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Friday, 26 February 2010

The Height of Rudeness

Good morning.

Wow it is raining and blowing a hooley outside today. Infact it has been doing so for most of the night. It is on mornings like this Paddy hates going for a walk. This morning was no exception. He walked as quick as possible to find a place to do what he had to do, then legged it quick smart back to the boat. I cannot say I blame him, but that is life on a boat, you do have to put up with allsorts of weather. Because it gets thrown at you all day everyday and when on the move it can be even worse. Even when we are moving on very wet days, it never bothers either of us. So dog walked and fed along with the cat, so they were happy. Having had breakfast and a warming cuppa. I donned my raincoat and rucksack and headed off down town, with my earplugs in my ears, listening to my MP3 player. I find listening to music as I walk, makes the jaunt fo much quicker. First port of call was the Gp's to collect hubby's prescription for his pain killers. I then headed for Boots, where I had to wait for the tablets to be dispensed, which was not a problem. I have all the time in the world. There was a queue after me and they all waited patiently to be served, when a young woman barged in front of the queue and demanded to know where her tablets were. She told the pharmacist that he had promised her they would be ready 15 minutes and she wanted them because she had a coffee going cold at Costa Coffee next door. Now I know that in retail the customer is always right, but I wish he had told her to get to the back of the queue and wait. Instead he told her they would be another 5 minutes. She shouted at him that she had a coffee waiting and she wanted them now, so he obliged and went and did her tablets, which meant that everyone else had to wait longer, including me. I am not one for causing a scene, but now I so wish I had pulled her up about her behaviour, because she was so very rude. Not just to the pharmacist, but to everyone waiting patiently. having got my husbands tablets I walked past Costa Coffee to see if she was actually having her coffee and yep there she was sat in the window with a friend, both drinking coffees. I hade rudeness, I feel there is no need for it. I did a food shop whilst in the town and then trudged back to the boat, looking like a pack horse, being blown about by the wind. I looked glorious when I glanced in the mirror with my hair plastered to my head by the rain and wind. Lunch consisted of toaster teacakes with Butter and Marmite on them mmmmm yummy. I have relit the back stove as it is rather chilly with this cold wind blowing. The rest of my day is going to be much more relaxing. I am going to sit and watch the Winter Olympics and we will then see what the evening has to offer.

Survey of the Day: 8 in 10 men and almost 7 in 10 women will be what by 2020??
The answer was Over Weight.
I think this is so shocking. This will come back to haunt us and cripple the NHS you just know it will. My solution would be to close down all fast food places, such as KFC, McDonalds, etc, etc, this would certainly help.


  1. If the woman was having coffee next door then surely she should have finished her coffee then come for the script! People are so daft!

    Was very windy here today as well, so much so walking was quite a struggle at times!

  2. I don't know about the UK, but here in the US I'd guess that 7 out of 10 adults are already overweight. Unfortunately unhealthy foods are inexpensive and plentiful. (And we have a diabetes epidemic to prove it.)

    BTW, you showed far more restraint than I would have with the woman in the pharmacy. She's obviously learned she'll get what she wants if she's obnoxious enough.

  3. Hi LadyB. You and I both have the same logic, but cearly she did not. It really makes my blood boil when people are rude for no reason. It was extremely busy at the time and patience was called for. I waited around 20 minutes to get Keith's tablets and was happy to do so.
    I bet she does not learn from that experience.

    Hi Marsha. Thank you for coming in and reading my ramblings. It is the same over here. unhealthy foods are very cheap here, especially now all the supermarkets do what is called a basics range, which is full of fat and sugar. I do not think this country is far behind the US.
    As for the woman in Boots. She may also find one day that being obnoxious gets her a punch on the nose hahaha. I am not a confrontational person. Sometimes I wish I was, because then I would have told her to wait her turn like everyone else, including me. The morals of some people has gone down the pipes sadly.


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