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Friday, 9 July 2021

Isn't it funny.


Dear family, friends and family.

This past couple of days have been emotionally fuelled, by the fact that no matter how much you try you cannot please all of the people all of the time. I am pleased to report that my daughter, who has been battling Covid-19 is getting better and can now taste things and actually did some work, as she is working from home. It is such a relief that she and her partner, have not had the virus really bad, although she was poorly. Covid-19 is deadly serious and no one should be taking any risks with their health. In our area the numbers are rising. Figures for this week show that we have 371.49 per 100,000 people and still rising. Masks, space and continue to wash your hands and do the right thing.

Today, I have pottered in the garden. 
I have been pondering which part I am going to tackle next and have decided that the bed closest to the patio area is in need of some attention and the bug hotel needs some attention. All I need now is some get up and go. For some reason, my get up and go had gotten up and gone. This may have something to do with how emotional have felt this past few days. I am hoping once I start a new project, it will spark something in me to make me feel 100% again. But I have a feeling that I need to address my emotions to get my mojo back. Anyway, the garden is looking pretty good. 
I am in the process of deciding what to plant along the bed which is at the top of our terrace staging. I want it to be low maintenance and yet looking lovely all year round. I also need to be able to cut the hedge, so I cannot have anything too high. It is another work in progress. 

The title of my post 'Isn't it funny' is because when not pottering in the garden or chatting to the neighbours, I have been working on the family tree. My family is so fragmented, I actually wonder sometimes why I am doing this. I am ever thankful that I have my girls, their partners and our grandsons in our lives, because the older members of the family who are still with us are not in our lives and sadly are never likely to be. I then think, I am doing the family tree, because I want to learn about the members of the family who were never mentioned or hardly seen. I only met grandad on my mum's side once and that was briefly and I can never recall meeting grandad on my dad's side. I knew both my nan and grandmother or so I thought, because whilst digging with the help of a friend, I have discovered that one of them was not as white as the driven snow and this in fact shocked me, because what she did, I would never have through possible of her. When I read the newspaper clipping, I had to see the funny side, but could not condone her behaviour and she was punished for her crimes. All I can however see is a grey haired, sweet old lady. They do say that you can dig up all sorts of things, including finding a few skeletons hiding in the cupboard. I have been learning such a lot about both families, which will be passed on to my children and grandchildren. We should all know our family history, whether it be good or bad. I know that family was hardly ever spoken about and photographs have come to light of great great- grandparents, which I knew nothing about, but have learnt a lot by doing their family history. If you want to learn about your family tree, please do talk to your family, if they will talk about it. I am learning the hard way to find out about my family, but I am getting there slowly. I am thinking about doing my DNA, because some parts of the family are proving hard to learn about. I am hoping the DNA test may provide me with some answers. 
Have any of you done your DNA? 
Are you doing your family tree?
There must always be an air of caution, that if you do not want to know about any skeletons, then maybe it is not for you. 
Doing my tree, has bought me new family members. I have discovered new cousins and an uncle who was never spoken about, although I knew of him. There is always a plus to a minus. 

Have a wonderful weekend.
Pop back soon xxx


  1. Hi Jo,
    Jan is the one who is fascinated with the family tree. I think she has traced back to the mid 18th century. I've never been much interested in necrophilia :-) My father used to say if you go back 25 generations everyone is related to everyone (he was a mathematician!). I do hope your grandmother wasn't transported to Australia. Although we might have some of her progeny in our street :-)

  2. Good morning Tom and Jan.
    My grandmother was not transported, but she did spend time in prison. It was never spoke of in the family, but after digging, I found out. I do have an uncle and his family living in Australia :-).
    Sending you both lots of love.
    Jo x


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