a month over the Winter. Living on a boat, always means there are jobs to be done and checks to be made. A boat does not look after itself. After coffee, I filled the coal scuttles with coal, emptied the cold ash buckets into an empty coal bag and disposed of the ash. Each evening when I empty the ash pan into the buckets, I make sure I stir the bucket to get rid of any heat from the ash. This usually means the next morning, I can empty the ash bucket. It always pays to check the ash is cold before emptying, otherwise the bag will melt. If we were out cruising, I would empty the ash pan in the hedgerow, which is something all boaters do. You should never empty the ash into the canal, as I have seen some boaters do. The reason for this, is the toxins in the ash can kill the fish and takes the oxygen out of the water. Not only that with the canals silting up, emptying ash into the water, just makes the silting worse. 

Our once a month treat, whilst in lockdown, has been to have a Thai takeaway from our favourite Thai restaurant. Totally Thai, is in the square in Warwick and does the most amazing food. John always delivers it on time and the food is always exceptional. It is something we always look forward to and through these difficult times it is helping to keep this family run business going. 

Whatever you are doing, stay safe and well.

Pop back soon xxx

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