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Tuesday, 16 February 2021

New Venture.


Dear family, friends and followers.

What a difference a few days makes. A few days ago we had temperatures of -7.5c overnight, ice and snow and now we are 11c, sunny and mild. Does this mean Spring is just around the corner. The birds certainly think so, as do the plants in the garden.

Like you all, we have been sat at home, doing our best to keep away from the virus and this has given me time, to think about what to do with the many photographs I have taken over the years. Many of you will already know I use Redbubble to sell my photographs, well I have found a new outlet, which I am going to try out. I have put some of my photographs on Picfair. On Picfair you buy the photographs as framed prints or canvasses. I love taking photographs and people have asked said I should sell them, so that is what I am doing. As an amateur photographer, I know what I like and I just hope that other people like them as well. I shall see how it goes. I have put Fifty photographs on to begin with and if it proves worth while, I will add more, but to do this I will need to subscribe and pay to show my photographs. I very much look forward to getting out and about, once this virus is under control. I have really missed taking photographs.

In the Arm, work has carried on as normal. The offside mooring pontoon, has been getting some TLC. It had begun to collapse due to bank erosion, so our site manager and a couple of helpers, have been sorting it out. This meant taking the old slats off, putting in more scaffolding poles and straightening the the timbers, so no one feels like they are sliding into the canal, when walking along the pontoon. They have done an amazing job.
With all the major works done and the new slats nailed down, it was time to put the new fencing up. The last job will be to put down the new anti-slip gridding, which we are now using. At least it will be nice and safe for the boat owners, when they are eventually allowed to visit their boats again. Hopefully with lots of people having had their vaccinations and the rest of us lining up ready, things will get back to some sort of normal. I am certainly looking forward to the call to say I can have my vaccination. Hopefully it will come before, I have to visit the hospital to see my new Dermatology consultant. I have been having issues with my skin for months. I have also been waiting months to speak to my new consultant, but with Covid, it has been tough to get an appointment. We finally got to speak last week and he needs to see me. I did send him photographs of my skin, but he wants me to have a couple of biopsies and a proper face to face consultation, because he cannot tell what is happening from the photos. In these Covid times, waiting for an appointment, has not been too bad, because the NHS has been stretched and so we must all be prepared to wait. I should get an appointment within 6 to 8 weeks, and I am hoping before then, I will have had my first vaccination. The cause of my skin problems, is down to one of my allergies kicking off, but I do not know which one and why, because I have been doing nothing different. I have managed the condition for almost 20 years, which out too many outbreaks, but something is kicking off, so much so I have been living on Priton tablets since last April. Oh well we will see what happens, when I get my face to face appointment. Oh and he informed me that I should also be getting a Gastronomy appointment, which apparently was booked by the GP, but was news to me. I am wondering if this is to do with my upset Liver a few months ago? Again we will see what happens. Oh the joys of health issues and getting older.

I trust that you are all keeping well?

Pop back soon xxx

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