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Tuesday, 2 February 2021

The small things.


Dear family, friends and followers.

Hope you are all doing ok? 

I appreciate you all have different trials and tribulations going on right now. It’s all very frightening, sad and surreal as well right now. Love and strength to all suffering and struggling. I think if we all talked more, it would most definitely help. Just to pick up the phone and talk to someone can really help and I know having Zoom calls with family is a blessing. Thank goodness for technology sometimes.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have chosen to treat ourselves once or twice a month with a Thai meal from our favourite restaurant Totally Thai. Totally Thai is a family run business, who has been in the town for many years and with our help, we hope they will remain in the town for many more, because as we know all businesses are struggling. Their food is glorious and really is a treat. After all we are not going out to eat, so a takeaway treat at home is so wonderful. Our food is delivered by the lovely John and we get to put the word too right over the gate with masks worn, before he sets off to deliver another meal. At the moment it is the small things that give us so much pleasure. 

What small thing makes you happy at the moment?

I really have not missed going shopping, for clothes et cetera. I have saved myself a fortune over this lockdown. I of course shop for food online, but I am not really one for shopping for clothes online, because I like to look at and feel what I am buying. I have started shopping with Savers for all the other bits we need. Yes, I have to pay postage, but then I sit back and wait for the parcel to arrive. I placed an order last week.

The parcel was delivered by Hermes in this state. Thankfully nothing escaped with the hole in the box. It looked like someone had sat on it. I immediately took photographs of the distressed looking box and sent Savers a message via Messenger and got a very prompt reply back from them, apologising for the sate of my parcel and that they would be taking it up with Hermes and the warehouse, where it was packed. I explained to the person on Messenger, that the box was very flimsy and not really up to the job in the first place. We will see if the next one arrives in a better state. 

Spring is just around the corner, and this always inspires me to get on with Spring cleaning, and clearing out the stuff, which has not been used or worn for the past 6 months. I made a start on the boxes in the hold. We have a Summer/Winter box for clothing. At the moment Summer clothing is in there and it definitely needed decluttering. So out came clothes, I know we will never wear again and they were taken off to the clothing recycle bin, whilst I went for my daily walk. The recycling bins are due to be taken away this month, so I want to get rid of things before the bins go. The reason the bins are going, is because people have abused them, which means those of us who have used them properly are penalised, which I think is absolutely wrong. Anyway one box down, several to go. I have begun going through my cupboard and draw. Once I have done with them, I will begin washing down the walls in the boat and cleaning out the food cupboards in the galley. Ordinarily it would be in preparation for us to head off cruising, but until we have had our vaccinations and the virus is in submission, we are not going anywhere, until possible later in the season. Keeping a routine, has been so important for me, otherwise I think I might have crumbled. Take our Tesco food delivery, it arrived yesterday (Monday). So last night, I sat up until midnight to get the next slot and time. I do this after every food delivery, because then I know I should get a slot, when the new day is rolled over. This has become part of my routine. I am not very good at winging things. I like to be organised, not in an OCD way, but I like to know what I am doing and when. I hate being late for anything, I would much rather be early. We know we have enough food for a while and the freezer is full. I like to keep a supply of milk in the cupboard, we use UHT milk, which means I can keep a stock of it. We do not have a lot of cupboard space, but I make good use of what we have. 

I sincerely hope that you are all doing alright and that you are coping with everything that is going on at the moment. My thoughts and prayers are with Captain Sir Tom Moore and his family at this dreadful time for them and for all families going through a really tough time. Stay safe and keep well.

Pop back soon xxxx

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