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Tuesday, 9 March 2010

It's a cats life.

Marmite leads of a life of luxury compared to a lot of cats. As you can see from the photograph, she thinks she owns the back cabin. Marmite loves nothing more than relaxing in the back cabin, especially when the stove is going, as it is today. Of late she has taken to sleeping on the side bed most days. Then when it comes to our bedtime, she climbs on to our bed and curls up. For three nights, she had tried to sleep by my head, but her purring keeps me awake, so she has to shifted to the bottom of the bed. When she decides it is time for us to get up, she walks over both K and I, meowing and creating a fuss. She knows it always works. It is definitely a cats life.


  1. Mabel comes to our bed most nights and sleeps soundly till 5am then wakes us up by scratching around at anything and everything till one of us gets up and takes her upstairs. It's becoming a bit of a nuisance really as I'm not sleeping the best anyway!

    What time does Marmite wake and does she wake you early?

  2. LadyB. Marmite tends to wake when we do at around 7.30am to 8am. On the odd occasion she has been up earlier jumping on us, but she has learnt if she does that to early she gets thrown off of the bed.


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