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Saturday, 3 July 2021

Covid-19 comes a calling :-(


Dear family, friends and followers.

I am hoping that this posting finds you all keeping well?

The title of this post, tells you everything, but what took place to get to this point. Last Sunday 27th June, we had a much anticipated visit from our family and grandsons. We had all be so careful over this past 18 months and on the run up to their visit. 

The day arrived and I had been very busy baking, tidying and getting everything ready for the visit, which had been over two years in the waiting. We last saw them all in June 2019 at Foxton and so this was going to be so special. They all arrived not long after 11.30am and we enjoyed a walk around the Arm, chatter and laughter before lunch. I laid out a buffet lunch for us all, which we enjoyed on our patio. After lunch we then walked over to the common, so the grandsons could play and we could have a game of kick about. The family visit was over way too soon, when they left to go home just after 5pm. It was wonderful to see my girls, and to enjoy the company of everyone again. We are going on a boating holiday at the end of August, and the get together gave us a chance to talk about our hopes and plans.

Monday morning dawned and all was well for us all. I got on with some gardening and tidying up from the weekend. It was not until Tuesday, that Steph my youngest daughter began to feel unwell. Both she and Dan her partner did lateral flow tests and they were both negative. Then on Wednesday she rang me to say she was still feeling unwell and that her lateral flow test had shown a faint positive line, so they were both going to get a PCR test. All of us then did the lateral flow tests and we all came back negative. Poor Steph continued to go down hill and was feeling very poorly with flu-like symptoms and no sense of taste of smell. Thursday and it is confirmed she has Covid-19, which means we must all go into self-isolation. We had already done so on the Wednesday. Dan was still testing negative with his PCR and lateral flow tests, but as of this morning (Saturday) that has changed. Dan's lateral flow test, showed a faint positive test and he is now feeling poorly. The rest of us are still negative. Steph went over, and over where she had been on the run up to their visit and the only thing that singles her out for the virus is she visited a BP garage toilet on the way to us. They had been out on the Saturday, but none of their friends from then are poorly. So it looks like she caught the virus from a garage toilet. It just goes to show that not everyone is keeping up the hygiene rules through this virus. Keith and I are doing tests every couple of days as is Becky and her family, but none of us expects to get ill, because we were outside throughout their visit and did not have close contact. Steph only became contagious the following day from her visit. 

This virus knows no bounds and so first of all please get vaccinated when called and secondly take every precaution you can to stop this thing getting you. Where we are at the moment, we have some of the highest numbers in the country, because the virus is attacking the 11 to 25 year olds. The university students here are all isolating, because it has hit their campus and many of them have not been vaccinated yet. It does make me wonder if fully opening up on the 19th July is a good idea. I know we have to learn to live with this thing, but until everyone has been vaccinated, the numbers will continue to rise. 

Stay safe. Pop back soon xx

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